6 Shopify Checkout Best Practices For Increased Conversions

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By Gavin Write
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Shopify is an eCommerce powerhouse, and its checkout experience is proven to outperform the competition. According to studies from the Big Three (Bain & Co, Mckinsey & Co and Boston Consulting Group) global management consultant firms, it outpaces the rest by an average of 15%. 

Offering a rapid purchasing journey built on the platform's Shop Pay feature, Shopify's industry-lead checkout is unmatched. However, to enjoy the fruits of this competition-busting functionality, you still need to optimize your checkout experience. 

Over 90% of customers say that a satisfying checkout experience will lead them to buy from that brand again, so it's a key retention tool. This article looks at some best practices to hone your Shopify checkout and reap the benefits it brings.


Method #1 - Ensure Simple Navigation & Payment

The eCommerce Shopify Checkout Sample With Three Express Checkouts: Shop Pay, PayPal, And Google Pay.

Your checkout copy is crucial in helping customers through the buying process, and it needs to be short, snappy and precise. Presenting breadcrumbs at the top of the page is also a good idea to highlight the current checkout stage and gently finesse them to continue.

Inform customers how many steps are involved in purchasing (with the optimal number being four), and you'll manage expectations and avoid irritation. The following is sufficient to glean all necessary information and ensure a speedy conclusion.

  • Cart Review (To verify the product chosen)

  • Entering shipping information

  • Choosing shipping method

  • Providing payment information

Many factors can cause a shopper to abandon their purchase, such as shipping costs and broken discount codes. An overly complex process can be a key driver in making people feel like it's too much hassle and not worth continuing.


Method #2 - Make Use Of Autofill

Another way to streamline the transaction process is to use autofill software that enters the customer's details with the tap of a button. Having to fill out too much personal information slows down the process and increases the likelihood of the buyer giving up on buying your product. 

Options like Google Autocomplete and TomTom take just a few seconds and can provide a significant improvement in terms of your conversion rates. Small changes like these can take moments to implement and pay you back thousands of dollars in increased sales every year.


Method #3 - Integrate Trust Signals Into the Journey

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Trust signals are impactful elements that eCommerce operators can use to engender credibility and trust in potential buyers. Security badges displaying SSL certificates from companies like DigiCert and GlobalSign let your buyers know it's safe to enter their card details.

Almost all consumers (98%) can identify at least one type of trust signal that increased their likelihood of making a purchase


Most shoppers know the threats online, and other trusted payment brand names, such as Visa and PayPal, serve to allay any fears the buyer may have. Furthermore, they're free, as it's in the interests of payment providers to allow sellers to include them. 

Other useful trust signals include money-back guarantee badges, free shipping notices, and popular third-party options like Google Verified Reviews badges. 


Method #4 - Make Your Payment Options Accessible

Gone are the days when shoppers used only credit cards to make online purchases, and modern consumers expect a range of options. Around 42% of customers in the US would walk away from a purchase if their preferred payment options weren't available, so it's a crucial aspect. 

The best practice in eCommerce is to offer a variety of methods, which include traditional options like debit and credit cards, as well as other choices, like:

The Payment Options For Shopify Checkouts, Including Apple Pay, Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, Amazon, Shop Pay, Google Pay, WePay, And Venmo, Are Shown Over The Purple Color.

By offering a wide range of popular payment gateways, you can ensure that the transaction doesn't become a barrier. Digital wallets and mobile pay platforms are gaining popularity, as are Buy Now Pay Later services that can also boost your Shopify checkout conversions.


Method #5 - Include an Order Review Feature

Customers are savvier than ever before, and it's common practice for shoppers to visit multiple sites to compare prices before committing to a purchase. Being able to see the total cost of the transaction - complete with shipping times - helps to inform their decision, and transparency is critical.

29% of shoppers visit sites to compare the total cost of purchase between stores before buying


If you've ever gone to make a purchase and it works out more expensive than anticipated, it can leave a nasty taste in the mouth, right? Even though that's usually not the case, it can give the buyer the impression that the vendor is trying to hoodwink the shopper into paying more than they should. 

That's why you should be upfront and display the cost clearly before sending them to the payment page. Include everything relevant, such as taxes, shipping costs and discounts where applicable.


Method #6 - Provide a Guest Checkout

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Over a third of shopping carts are abandoned because the seller asks the buyer to create an account, meaning removing that requirement will uplift your conversion rates. Many visitors want to avoid creating an account with you - particularly if they only intend to buy from you once. 

Offering a guest checkout option lets you get the best of both worlds. On the one hand, you make it easier for one-time visitors to buy from you and repeat buyers can quickly checkout with their stored account credentials - allowing you to cater for all comers.


Fine-Tune Your Shopify Checkout & Reap the Rewards

The fewer purchasing barriers you place in front of your customers, the more likely they will complete the journey and buy your products. Don't overthink the checkout process. Instead, take a holistic view and ensure that the path to conversion is swift, intuitive and easy to follow.

Taking a step back and viewing the journey as a new customer will tell you much about the friction that you need to address. It's an ongoing process, too, so experiment with different configurations, and you can reap the rewards that your efforts deserve.

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