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Cut the Clutter and Boost Your CRO

As wide-eyed children we all remember our parents telling us to quiet down, cut the clutter or stop acting like a child. These familiar phrases were meant to benefit not only us, but also everyone around us. It’s funny to think that as we grew up and became adults, we tend to still repeat some...

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An Agency Behind The Brand: The Inside Look

Too many companies feel like they can internalize every business area but when management is spread too thin... the bottom-line suffers. We see this happen every day and this problem isn't new, it’s just become far more accelerated in recent years. Technology has changed the way we play the game...

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The Marketer’s Guide to Building a Strong Corporate Brand Identity

No matter how good your products, your services, your customer support team or your staff, your brand identity remains one of the most valuable assets of your entire business. If you want to ensure your company goes from strength to strength, that your enterprise is able to maintain steady...

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The Gold Rush: UX, CRO & Mobile Responsive Design

In today's hyper-digital age we find ourselves more and more attached to our mobile devices. Their processing power has evolved, the screens are now larger and more vivid; and at the core of the convenience factor, they are also extremely easy to carry around. Mobile devices have become a part...

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The Twitter Revolution: A Beginner’s Guide

From new car commercials to what your favorite celebrities are doing, it is obvious that Twitter has become a household name that many brands are using.  So how do you get involved to spread the message to the masses?

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Emojis - A New Way of Marketing

This year is the year of the emoji. These tiny images of faces, animals, and everyday objects have begun taking over text messages and social media posts and have quickly spread to brand marketing. Emojis are the newest trend in communication and are widely used by mobile and social media users,...

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Multisensory Experiential Marketing

Recent decades have seen a move away from a focus on mass marketing toward an increase in relationship and micro-marketing, including experiential and event marketing.  However, the new paradigm shift is a result of the emergence of multisensory and other forms of neuromarketing, which differ...

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The Future of Marketing in the Electronic Cigarette Industry

Eventige Sponsors SFATA Conference

The warm May weather brings everyone across the USA together. Friends and family gather to exchange positivity and hope for the future. Some of these families are related by lineage, while others are related by an important cause that has affected over 100...

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How Starbucks Makes Relationships Central to Content

When it comes to coffee, the first name that comes to mind is Starbucks. The company has diehard fans and supporters. One of the reasons for this is the brand has been successful in forging personalized relationships with its customers and suppliers. It makes each customer feel special and this...

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Communication, Trust, and Relationship Control

Have you ever wondered what it takes to increase revenue?

It has been discovered that delivering value to your customer’s customer is the way to do it.

As a brand marketing professional looking to achieve goals, you need to understand the cost and the revenue dynamics of the buyer firms; but...

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Interactive Footprints In the Event Space

Gone are the days of stand-up banners and simple marketing materials.

With today’s ever-evolving technology, savvy event goers are thirsty for more robust and engaging experiences. Monster Media is a digital out-of-home leader specializing in interactive event solutions. From multi-touch...

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Are QR Codes Still Relevant?

QR Codes have received a bad rap in recent times and rightly so. Lack of visual appeal, poorly-considered marketing campaigns and a tendency to put QR Codes in the unlikeliest places has resulted in negativity from users. However, with foresight and ingenuity, QR Codes could prove to be a highly...

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NY International Auto Show

Everywhere you look you see glistening tire shine, wax polished exteriors and badges of Nissan, BMW, Acura, and Mercedes-Benz. The NY International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center is upon us, as we walk proudly on the trade show floor with badges around our necks. Eventige Media Group has...

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Top Content Marketing Mistakes Holding You Back

Over the years, we’ve seen our fair share of content marketing success stories: Uber barreled onto the scene reinventing the way in which we hail cabs and blog with hyper-local entries; the White House launched an interactive photo gallery (boasting over 150 behind-the-scenes images); and...

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Scooting Around: The Business Side of Experiential Marketing

For years event marketing and experiential media has been driving traffic and impressions for brands. From segways to scooter media, these methods of reaching consumers have always been effective because they are real world interactions. Versus a static billboard that doesn’t engage with you,...

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Marketing Survey Insight

Just this year, we went ahead to survey 200 professionals from the top performing multi-national organizations to gather information about the marketing trends for the annual plans. We were interested to find out where the budgets are going to be allocated, and what tactics are working best for...

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Agency of the Future

About 25 years ago, there were 61 million pagers or “beepers” connecting people to one another. It was a hot item, and the “gotta have it” business tool of the day.  Laptops were just coming into the picture and ran on Windows 3.1/DOS 6.0 with a whopping 120 MB hard disc.

In 2008, GPS was taking...

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BigCommerce vs Magento, Which is Better?

As brand managers paint the picture of their future, there is a common thread that binds all of these conversations together; the need to increase sales, as well as reduce the cost of operations. In both cases, it seems that SaaS Solutions are the wave of the future, and with so many choices on...

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How Does Google Stay So Innovative as a Brand?

In a mere 16 years, Google has gone from a one-product company to a company that has more projects than it can count. It has been constantly reinventing itself and has stayed innovative at every turn, which has been one of the key factors for growing its brand. But how has Google managed to stay...

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Developing a Remarkable Ecommerce Website That’ll Improve Sales

Your ecommerce website is the virtual showroom of your online store. Whether you sell products or services, the first impression your customers will receive of your company is the homepage of your website. Without the right functionality and design elements, you risk your customers doing the...

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Increase Your Online Presence by Repurposing Content

Repurpose Content for Marketing

If you’re like most marketers, your goal is to reach the largest percentage of your demographic as possible. Doing so gives you the best chance of generating leads, making conversions and hopefully establishing long-term relationships. Although there are numerous...

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Hilton Worldwide Connect+

A text message. May it be a simple hello, a link to a video, or a beginning to a powerful group interaction, pressing send ignites an instant thread of communication connecting people to ideas and ideas to actions. In today's competitive landscape, conference planners need to connect just as...

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How to Promote your Brand with Social Media Brand Ambassadors

In the ever-changing world of marketing, brand ambassadors are the people who represent and promote brands via their social networking activities and other online endeavors. These individuals usually have an appeal all of their own and thus, having them affirm the validity of brand images allows...

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Extreme Experiential Vehicles

In today’s world, experiential has become a very popular and wide-reaching marketing media. When you talk about experiential marketing vehicle tours, many of us think of an ice cream truck promotion, wrapped fleet of SUVs, or mobile billboards; but some brands are taking things to the absolute...

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Building Awareness in the Digital Age

Marketing in the digital age is significantly different than what people were doing even a decade ago. Digital marketing is proactive. It's necessary to monitor multiple channels so that engagement with clients and prospects is never missed. Companies that try to ignore social feedback end up...

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Breaking Through the Noise

David Flagg and Phillip Schuessler founded ProVape, a company dedicated to producing the highest quality vaping products. ProVape brought Eventige Media Group on as AOR and we have been collaborating ever since.

Over the years ProVape has seen tremendous growth and has been promoted across a...

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Tips to Create Landing Pages that Convert

The Importance of a Landing Page

If you expect to maximize your conversions and ultimately your sales, it’s important to have a great landing page. Without one, many would be customers will simply skip over it and end up taking their business elsewhere. With this in mind, let’s go over what...

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How to Measure the Financial Value of Your Social Media Strategy

Did you know that many companies have trouble measuring the actual value of their social media strategy?

Did you know that getting an accurate ROI figure is not that difficult with the right tools?

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To Be, Or Not To Be Ready for Change?

David and Goliath. The Wicked Witch and Snow White. Love and Fear. To err is human, to forgive divine.

Alexander Pope

Every epic story creates an unforgettable antithesis that builds a powerful opposition or contrast to the centrality of the narrative. Without the antithesis, there is minimal...

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5 Ways Product Packaging Design Influences Purchasing Behavior

When you talk about perceived value, a lot of different things come to mind. Some people look at perceived value as an emotional element, others a tangible one. In the world of branding and packaging design, all of these intrinsic elements float to the surface and provide customers with new ways...

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