Are You Considering Adding Affiliates To Your Marketing?

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When hiring a sales team, there is a lot of time spent on training, wages, and lead generation. Sales teams are a way to scale up business especially with physical products. However, for eCommerce businesses hiring a large sales force is not practical or cost-effective.

So, how do you scale up? The answer is affiliate marketing.

For most online retailers, managing dozens or even hundreds of affiliates is too big a task.

You have to set up a dedicated portal, find and keep in touch with your affiliates, manage the technical side of tracking and payments. The list goes on!

But it’s also difficult to set up sales channels that produce results. You can avoid the hassle by setting up an affiliate program instead. The simple truth is that affiliate marketing works. In fact, nearly 90% of marketers say that affiliate marketing is “important or very important” to their overall digital marketing strategy.

So, how do you go about starting an affiliate program for your products? The easiest way is to have an experienced company handle the details for you. In this post, we’re going to take a quick look at the features and benefits of Refersion.

Are You Missing Out on Easy Sales?

In case you’re unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, it is a performance-based, a.k.a. get-paid-on-commissions, marketing model. Other marketers promote your goods or services and get paid for each sale.

Affiliate sales can drive significant revenue. 16% of all online sales are generated through affiliate marketing, with an emphasis on fashion, sports, health, and wellness.

If you haven’t already launched an affiliate program, or you’re not paying much attention to your current one, you are missing out. Affiliate marketing will continue to grow, and programs like Amazon Associates have shown that affiliates can drive billions of dollars for companies. 22% of all traffic to Amazon comes from affiliate sites.

Having been forecasted to reach $6.8 billion by 2020, affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing channel that advertisers and publishers are increasingly using to get in front of the right audience.

Paul Tibbitt, Vice President of Business Development at CJ Affiliate

Refersion Extends Your Reach & Grows Revenues

Simplifying the process of running an affiliate program lies at the heart of Refersion’s approach. Its core product is an integrated affiliate marketing platform that gives you the tools to run every aspect of your program from a single dashboard. You can quickly gather affiliates, manage them, and automatically handle commission payouts from one location.

The platform also slots nicely into an existing software stack and it integrates with BigCommerce, Magento, Shopify, and others. You can set up email contact with MailChimp and make payments with PayPal in 39 world currencies.

6 Ways They Simplify Any Affiliate Marketing Program

There are six main features of the Refersion platform. Let’s take a look at each one:

1. Intuitive Dashboard

eCommerce Marketing Refersion Dashboard Screenshot Of Three Affiliate's Data

Refersion’s key benefit lies in the ability it gives you to manage all essential affiliate tasks from a simple, intuitive dashboard.

In particular, you can:

  • Add products (or entire stores) to your affiliate program with a few clicks

  • Automate monthly or single payments to affiliates, per product or subscription

  • Create customizable sign-up pages for new affiliates with a drag-and-drop builder

  • Easily build a management area for affiliates that gives them access to link-building tools and a tracking dashboard.

2. Easy-To-Use Integrations

Refersion Integrations Partner Logos

Another noteworthy benefit of Refersion is the wide array of integrations with major shopping carts. Linking your eCommerce store with their affiliate platform is literally a matter of a few clicks or using the API (and supporting documentation) for building custom integrations.

  • eCommerce integrations include Shopify, Shopify Plus, BigCommerce, Magento, and WooCommerce

  • Integrates with payment processors PayPal, Stripe, Chargebee or Bold for subscription businesses, and OneClick Upsell

  • And, there are also several integrations with analytics and mailing tools such as Google Analytics, LittleData, and MailChimp.

You can always customize using their API.

Refersion is a great app I've been using them for a couple of days and I already have my first affiliate partner. Their marketplace works well and their customer service is great, they respond in less than 24 hours. Erik has been very helpful! Thanks.

Iman Watches

3. Extensive Tracking Features

eCommerce Affiliate Marketing Sample Tracking Information Screenshot

Refersion lets you track sales with more than just a unique tracking code. This feature makes it easy to cater to different affiliates, joint ventures, and promotion partners.

You can use the following features to track different types of affiliate sales:

  • Coupon Codes - Assign sales to an affiliate every time a coupon is used (such as if you have partnered with somebody on a specific promotion).

  • SKUs - Allow you to trigger a payment with every product purchase.

  • Email addresses - Affiliates can provide the email of a potential customer. If that person buys, the affiliate will get a commission. This feature is useful for affiliates that have a network of people to whom they promote products on a regular basis.

4. Built-In Referral Program and Marketplace

Refersion Marketplace Screenshot Showing An Affiliate's Conversion Information

One of the stand-out features of Refersion is its “post-purchase” channel. This feature makes it easy to turn customers into advocates by displaying a pop-up after purchase that advertises your program. When customers sign-up, they are immediately guided through the whole setup process.

You can also take advantage of the affiliate marketplace, where you can find some of the industry’s top affiliates and influencers to promote your products.

5. Complete Control Over Commissions

eCommerce Marketing Refersion Commissions Screenshot

Payout two types of commissions, the percentage of the sale or flat rate, whichever works best for your business model. You can have different commission offers per product, and you can manually change the commission rate or structure for specific affiliates.

If you only want to pay for new, not existing, customers, it is available, but you’ll need to ask the team at Refersion to set that up.

Recently, Refersion introduced a tiered pay structure so merchants can pay affiliates who sell more, a higher commission.

6. Automated Email Tools

eCommerce Marketing Refersion Email Tools Screenshot

Finally, you can save time by automating regular emails to your affiliates with promotions and program changes from a single place.

Among others, Refersion enables you to send:

  • Confirmation emails - Send automatic confirmations for new sign-ups and program enrollments.

  • Payment updates - Automatically send payment confirmation emails.

  • Broadcasts - Manage one-off broadcasts from within your Refersion dashboard.

3 Plans to Suit Your Business

They offer three plans depending on your size and needs.

The Starter plan is $19 per month and lets you track up to 30 affiliates per month. With the Professional plan you can track up to 130 affiliates for $89, and the Enterprise plan offers unlimited numbers of affiliates. You can learn more about each plan on their pricing page. They offer a 14-day trial for any plan.

Easily Scale Your Promotion Network and Sales

Based out of New York City, they boast a merchant network of over 1,800. They recently integrated with Viglink and Skimlinks so merchants have access to even more affiliates.

Refersion continues to act on customer feedback by continuously improving their back office for higher efficiency. You can quickly get an affiliate program up and running, automating much of the process, and grow it with a variety of incentives for affiliates.

If you have an eCommerce retail business and would like to start an affiliate program, let Eventige integrate Refersion as part of your marketing strategy. We can simplify what can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Contact us for more information about their program and then try any plan for 14-days

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