Marketing Your Business with Promoted Tweets and Trends

2 min read

Due to the fact that Twitter is the second leading social media site with over 500 million users as of mid 2012, it’s a valuable marketing resource. In fact, it’s an ideal tool for building brand equity and establishing a long-term presence within a company’s niche. While there are several ways to use Twitter for marketing, running a Promoted Tweets and/or Promoted Trends campaign is something that you may want to look into. Here is how they work and the benefits they provide for your business.

Promoted Tweets

In a nutshell, this type of campaign revolves around paying to have your tweets displayed on search results or user timelines. These tweets will appear at the top of users’ feeds whenever they are searching for a topic that’s relevant. It works much the same as normal tweets, but you are able to reach a much larger audience in a short period of time. This way, you can expect to see positive results without the, often painstaking, process of building a following from scratch.

Much like other ad platforms like Google Adwords, you can control your daily and long-term budget. In some cases, you may want to run a Promoted Tweets campaign for an ongoing period. Other times, you only want to run it for a few days to advertise a particular event. You can also control the demographic according to criteria like geographical location and viewing devices. For instance, you could set the tweets from one campaign to only be viewed by desktop and laptop users. In another campaign, you might set it so that your tweets are only shown to iOS and Android users: Besides this, you have access to analytics so you can track the success of your campaign and make adjustments as necessary.

Promoted Trends

This is another option that is slowly catching on and a popular choice for certain companies. It relies on the same basic premise as Promoted Tweets, but targets an entire topic. By running a Promoted Trends campaign, you pay to have your own hashtag created that will be displayed on Twitter’s trending topic list for 24 hours. Consequently, this will allow you to reach a much larger audience than Promoted Tweets. The primary drawback is that it’s highly expensive to run this type of campaign and costs $200,000 a day as of February 2013. While this is way over the budget of most small to mid-sized companies, it can prove fruitful for companies who can afford it.

The Benefits

Perhaps the biggest advantage of these two campaigns is the quick results you can get. By getting your brand out to the right audience, you can potentially build a huge following overnight. When run correctly, this can mean massive profits in the short-term and a sustainable group of followers in the long run. If you need to get the word out about a particular event, you can effectively do so with minimal effort. These marketing options can also be a great alternative to a traditional PPC campaign. With Twitter continually growing, your business should be able to reach more of your demographic and get the most return for you investment.