The New Cloud: Marketing Ecigs & Vapor Brands

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You see and hear about electronic cigarettes everywhere you go. From corporate offices to nightclubs and newly converted tobacco shops; the industry has spoken and the consumer has heard the message loud and clear.

Ecigs and Vaping finally arrived loud and proud. A simple example of how transformational this industry really is can be found in the CVS Pharmacy announcement that they will no longer carry Tobacco products. Naturally, the 2 Billion Dollar annual revenue is not something taken lightly by CVS and the end-game is to transition to selling only ecigs and vapor products.

How We Got Involved

The first year we began marketing for electronic cigarette brands was in 2010. At that time it was a challenge to find a retailer that actually carried the products. That is when we knew that something had to change and we approached Logic Technologies, the manufacturer of the Logic Electronic Cigarettes. The company was new, the industry was new, and the opportunity to help smokers was truly the driving force behind this collaboration. We wanted change. We demanded it.

The Retail Response

Initially, the hurdle was about educating the consumer about the product as a whole because nobody really knew what ecigs were or how they could ever quit smoking as a result; but that changed very quickly. As we started developing campaigns for trade and online marketing, the consumer started to speak up and the demand began to rise. We saw the influence immediately as early adopters started bombarding Facebook and Twitter asking “Where can I find a local store to buy my refills?” The customer was engaged, but the retailer had a long way to go before the marriage of transition took hold.

Convenience Store owners needed to be educated on the benefits of carrying ecigs and on a national level. Targeting trade shows and local retailers with marketing packages, creating an influx of search engine optimization traffic, and social media buzz started to move the mountain that was early-stage ecig brand marketing. The progress was slow at first, but the customers weren’t. Every day they pushed and pushed for more availability and the snowball effect took hold. From the local pharmacy to the gas station, owners saw the transitional effects of customers refueling on both Coffee… and a fresh disposable ecig with that light-up tip.

Trendy Tech Attraction

Trendy and cool, the ecig arrived. The wave of the future was here and the iPad generation said yes. From a marketing standpoint, all of the cards aligned for serious impact and serious workload to go along with that. We started putting together comprehensive online strategies, as well as developing materials for our clients to penetrate the market and expand reach. Here are some of the services we rolled out:

  • Packaging Design
  • Social Media
  • Truck Wraps
  • Trade Show Gear
  • Loyalty Programs
  • Referral Networks
  • Web Design/UX
  • E-Mail Marketing
  • Display Cases
  • Merchandising
  • Counter Mats

Walking into the local retailer became a stress-free experience for the new consumer who wanted an ecig over a pack of Marlboro’s. Availability arrived and the viral effect took hold. From nightclubs to the tops of NYC Cabs, the marketing epidemic of ecig battles was in full swing.

Vaping Evolution

With the ecig industry booming, the vaping consumer began to evolve just as the manufacturers did. Taking away everything we learned about the market, the next step was to help the ecig-turned-personal vaporizer vertical. Today the shift is clear, but back then it wasn’t. Ecigs in the pencil-style format was how the consumer met the product.But many soon demanded more.

ProVape, Inc. came to Eventige with that evolution on ecigs with the marketing needs for their ProVari product-line; which at the time was perceived as a tech-gadget and the challenge of marketing personal vaporizers began churning the hamster wheel of our creative teams. We had to position the ProVari as the next-step graduation from the pencil-style product type.

ProVape was in a different market, brought a completely new perspective on vaping and today has revolutionized the marketplace in both innovation and sales volume.

Looking back now, we all should have seen it coming but the vape craze hit us so hard that brands and brand teams were thrown into a gauntlet of design, coding, and long weeks clocking 80 hours or more just to keep up with the demand.

Today the story is no different, and having returned from an amazing expo at The Vape Summit, it is clear that the vaping industry has created a whole new generation of consumer, industry, and lifestyle living. Now something of a personal calling, we help many brands in the ecig and vaping vertical but the end-game for us still remains the same: we want a father to stay alive for his daughter’s graduation, we want the dog breeder to quit smoking around his litter of puppies, we want higher resale value for your automobile that doesn’t wreak of tobacco, and we want to improve lives.

This is not marketing. This is saving lives. We take this industry very seriously and we are here to help on a global level for a healthcare epidemic that can easily change. One ecig and one brand at a time.