How Our Medical Marketing Agency Grows Brands

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Marketing in the medical space can be an extremely tricky and delicate process for a number of reasons, not least being the fact that it’s an intensely regulated industry. Bold claims about a medical product’s efficacy and benefits can’t be made without being backed by clinical trials and it’s also a sector with a lot of competition.

This means that the company you use to market your medical products and pharma goods needs to understand how to navigate successfully through this restricted, congested space. That is exactly what Eventige Media Group has a ton of experience in (and for some of the biggest brands). In this blog, we take an in-depth look into how our medical marketing agency teams grow brands.

Medical Marketing Strategy - Starting Out

Our medical marketing team has the success it does because of the fact that we start by creating a solid marketing strategy as the foundation of all the formulation, packaging, testing, and implementation into the market. There are many different types of medical and functional CPG products that span the aesthetics, therapy, beauty, and prescription sectors; and they all call for a different approach.

Whether talking about buying billboard space or spending some of your marketing budget on digital or social media ads, your products all require a specific approach that is pillared on the strong suits of the company, market perception and understanding of the product(s), and also the in-market positioning chosen.

Using Digital Platforms

As a major digital marketing company, we have access to a variety of digital tools to really accelerate the growth of your brand. Not only that, but we’re experts in getting the very most out of each one of them. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

  • HubSpot to help build out the CRM system management

  • Shopify to get your eCommerce website really firing

  • Klaviyo to ensure you get the most out of your email marketing

  • 360BrandFuel to get the most out of your brand marketing

We leverage the power of these platforms and processes to help drive support for growth, nurturing our customers, and developing new areas of market penetration. We have the expertise and experience to show you precisely what works for the full spectrum of medical marketing customers, regardless of the product that is being sold.

Ensure Your Product Has Effective Branding

Your branding is one of the cornerstones of an effective marketing strategy, irrespective of the sector, and with so many companies existing in the medical arena, success can rest upon how visible you are to your target market. That’s why our medical marketing team works hard to create immediately recognizable branding that reflects the benefits your product offers to potential customers.

Visit any pharmacy and you’ll see just how many products there are vying for attention and you’ll notice how difficult it is to tell one product from another on the shelf. You’ll likely notice the well-known brands and that’s because they’ve got their branding just right to grab your attention. Those that don’t can easily get lost in the ‘noise’ of the competition, which is what many of our clients request support in. We focus on packaging and communications to help support great visibility and instant education so that customers understand exactly what the product does and increases lift at retail locations.

You could have the most amazing pharmaceutical product around, but if your branding isn’t up to scratch, then your target audience can’t ‘see’ you. For this reason, our medical marketing strategies focus on creating killer branding to underpin and complement all other marketing efforts.

Great Website Development Matters

Another important cornerstone of any medical marketing strategy is having a great-looking website. There’s no point in generating interest in your brand if those interested site visitors are met with a sub-standard, inconsistent experience on your website. That’s why having a web and UX development team that really knows how to convert on your site is crucial.

Your website is your business’s e-shop window and if the saying "first impressions last" is true (and it is), then you need that first impression to be sharp and exuding authority.

Ensure Your Product Messaging Is On Point

When you’re marketing your products in the medical space, it's so important that your packaging and messaging are on point in every way. As well as being visually pleasing and consistent with your branding, the packaging of your products also needs to be practical and designed specifically to meet the needs of the people who are likely to use them.

For instance, if you are selling a product that helps to alleviate the debilitating symptoms of arthritis, then you need to make your packaging easy to open. Further to that, if you’re selling medication for an eye condition, it needs to be easy to read. It’s this consideration for the end-user that should guide your hand when creating your packaging.

Use Email Marketing - It's Effective When Done Right

Despite some seeing email as one of the more antiquated forms of digital communication, it still offers a great deal to your brand-growing efforts. It can be used to generate interaction with your customers as well as informing your readers of industry news, upcoming product launches, and any new products you might be working on.

When consistent email marketing is combined with the same consistent message via your social media channels, it has a compound effect that creates brand loyalty and enhances your authority with your readers. You effectively get a two-way platform over which to listen to your customers’ feedback and solve any issues they may be having.

Use Our Expert Medical Marketing Techniques

An example of our expertise can be seen in the work we carried out for medical beauty company Blomdahl in scaling their sales and operations in the North American market. We used our very own 360BrandFuel service to provide support for both the customer-facing and back-of-house marketing systems.

360BrandFuel drove operations during strategy creation, the design phase and the ultimate implementation. Providing strategic direction and applying all available advertising and marketing techniques, it allowed us to realize a real lift to their sales figures.

We used Klaviyo email marketing automation, BigCommerce, and HubSpot during the initial deployment phase and then moved on to print media, affiliate marketing, inbound lead capture, search engine marketing, and traditional advertising as part of the next layer.

Our team worked together to focus on the acquisition of new customers and the provision of bottom-line growth. We achieved a significant level of success for Blomdahl who continues to enjoy a double-digit increase every quarter.


Let Our Dedicated Team Grow Your Brand

As you can see, we leave no stone unturned in identifying the most effective techniques to grow the brands of our clients. What we provide is mission-critical in that we ensure your medical marketing is growing your brand whilst positioning the right products in front of the right people at the right times. We are able to do this, even in a highly regulated and competitive space like the medical industry.

If you would like to speak to us about our branding needs or about any of our highly effective digital marketing and eCommerce services, we’d love to hear from you. Schedule your demo below.

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