Engaging Consumers At The N.Y. International Auto Show

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Lexus Stand For Experiential Marketing And Customer Engagement At NYC International Auto Show

Everywhere you look you see glistening tire shine, wax polished exteriors and badges of Nissan, BMW, Acura, and Mercedes-Benz. The NY International Auto Show at the Jacob Javits Center is upon us, as we walk proudly on the trade show floor with badges around our necks. Eventige Media Group has landed at the Convention Center to deploy the latest in event marketing media.

The task at hand was to engage consumers and create lasting memories for them to take away from the Auto Show, allowing for social media extension to the already buzz-heavy annual event in New York City. With big names like Acura, Honda, Toyota, Nissan, and Infiniti on the floor, it is self-evident that NTD was doing the right thing and capturing the attention of their intended target audience through the use of Brand Ambassadors and a strategically placed booth located right behind the German automaker BMW.

The positioning was simple and very effective at attracting the wide reach demographics that the Javits Center was hoping to leverage to promote the Auto Show. The public gravitated towards the FREE Photo Sharing CTA, with data-heavy streaming taking place from the Hotspot provided by Verizon Wireless 4G LTE.

Conversion, metrics, data, and reach were the keywords of the week, as sharing on Social Networks was sky-high, elevating all of the social media marketing agency metric indicators across the board. E-Mail seemed to be the strongest point of sharing, with 63% of users adopting a quick way to convert their experience to their inbox on the smartphones that it seems everybody today is holding in their hand.

The data streaming workhorse on this campaign was driven by Verizon. The 4G LTE network was being used on the B level of the Javits Center, where the signal was strong; providing multi-level wireless hotspot functions necessary for seamless deployment and unchained maneuverability of the Photo Station.

As the show came to its final hours, the buzz in the building was unstoppable and the tired Brand Ambassadors began to exhale and take in the realization that they just completed a 13 Day Promo Activation… something that easily demands rest and recharge.

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