Scooting Around: The Fun Side of Experiential Marketing

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For years event marketing and experiential media has been driving traffic and impressions for brands. From segways to scooter media, these methods of reaching consumers have always been effective because they are real world interactions. Versus a static billboard that doesn’t engage with you, using brand ambassadors and guerrilla marketing teams creates a memory; a time when you turned around and smiled as a team of BA’s scoots by waving and have fun. And maybe that’s what this is all about – being able to enjoy marketing and PR outreach. We all have different methods of connecting, but the human connection is truly the only type that resonates with consumers. This is exactly why event marketing companies activate brands; to create excitement and a memorable experience.

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In exploring these ideas, we sat with our good friends at Look Media. The question was about how to empower the industry and extend an offer to get more companies behind experiential as business owners. Being an owner myself, I know how challenging it can be to start a brand, build the equity and process and establish a track record. In fact that track record is one of the hardest things to do when you are just starting out. How do you sell product and previous successes when you are just starting out?

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Together with the team at Look Media we decided to put together a new offering designed to strategically align a real opportunity.

So what’s the offer?

The proposition is simple and powerful – Look Media is offering a new business owner the opportunity to buy into a media asset division… with everything ready to go and ‘white-glove’ service.

Why? Why not!

People want to start businesses every day and building one takes time, so why start from scratch when we already have a successfully operating inventory across the country.

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For more information on the offer contacts us, and we will show you exactly how to break-through into experiential marketing agency land, win some awards, and do it the right way.

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