Boost Your Post-Purchase Shipping Experience With Wonderment

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As an eCommerce store owner, did you know how crucial the post-purchase element of your customer experience is to your business's success? Well, the statistics show us that customers are 89% more likely to switch to a competitor after receiving a poor delivery experience. 

Furthermore, one out of every three people will leave a bad review after a substandard shipping experience, and 70% say that it reflects badly on the brand, not the carrier.


A Lack of Control at the Most Critical Moment

Brands that use Shopify enjoy one of the most feature-laden eCommerce platforms on the market today, but even they suffer from a lack of control at the most critical moment. While much of your effort goes into acquiring customers and getting that all-important transaction, it's that brief post-purchase period that also matters to your revenue growth, retention, and repeat customer numbers.

This happens because, without assistance, Shopify brands suffer from:

  • A lack of any 1st-party data
  • Low insight into shipping status
  • Poor post-purchase communication
  • A disconnect from core workflows

Thankfully assistance is available, and it comes in the form of the post-purchase experience platform that is Wonderment - a company founded in 2020 by experts from major eCommerce providers, Klaviyo, HubSpot, Drizly, and Wayfair.


What Is Wonderment & What Does It Offer?

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Essentially, Wonderment is a platform that offers full visibility into shipment data, equipping online retailers with the insights they need to provide a great post-purchase customer experience. 

Delivering a smooth and transparent journey for your customers requires you to join up all areas of your shipping offering. Wonderment allows you to do just that with a number of great features.

  • Reporting & Analytics - you get to enjoy a firm understanding of your shipping performance with a range of useful reporting and analytics tools. Its centralized reporting features highlight how you're doing at every part of your shipping journey.

  • Customer Communication - clients get most upset when there's no clear communication about the status of their order. Wonderment allows you to send timely, proactive, branded emails about shipment order ETAs with ease. 

  • Order Tracking - Wonderment's fully-branded order tracking means you don't have to send customers to external carriers for an update. Keeping things in-house makes customers feel better looked after, with your brand perception naturally benefiting. 

  • Shopify Integrations - a seamless post-purchase experience is made that much easier with Wonderment, as it allows you to connect all your most-used apps together. This unifies your approach and makes everything simpler to manage.

Communicating with customers to provide updates about their delivery information is buoyed by the fact that they're going to be keen to learn when they'll receive their goods.


Transactional Emails Have a 6x Better Engagement Rate

When compared to the typical opening rates for other types of emails, transactional messaging is in a completely different ballpark. With average open rates of 60–80% and click-through rates (CTR) of 10% or more, it's evident that customers actually WANT to open transaction emails. 

Here's how a typical post-purchase experience goes for modern consumers.

  • Step #1 - Customer buys a product online
  • Step #2 - Customer sits there waiting for their tracking number
  • Step #3 - Once they have it, they call up the carrier and ask for updates
  • Step #4 - If it doesn't come through in a timely manner, they get anxious

By the time your customer gets to step 4, your brand reputation may have already taken a hit in the mind of the customer. They're likely thinking, "Why did I buy from this company if their shipping is bad?" and are most probably going to call you and raise a complaint ticket. 

Wonderment, however, helps you to avoid this outcome by allowing you to create customizable, branded tracking pages that are integrated into your Shopify storefront. Rather than sending someone to an external FedEx or UPS page, you keep them within the bounds of your website - something that helps to increase sales and brand loyalty. 


A Massive Opportunity to Upsell & Cross-Sell

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Brand continuity is one reason why you wouldn’t want to have to re-direct your customers to an external 3rd-party shipping company, but that’s not the only one. Another relates to the fact that by keeping your order tracking on your storefront, you get another opportunity to educate your customers, as well as chances to upsell and cross-sell. 

For instance, on your order tracking page, you could also display complementary products that add value to what they’ve just ordered. Offering a ‘customers buying this also bought this’ message demonstrates the additional benefits that your other products offer to the one that’s already on its way to them.

Other elements you could add, include the following:

  • How-To information to help customers get the best out of their products or get other information they may benefit from. 

  • Referral/Loyalty programs that they might be able to sign up to or qualify for by buying more from your products or services. 

  • Frequently Asked Questions. When customers arrive at your tracking page, they’re demonstrating an intent to find out more. You can add to the experience they get by offering answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Should you choose not to use an intuitive shipping platform like Wonderment, and outsource your delivery services to an external company, you miss out on all this extra potential for sales, interaction, and customer loyalty.


Priced Very Reasonably For Shopify Store Owners

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So, how much does adding all of this great Wonderment shipping functionality to your Shopify actually cost? Well, it’s quite reasonable, coming in at $99 per month for Shopify stores that make less than 2,000 shipments per month. For all of the details, please check out the Wonderment Pricing on their website.

There’s no annual contract or hidden fees, and if you go over your 2,000 shipments per month limit, each one costs you 4 cents. Should you want the additional features of the Pro Plan, that will be at $189 per month - which is within the reach of most small to medium-sized businesses.

Ironically, by offering a seamless post-purchase customer journey, you’re more likely to get increased orders, and shipments, and still have a very cost-effective pricing plan that grows as your business grows - no long-term contract and easy month-to-month billing.  per month. 

Adding an Awesome Post-Transaction Experience to Your Shopify Store

When you add a cohesive post-transaction experience to your Shopify store, your business benefits in a range of different ways. Customer loyalty, customer retention, and brand loyalty are also boosted when a buyer has a positive post-purchase shipping experience that is native in-site, and through automation, you can trigger custom Klaviyo email notifications, which Wonderment helps you get setup as part of the process under your plan level.

You also get a tracking order page that represents prime real estate that can be leveraged to boost customer satisfaction and increase the lifetime transaction value (LTV) for every customer. 

Competition online is always fierce, regardless of the industry or sector, so you have to do everything you can to stand out as a retailer worth buying from. The delivery stage is as important as any other to your success, so it would seem wise to consider Wonderment as a serious option, and we recommend setting up a demo and checking out their features - for the price, you can't beat the value!

If you need any help with other fun ways to integrate Wonderment across your experience, give us a shout on our eCommerce marketing experts page; we'll be happy to walk you through the platform, connect you with a rep at Wonderment, and show you all the fun ways that Wonderment is growing brands fast!

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