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Responsiveness as Google Ranking Factor

Working in today’s fast-paced environment means mobility is the key to accomplishing tasks on the go. This holds true for both productivity as well as leisure, with people turning to their devices for information and entertainment alike. Brands definitely noticed, but now we have another entity...

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The Modern Double-Edged Sword

We’ve all seen movies about the Middle Ages such as The Kingdom of Heaven or Excalibur, in which the valiant knight comes forth, sword held high, and attacks the embodiment of evil. The sword has long been a necessity of ancient warfare, and a representation of honor, power, and destruction.

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How We Foster Creativity

Importance of Creative Innovation

As a marketing agency, Eventige understands that the most important part of long-term success is fostering employee innovation and individual creativity. Eventige Marketing Group aims to have each employee become a self-starter who works as part of a team...

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What Only Insiders Know About E-Commerce Sales

Doing e-commerce online is different from the sales dynamics seen in brick-and-mortar locations.

Stores provide an overwhelming sensory experience to customers as soon as they walk inside, with a variety of colors, scents, and product options.

Some stores have a complex layout, while others are...

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Social Media: Cutting Through The Noise

Social media has become the new face of advertising. With everyone from major corporations to small, home businesses joining the social media marketing frenzy, how can one business stand out from the crowd? According to the article, 10 Laws of Social Media Marketing, in Entrepreneur online by...

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Marketing Your Business with Promoted Tweets and Trends

Twitter Options

Due to the fact that Twitter is the second leading social media site with over 500 million users as of mid 2012, it’s a valuable marketing resource. In fact, it’s an ideal tool for building brand equity and establishing a long-term presence within a company’s niche. While there...

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Nike’s Marketing Approach with Sustainability Efforts

Globalization has led to many manufacturers focusing on increasing their revenues and profitability. However, there are a few global organizations like Nike that believe without sustainability efforts no business can grow and become successful. In fact, Nike has gone on record to say...

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Pinterest Statistics to Optimize Your Campaign

There’s really no doubt at this point that Pinterest is here to stay. While it has a long way to go before it parallels the impact of Facebook and Twitter, more and more businesses are using it as a viable marketing channel. Some recent statistics have provided marketers with some in-depth...

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Warby Parker Focus on Brand and Execution Leads to Success

In 2010 when Warby Parker opened their e-commerce eyewear store, few would have predicted the major disruption it would cause to this highly monopolistic industry with its $16 million annual turnover. An inspiration for startups everywhere, the company was featured in GQ and Vogue magazines at...

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