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By Gavin Write
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Shopify is the world's most powerful retail platform comprising a range of highly effective features, making up an infrastructure that powers more than 10% of US eCommerce. The platform has long appealed to smaller businesses, however, it's now suitable for the planet's biggest retailers thanks to Shopify's new enterprise retail stack Commerce Components. Here we look at what it offers in comparison to Shopify Plus Integration.


Why the Update Was Needed

For today's enterprise retailers, real-time innovation is required to keep pace with your competitors and meet ever-increasing customer expectations. As such, an eCommerce solution that focuses on choice was required - one that also offered restriction-free innovation and reliable infrastructure components.

Commerce Components is something of a game-changer for enterprise eCommerce store owners, as it offers high-performing, foundational components that well, they just work. 


Commerce Components Explained

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Prior to its introduction, Shopify Plus integration was the only option for enterprise-level retailers. However, this new composable stack allows eCommerce operators to integrate elements from Shopify and integrate into their native systems. 

Offering a completely new back-office set-up designed specifically for enterprise customers, it delivers the flexibility required for growth. On offer are:

  • Flexible APIs with no rate restrictions - this allows brands to deliver unmatched customer experiences on any digital device via a wide choice of modular components integrated with their own systems.

  • Unsurpassed Performance - Commerce Components integrations are the highest-performing in the retail world. For instance, Shopify checkouts represent the world's best, with up to 40,000 checkouts per minute possible per store.

  • An industry-leading ecosystem - Shopify enjoys the biggest eCommerce ecosystem on the planet, along with specialized support 24/7/365 and a wide network of Shopify agency partners like ourselves. Using Shopify absolutely comes with its perks!


Which Shopify Commerce Components Exist?

As existing Shopify Plus Developers know, Commerce Components cover the four main areas that make up the entire customer experience. Each component joins together to create a smooth customer journey, with the following all playing their part:

  • Front End Components - the checkout, shopping cart & website storefront
  • APIs - helping all components to share data & functionality (API & Headless API)
  • Back End Components - product catalog, subscriptions, discounts, etc.
  • Omnichannel extension ecosystem - social eCommerce, point of sale & customer accounts

As such, Commerce Components offers a value proposition that rests on four foundational pillars. Take a look at the table below to see how choice, speed & cost savings, flexibility, and assurance all fit together to create a frictionless customer journey.

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Who is Commerce Components Designed For?

So, how can you tell whether Commerce Components is the ideal choice for your online retail business? Well, firstly, if you want to integrate your commerce stack with a wide range of 3rd-party technologies - it's likely the right option for you. Also, if you're looking for a system that guarantees exceptional commerce experiences due to being backed by an expert internal engineering team, it’s a big indicator that it's likely the right option for your business needs. Other indicators include:

  • Your Gross Merchandising Value (GMV) Exceeds $500m
  • You operate a vertically integrated, multi-brand regional retail network
  • Your eCommerce operation sells both online and offline
  • You have more than 1000 employees

What we're talking about is a platform that can meet the needs of the very biggest online retailers on the market. It's cost-effective too, as Commerce Components are priced based on usage and entirely dependent on the elements you actually need. 


How Do Commerce Components Compare to Shopify Plus?

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If you've been working for years with a Shopify Plus Agency, you're likely wondering exactly how Commerce Components compares to the company's previous enterprise iteration. So, let's look at how each one compares where it matters.

  • Positioning - Shopify Plus is an all-in-one platform digital-first brands can use to increase their sales, speed & performance. Commerce Components, however, is a collection of components brands can use to develop custom experiences & integrate them into their existing stack. 

  • Pricing - Shopify Plus charges a 0.4% variable fee, with a 0.15% discount when Shopify payments are used (minimum $2k per month). Commerce Components, as previously mentioned, offers a usage-based price based on what's needed.

  • Service Model - Shopify Plus offers a Merchant Success Program with a dedicated manager, along with launch and specialist support. Commerce Components offers a dedicated Shopify account team, enterprise-grade SLAs & access to Shopify Professional Services. 

  • Features & Functionality - Shopify Plus features are well known, but more are planned for later this year. Commerce Components are ready here and now, with no API limits, increased product variant limits, as well as expanded storefront customization features & new 3P technology partnerships. 

While Shopify Plus Developers will still be very busy helping small to mid-sized eCommerce businesses, Commerce Components is designed to make the whole process much more effective for enterprise-level companies. Not only does it offer greater flexibility in how they work with Shopify, but also how these components are integrated into your commerce stack. That said, Commerce Component's launch will have no impact on any clients still running Shopify Plus stores.


Helping to Drive Your Enterprise Retail Business Forward

Commerce Components clearly offers a great deal to large-scale enterprise-level retailers by offering great flexibility and functionality. Of course, Shopify Plus remains alive and well, as it's not being replaced - rather an extra offering has been provided that suits enterprise retailers much more comprehensively than ever before. 

Allowing enterprise-level retailers to utilise Shopify's innovative tech stack that's ideal for ecommerce, it's a solution that offers great flexibility while providing a range of world-class tools and support. For those that do adopt the platform’s new offering, it could prove to be a real game changer.

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