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FreshBooks Provides Expense Tracking for Small Businesses

If you think of your budget as a boat, then your expenses are the leaks in the hull. Ignoring them can sink it. Small business owners know that expense tracking is essential, but sometimes we forget to track the little things like coffee and office supplies. We end up losing the receipt or don’t...

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A Comparison of 3 Top Digital Marketing Advertising Tools

When we talk about the three top digital marketing advertising tools, it’s like asking what are the three best birds in South America or the three most helpful tools in a mechanic’s shop? These questions are too general, and there are hundreds of options.

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Optimizing for Mobile Site Speed Improves Sales

Can you imagine a day without a phone?

Most people run their business, manage schedules, socialize, and handle daily chores using their mobile phone.

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The Truth About Biodegradable Plastic Packaging

Are you eager to make your packaging entirely “green”?

The world of eco-friendly packaging is a complex one. Even if you do make your way through the sea of scientific jargon, legal nuances, and conflicting opinions, it’s still difficult to know which packaging options to pick.  

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GlobalShopex: Clear Hurdles in International eCommerce Shipping

Are you ready to take your business to the next level by processing international orders? If you are an enterprise-level operation, it’s inevitable. Global retail eCommerce sales in 2017 were over $2.3 billion and are estimated to double by 2021.

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Selecting the Right Web Development Company

Some of the reasons businesses hire a web development company is to have a competitive advantage with quality, unique, functional, and optimized website. The new website should be able to handle the current business and future expansion with minimal downtime.

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7 Proven Email Marketing Platforms for eCommerce

Is email still the best marketing method? Although you see obituaries for it now and then, email is still the winner.

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Is the ROI on Event Marketing Worth It?

As companies compete in an ever-crowded marketplace, they look to new methods to get their message and products in front of new customers. While digital and social marketing can reach far and wide, nothing replaces putting your product in the customer’s hands. You can’t test drive a car, hear...

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6 Ways OptinMonster Increases Revenue for Ecommerce Sites

What are the three areas that every online marketer and eCommerce business owner must improve upon?

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6 Ecommerce Web Design Techniques That Increase Conversions

When potential customers visit your site for the first time, are they wowed with the beauty and ease of navigation or confused about which way to go? Website design is ever evolving since Michael Aldrich invented online shopping back in 1979.

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Packaging Designs That Lose Customers

Count the times you purchased an item, took it home and couldn’t get it open. Then, if you managed to pry, cut or slice it open, it won’t close as advertised. It’s always very frustrating and sometimes dangerous especially if you use a knife to cut through the tough blister packaging.

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Trade Show Exhibits Are Just the Tip of The Event Marketing Iceberg

Have you ever thought about exhibiting your company at a trade show? They are highly effective for gathering leads, meeting new customers, and gaining national or international exposure. For example, 71% of SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) won business using face-to-face networking at...

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BigCommerce Personalized Pricing Strategies

Pricing has always been an inexact science, but it’s becoming very scientific with Artificial Intelligence (AI) crunching big data numbers.

Retailers and Etailers are cautiously embracing personalized pricing strategies. In other words, two shoppers buying identical items can pay significantly...

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ChannelAdvisor - Optimizes and Increases Your eCommerce Sales

As global e-commerce evolves and expands exponentially, managing your products, customers, and sales through the electronic channels become more challenging, sophisticated and time-consuming. Wouldn’t it be nice if you have a magic wand to tap on each marketing channel for better efficiency and...

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Refersion: The Hub of Your Affiliate Marketing Wheel

When hiring a sales team, there is a lot of time spent on training, wages and lead generation. Sales teams are a way to scale up business especially with physical products. However, for e-commerce businesses hiring a large sales force is not practical or cost effective.

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How Does an E-Commerce Website Migration Work?

Has your E-commerce business outgrown your current platform and you’ve decided to move to a better platform? It’s not uncommon. Many companies began their business lives by hosting their website on-site. Eventually, they found themselves overstaffed and overwhelmed by the demands of a customized...

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Top 7 Must-Have Marketing Apps for BigCommerce

Building your eCommerce store is undeniably complicated and time-consuming. Digital marketing and technology continually evolve making it a challenge to keep up.

eCommerce companies need everything from loyalty programs to split-testing and conversion optimization to functionality. It’s easy to...

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The New Cloud: Marketing Ecigs & Vapor Brands

You see and hear about electronic cigarettes everywhere you go. From corporate offices to nightclubs and newly converted tobacco shops; the industry has spoken and the consumer has heard the message loud and clear. Ecigs and Vaping finally arrived loud and proud. A simple example of how...

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Why Should You Consider Changing Your Ecommerce Shopping Cart?

It only takes two words to answer this question, cart abandonment. Customers who shop in retail stores often give up trying to buy due to a long checkout line or a slow, incompetent cashier. And, there is no difference when it comes to online shopping. Customers demand speed, security, and...

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The Grass Is Always Greener: Nutriblade

An exciting new category grows, and a disruptive brand is taking control of something that has been a staple of Asian cultures for thousands of years. Wheatgrass, a frequently ordered ‘super-food’ at juice bars all over the country, gets a new cpg marketing direction and leadership group.


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How Do I Choose My ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Solution?

When you’re the one responsible for selecting the right ERP software solution, it’s a huge responsibility. Without proper planning and thorough reviews, this sophisticated and expensive enterprise software can become your biggest nightmare. ERP software performance and functionality will affect...

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Top 10 Benefits of Full-Service Marketing Agencies

You may or may not have an in-house marketing department. As your company grows sometimes, it’s hard to catch up with every aspect of your marketing. Not to mention, the continuous shifting of customer’s preferences and technology can leave you behind.

Who are you going to call to keep up with...

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7 Ways Base CRM Improves Prospecting and Other Sales Processes

Door-to-Door (D2D) prospecting is making a come-back for both B2B and B2C companies. And, it’s no wonder as the spam filters, no call lists, mobile devices, and defensive gatekeepers become impenetrable for email and direct mail. Even with inbound marketing, someone must contact the prospect to...

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Top 10 Advertising Blogs to Follow

What makes a good business or advertising blog? They bring you current and relevant information in bite-sized, easy to digest articles.  It’s information that keeps you on your toes, up to date and improves your performance. You can see what the competition is up to.

Here is a compilation of ten...

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Why Reputation Management Reviews Are So Important

How likely are you to purchase a product or do business with a company that has misled, mistreated, or outright lied to you or others? Not likely.

When you get burned by this company, you won’t return, and you’ll tell others of your negative experience. It’s just how it works. With the social...

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Eventige: 5-Star Rated, Full-Service Marketing Experts 

All day long marketers bombard consumers with attempts to get them to call, click or buy. So, it’s imperative, when you have your customer’s attention that you ask them to act at the right moment. At Eventige, we take advantage of every moment of your brand’s exposure to ask for the right call...

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Top 5 Mistakes That Brands Make on Social Media

It is our nature to share our thoughts, feelings, and actions. With digital communication at our fingertips, it’s easy for people to spread their ideas and comments around the globe in seconds. Social media is like electricity. Carefully controlled, it can power marketing campaigns, and become a...

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How to Get Connected With the Crowd Using Event Apps

Technology connects people in ways that yesterday’s marketers could only dream of. Today’s audiences are engaged by mobile applications that turn events into multimedia galas complete with interactivity, gamification, and networking. With the help of smartphones, tablets, and computers,...

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InstantSearch+: The Perfect Link Between Shoppers and Merchants

Two things infuriate customers when shopping in a store.  One is when no one is around to help them, and the other is when a salesperson follows them around but can’t answer simple questions about the product. When this happens, customers will walk out unhappy, unfulfilled, and unlikely to...

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Machine Learning Improves E-Commerce Site Search

Ever wonder why most people are fascinated with psychics and fortune tellers? They can foresee the future even though there is no scientific evidence. We think that if we know what’s coming, we can prepare for better or worse.

Businesses are no different. The capability to predict trends will...

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