6 Ways OptinMonster Increases Sales for Ecommerce Web Design

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By Gavin Write
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What are the three areas that every online marketer and eCommerce business owner must improve upon? They need to grow the size of their email list to gain more customers. They must reduce cart abandonment to improve sales. And they have to increase sales conversions for better revenue. Without improvements in all these metrics, your business is sliding backward.

Here are the most significant problems. Abandoned cart email rates hover between 60% and 80%, while email opt-in rates continue to be universally low at 1.95%. The usual website conversion rate is a dismal 2.35%.

There are some ways that retailers typically attempt to seal up the “leaky” parts of their sales funnel to boost conversions and revenue. While some businesses focus on growing their loyalty program, giving free incentives, or diversifying their advertising channels, there is a much better way.

Conversion optimization is the best way to overcome issues related to high cart abandonment, low opt-ins, and more. One company that has worked hard to solve this problem since 2013 is OptinMonster.

Just What is OptinMonster?

This is a comprehensive solution for running an on-site optimization strategy. Through their optimization toolkit, you can grow your business, generate more leads, improve conversions and boost sales.

They do it primarily through the use of various opt-in forms and pop-ups. However, they do more than just pop-ups:

  • Marketers have access to multiple tools for testing on-page elements

  • They combine pop-up and split-testing features with a range of powerful functionalities, such as geo-targeting

  • Personalization based on historical data

  • Exit-Intent® Technology that knows when your visitor is about to leave and displays an appropriate message

The platform also includes email marketing, campaign scheduling, and analytics tools. The difference between OptinMonster and other solutions is that anyone can create pop-ups and the best lead gen forms without being a developer or hiring one.

3 Main Conversion Optimization Features

You might be wondering how OptinMonster fits into the broader optimization conversion picture.

Here are the primary features that integrate with both your existing eCommerce and email platforms to enhance their abilities.

1. Design and Customize to Suit Your Brand

eCommerce System OptinMonster Image of Pop-Up Ad

They have over 65 pre-made templates that you can customize using simple drag and drop tools. Create mobile responsive pop-ups, targeted campaigns, and campaign triggers. Use one of their 26 animated effects (Monster Effects) or use their “blank canvas” to build a unique set of pop-ups and opt-in messages to convert visitors to buyers.

2. Targeting and Personalization for Greater Engagement

Image of OptinMonster Campaign Settings Page With Sample Opt-In Ad

Advanced page-level targeting lets you segment your list by sending personalized messages based on customer behavior. You create custom display rules with dynamic text replacement to maximize engagement, conversions, and sales.

As consumers come to expect personalized experiences, it’s crucial that eCommerce retailers find effective ways to provide them, both on and off-site.

Modern E-Commerce thrives on delivering the best-personalized experience to their customers. Managing a database of customer information is a challenge in itself, added to that e-Commerce companies have to understand how to use that data.

Pavan Chandra, Senior Sales Director at Oracle

3. Conversion Analytics For Digital Marketing

Once you’ve implemented your changes, it’s crucial to evaluate their effectiveness with data-driven measurements and benchmarks. Fundamentally, this involves closely tracking any changes, along with split and multivariate testing. OptinMonster provides this functionality of testing and built-in conversion analytics. Access all data and conversion metrics in real-time from a single dashboard.

Six Ways OptinMonster Increases Revenue

It integrates with an extensive list of eCommerce sites and WordPress plugins. OptinMonster increases conversion rates and revenue by connecting with customers and visitors in a personal way.

It leverages six core features specifically:

  1. Reduce Cart Abandonment - Exit-intent popups and automated cart abandonment email sequences enable you to convert customers that would otherwise leave your site without making a purchase. It goes a step further by giving you the option to personalize these messages based on past orders, interests, and previous behavior.

  2. Grow Your Email List – The company provides a huge array of opt-in popups, banners, and forms for boosting email signups. Split-testing features further improve the efficacy of these opt-in elements by giving you the ability to pinpoint the top performers.

  3. Increase Sales Conversions - Personalization features enable you to automatically provide visitors with personalized messages, promotions, and product suggestions.

  4. Retarget Visitors On and Off-Site - This feature targets returning visitors with promotions and offers based on previous behavior. It’s one of the easiest ways to optimize promotional materials. Off-site, email segmentation is a perfect way to send tailored offers to the parts of your customer base most likely to be responsive.

  5. Increase Pageviews - Redirect customers to high-performing pages and promotions with simple, targeted “Yes/No” pop-ups.

  6. Create On-Site Follow-Up Campaigns - This feature allows you to create on-site follow-up messages that engage customers when they’re already interacting with your site. For example, upsell by automatically suggesting related products when a customer adds an item to their basket or cross-sell by offering a low-cost tripwire (small purchase) straight after they’ve entered their email address.

OptinMonster also offers a wide array of smaller features, like countdown clocks to add urgency. Again, everything we write is just a perspective on something valuable to everyone, and you don't need an expert PPC agency to get any of it going; it's all self-serve and simple. .

Conversion Toolkit

The advantage of OptinMonster is that it unifies conversion optimization tools into one solution. What’s more, this cloud-based lead generation software will easily integrate with your current eCommerce marketing platform as well as social and email marketing tools.

Although they don’t offer a free trial, they do offer a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Interested in Learning More?

OptinMonster has three pricing options, starting at $9/month. To get your questions answered, you’ll likely see a two-step opt-in pop-up like the ones you’ll use in your campaigns. Fill in the form or look for the chatbot on any page. Alternatively, you can reach them via their contact form with specific questions.

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