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By Gavin Write
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Anyone who runs or owns an eCommerce or retail business knows that there’s a great need for streamlined operations and smoothly-running systems. Square is a flexible business solution that can meet your business standards, simplify internal management and boost customer satisfaction.

Square offers a wide range of features that allows you to control every aspect of your business: from business banking management to secure payment methods for customers. Whether you’re a restaurateur, hairdresser, or online store owner, your needs are well covered.

Internal Business & Staff Management

Square Payroll is a software that will run payroll and automate tax filing so you can focus on running your business. You’re also equipped with live access to payroll service specialists to help you if you ever get stuck, and a full suite of payroll and tax software.

    • Square Payroll & Employee Time Tracking - Properly managing payroll and ensuring all necessary tax is calculated correctly is essential to managing your employees and keeping internal processes running smoothly. Square offers full-service payroll that instantly transfers funds to your employees from your Square checking account or Square balance. Employee time tracking can also be monitored and synced with your payroll software. This can be done via point of sale or directly from timecards.

  • Automated Tax Filing - Square allows you to file federal, state, and local payroll with ease, meaning you can focus on the important job of running your business. This feature is available for a flat price, with no hidden fees. 

Market-Leading POS Hardware/Software

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Square also has a lot to offer in terms of Point of Sale (POS) functionality, with a range of hardware and software that makes taking payments, recording transactions, and managing stock levels simple.

Intuitive & Intelligent Software

Square’s intelligent software offers a wide array of features that include:

  • Multi-locational inventory management
  • Auto-generation of purchase orders to replace low stock levels
  • Cross-location stock tracking
  • Sending invoices
  • Smart stock forecasts

Whether you sell online or in-store, Square software is designed to help you serve your customers efficiently. It also offers a selection of customer-focused features like:

  • Customer sales history tracking from all channels
  • Auto-creation of customer profiles
  • Customer groups & custom fields

Cutting-Edge Hardware

Square supplies a selection of cutting-edge POS hardware that allows you to take integrated payments with every sale. Hardware like the Square Reader, Square Terminal, and Square Stand - to name just a few - allow for fast and secure transactions to be made, with all elements syncing in real-time.

Square POS hardware is protected by:

    • No Surprise Fees - Square hardware has no long-term contracts or equipment fees. You have the ability to cancel at any time with no hidden cost.

      • Included Warranty - All hardware comes with a one-year limited warranty and Square register comes with a two-year limited warranty.

  • Free Return Policy - All hardware comes with a 30-day return policy. No questions asked.

Marketing On One Platform

Male Shop Owner In Apron Holding iPad In Restaurant Shop With Graphic Of Square Email Marketing Design & SMS

Marketing is a necessary discipline that you need to get right in order to attract customers and increase loyalty and retention. Square software allows you to leverage the value of multiple marketing platforms in one place.

Square's marketing features include:

    • Square Email Marketing - Create, send, and track email marketing campaigns right from your Square dashboard. 

    • Square SMS Marketing - Send and receive SMS to customers equipped with payment links, order confirmations, and answer customer service questions for free.

    • Social Media Marketing Integrations - Turn your Instagram feed into an online shopping site, create Facebook ad campaigns, and sync TikTok to power shopping tabs all on your Square online site.

  • Customer Loyalty Programs - Build customer loyalty programs with Square Loyalty with no extra platform integrations.

Business Analytics & Data

Equally important to your business as any marketing strategy is, analytics are vital to know how your campaigns are faring. Square software can assist with advanced sales reports and an intuitive dashboard that comes free with every account.

Make informed business decisions with real-time data. Know what sells, how much your customers spend and how frequently they return.

Square Analytic's features include:

  • Daily sales breakdowns sent straight to your inbox
  • Trackable data on both desktop and mobile devices
  • Customer insights on spending and frequency of return

Square Pricing Structure

Square’s POS hardware is quite affordable, with the Square Reader costing just under $25 and the top-of-the-line Square Register coming in at around $800 at the time of writing. This is a one-off fee and there are no monthly rental costs at all.

Square's ‘best-in-class’ POS software is free of charge to use, with fees being paid per transaction - ranging from 1.75%-2.5% - depending on how the sale is made. It’s an affordable option that’s accessible to small businesses with modest budgets.

Enjoy the Benefits of Square Business Management Software

Square business management software is a platform that can help your business, no matter how you serve your customers or the size of your operation. It’s a smart investment that can have a transformative effect on your success. Square offers solution sets for every business type and size to help streamline management, sales, and marketing all in one.

Image Credit: Square

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