Ecommerce Web Developers Speak About Google Ranking

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Working in today’s fast-paced environment means mobility is the key to accomplishing tasks on the go. This holds true for both productivity as well as leisure, with people turning to their devices for information and entertainment alike. Brands definitely noticed, but now we have another entity that is paying attention…

Beginning in April, Google is going to be adding another ranking factor behind how your website positioning sits atop Google Search. If you are not responsive and mobile-optimized, well then back to the line you go. It doesn’t matter if you have great on-page optimization or a lot of backlinks; Google’s new theory is positioned at making things simple for consumers to ingest.

If you search for a product or a service and that website experience was poor on mobile, Google found that you would hit the back button and try again. This back and forth wastes time, energy and resources is exactly the reasoning behind why Google is changing its algorithm.

One of Google’s biggest infrastructure costs is electricity and since Google Search is free for most users, the sheer volume of searches that runs through the server networks is very data-heavy. As a result, one of Google’s main missions as a company is to reduce the amount of server time and electricity that is spent per user to deliver the value and information that is needed at that time.

If you think about it, this is actually quite simple and obvious. If Google finds that people are searching for products to buy online and then finding websites that are impossible to read or navigate on mobile devices, then naturally you are going to return and keep clicking and clicking. This constant searching for the right fit is a waste of energy that Google is now going to mitigate by updating the algorithm to score-card responsible brands accordingly (yes responsible brands and not responsive sites).

In essence, when you are responsive you become responsible as a brand. Investing in your customers and their user-experience is something that isn’t just an idea for SEO, but a foundational pivot that aligns brands with the correct long-term strategy; one of serving the customers and not the bottom-line. Coincidentally though, investing into re-developing your website to be responsive is going to be the biggest advantage to your bottom-line very soon.

With rewards coming hard and fast toward companies using SSL and Responsive, it is clear to see that Web Development should be a top-of-mind priority for 2015. The more you invest, the bigger the return and this isn’t just a temporary update; Google is going to be featuring not only responsive sites, but also Mobile Apps and allowing that content to push on the top of the feed.

So what does this all mean? As next steps, the best approach is to find out what options are available to make this transition. Brands like BigCommerce, Volusion, and others already have an implementation to make the transition simple; but having a developer look into the entire project roadmap is the most important step in saving assets along the way. SEO/Responsive and Website Design is directly connected to your bottom-line, so making changes to anything in your online environment can either bring a lot of return or create huge losses.

Contact us today to find out the right way to navigate this environment and reduce wasteful spending.

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