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As an advertiser, you're judged on the amount of interest, interaction and sales that you generate, and it's a fiercely-contested world out there. No matter what you're selling, if you're not outshining your competition, you're going to get left behind. 

With StackAdapt's state-of-the-art platform in your corner, however, the balance is tipped in your favor. StackAdapt is a self-serve programmatic advertising platform that leverages the power of machine learning to deliver a cutting-edge user experience. 

It's the number one demand-side platform (DSP) on the market, and it allows ad buyers to plan, execute and manage digital advertising campaigns across the full spectrum of devices and inventory and publisher partners. In this article, we look at why it’s the go-to solution for many.


The Function of a Demand-Side Platform

Designed around the three core pillars of programmatic advertising - planning, execution, and analysis - StackAdapt, the #1 programmatic native advertising platform for eCommerce marketing experts, operates as a demand-side platform or DSP. The function of this kind of software is to enable advertisers to purchase ads within an automated bidding network.

DSPs allow mobile advertisers to buy top-quality traffic at scale with minimum friction, meaning that they represent a truly impactful marketing automation tool.


How DSPs Work in Practice

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In practice, there are two crucial stages in the operation of a DSP. Firstly, an advertiser will upload their creative, configure targeting and stipulate a campaign budget - typically from a central dashboard. 

After uploading the campaign creative, the DSP then scans its publisher network for mobile apps and websites that align with the specified criteria and bids for placement. Then, the DSP confirms the bid, places the advertisement and ensures payment is made. This all happens in the blink of an eye.


So, What's Special About StackAdapt?

With competitors available like and Google Ads, you might wonder what makes StackAdapt the standout player. Essentially, it's about results, and StackAdapt is one of the highest-performing solutions of its kind - thanks to its array of intelligent audience targeting features.

Its power is proven by the fact that it's trusted by hundreds of agencies across the US and the wider world. So, let's dig into those features.


A Multitude of Audience Targeting Features

StackAdapt's ability to precisely target the right audiences in order to deliver hyper-relevant messaging is key, with its multitude of targeting features helping to deliver great results.


Custom Segments

Super-relevant users can be found by brands thanks to the platform's ability to tailor your advertising across more than 120,000 sites. The length to which your campaigns can be tailored is quite staggering, with the following segments able to be targeted.

  • Those reading online about a specific top or competitor
  • People during & after their visit to a real-world location
  • Customers using particular internet service providers (ISPs)
  • Contacts uploaded from a CRM
  • Individuals using mobile devices

The Secret Sauce of StackAdapt is its proprietary targeting, which employs natural language processing to index millions of pages every week to find customers demonstrating a clear intent to convert or engage. The platform allows you to specify topics and identify those most interested in them.


Cross-Device Capabilities

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StackAdapt’s cross-device capabilities ensure that targeting and attribution are consistent across all channels and devices:

  • Audience Intersection - audiences can be layered from any data source, like 1st-part CRM lists, as well as 3rd-party audiences acquired from a data partner.

  • Multi-Channel - users can be targeted and retargeted across the full range of formats, whether that’s native, video, display, audio, connected TV (CTV), in-game or DOOH.

  • Attribution - it's also possible to attribute aspects like brand sentiment, foot traffic, and conversions across a variety of channels. This allows for tracking of any online purchases from a mobile or desktop device that ensues from an audio or CTV advertisement.

No matter where super-relevant customers are browsing or the device they're using, this cross-device capability will help you reach them.


Page Context AI Technology

StackAdapt's Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning technology also form a central part of the power of the platform. It can be used to great effect in creating super-personal user experiences by reaching your audience based on the kind of content they're consuming. 

By inputting phrases in multiple languages, the platform's patent-pending algorithm determines the ideal place for ads based on the publisher's or site's content. 

Campaigns run through StackAdapt’s Page Context AI targeting feature employ:

  • Cookieless Targeting - ads are tailored to match the content in close proximity to the location in which they're displayed instead of being led by the viewer.

  • AI-Led Ad Relevance - its proprietary technology ensures that the ads shown during browsing are directly relevant to your services and products.

  • Super-Precise Smart Targeting - the targeting approach expands to include semantically-related terminology and phrases, resulting in all suitable viewers being presented with your ads.

The reach of this kind of targeting is colossal, offering display, native and video ad campaigns across the open internet.


Keyword Rule Targeting

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Another effective feature that StackAdapt offers is Keyword Rule Targeting, which represents a great way to reach a specific audience via simple phrase associations. 

Aligning your ads with the right content is achieved through:

  • Positive brand associations that boost your brand affinity. This is achieved by placing your ads in close proximity to content that presents a favorable association in the minds of your audiences.

  • Non-cookie-driven results. Users can be contextually targeted without the need for pixels or cookies in a brand-safe environment.

The platform allows you to create your own particular phrases and rules, giving you control over the kind of content with which you want to be associated with.


Discovery Ads

As well as using keywords to target audiences, discovery ads can be used to identify customers based on their shopping habits and interests. StackAdapt provides advertisers with valuable insights that can be used to optimize their campaign goals. 

Discovery ads on the platform also let you:

  • Easily customize your ads with branded/unbranded options
  • Quickly and cost-effectively create lookalike audiences
  • Retarget audiences based on specific responses

Furthermore, the StackAdapt Creative Studio is an in-house creative team that can make your discovery ads stand out from the crowd with hover effects, animations, video, and much more.


Elevate Your Ads With StackAdapt's Many Advanced Features

When it comes to programmatic advertising, StackAdapt is head and shoulders above the rest, and it’s because of the many advanced features available. What's more, those we've discussed here represent just a small portion of the platform's full offering. 

With no monthly contractual minimums, StackAdapt's contextual targeting solutions are able to give you the precise control you need to make the most of your marketing spend. Want to become an exceptional digital marketer? The platform has what you need, with its tailored implementation & roll-out and specialized onboarding program for every customer. Throw in best-in-class support and training, and you see why it's the best option available to elevate your ads and grow your business.

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