Marvel App Empowers Your Digital Product Creativity

Marvel App Logo And Examples Of Creative Digital Product Designs

Whether you’re a web designer or someone who needs to sketch and demo an idea to share with others, Marvel App is for you. The collaborative design platform allows users to create, access and share from one place. Create professional mockups, wireframes, prototypes, designs, and specs from a single platform.

In the eCommerce industry, it is quite common for the brand design, marketing, sales, or UX/UI team to work together sharing ideas and feedback. However, sending everything back and forth can be frustrating, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Wouldn’t it be convenient to have all the information accessible 24/7 and gathered in one place? Marvel App excels at bringing your project together. This tool allows people with different skill sets to work on the same project from start to finish. You can complete projects much faster.

“Marvel has become the first touchpoint between designers and the rest of the team. If we added up all the time it would take to discuss new features and designs without using Marvel; it would definitely add weeks to the design process.”


What to Look For In a Good Tool

When you are looking for tools to develop your product, there are a few factors you want to consider. This is especially important when you are working with a team.

Is it easy to use?

Complex platforms can cost you time and money. You either have to go through extensive training or you have to hire someone to build what you want so you can use it. Thankfully, with no-code platforms available, you can find a tool that fits your needs. When the tool is easy to use, you can focus more time on the product design itself.

Can you annotate and document the process?

It’s hard if you can’t keep track of your notes and comments. Not only is it difficult for yourself, but your team too. When everyone is on the same level with communication, things get done and you spend less time trying to remember or explain a change.

Can you collaborate?

As we become more remote and dependent on technology, it’s important to make sure we can easily work on a platform together. This makes the creative process much easier and provides a method to work together without passing a design around. It makes it faster and more productive.

Does it integrate with other tools?

A great design is amazing. But it can be a big headache if you can’t use the tools you need to make it into reality. Make sure your tool can integrate with your critical platform. Integration is amazing and by connecting with the platforms you use most, you can save time and build something you love.

Now that you know some of the things to consider when looking for a design tool, we can look at the Marvel App. It provides answers to all these questions and it’s likely a good fit for you.

Easy Way to Go from Idea to Design to A New Product

Digital Marketing Creativity Showing Chat Between Designer and Project Manager With Product Images

New ideas are refreshing and exciting, but unless you’re a genie, you can’t “poof” the finished product. You must build a prototype first to work out the bugs and improve the design before the final production.

The app allows you to annotate the specific areas where you would like others to comment. Anyone you send your prototype to will be able to comment, whether they have a marvel account or not.

Annotation is critical in a paperless and remote work future. By adding notes and comments, you can communicate with your team from wherever you are. Unlike meetings where information tends to get lost, these notes exist and your team can refer to them. This also speeds up your process, giving you more time to focus on the product. 

Marvel App is user-friendly, it requires no training, but the advanced features make it the choice of experienced web designers. You can drag and drop visual elements from their extensive library of templates and millions of stock photos, icons, and assets. Let your team focus on the prototype rather than spending time learning how to use the app.

No Coding Required to Make Working Prototypes

Screenshot of Marvel App Tools For Building Mobile App Layout

With Marvel App, you can import screens from Sketch, Photoshop, your computer, or one that you built with the app. You have the flexibility to add and experiment with hotspots, interactions, and layers to see what works best.

Once you have the prototype, validate the concept with integrated UX apps like Maze and Lookback. Gain invaluable design feedback from observing heatmap interactions and audio-visual recordings as testers navigate through your mockup.

Perfecting the Site Structure Before the Web Design

MarvelApp Wireframes Screenshot For Digital Marketing

Just like building a home, you need a blueprint to know where your electrical, plumbing, and other elements will go. Wireframes will allow everyone to view and understand the website structure, so they are on the same page.

But wireframes can take a lot of time and can be difficult to create with a team. You need a tool that makes it easy to develop and collaborate.

For convenience, Marvel App stores hundreds of wireframe assets in their intuitive wire-framing tool. Access them anytime, anywhere from any device. Using drag and drop graphics and other assets, build wireframes in minutes for iPhone, iPad, Android, and desktop.

Handoff is the Tool That Eliminates Design Documentation

Marvell App Handoff Tool Depicting Pixel Properties of Images on Cellphone

When you’re ready to send your design, send the URL directly instead. Your developers will have access to all the information to move the project forward.

This seamless process makes it easy to create assets while all the hard work with automatically done for you. With great documentation, you also lay the foundation for effective communication. Collaborating with a team highly depends on how we communicate. If it is lacking, it costs us time and money. With tools like these, we can work better together.

Complete Collaboration Tools

Digital Marketing Creativity Marvel App Collaboration Tools Showing Product Images and Comments

What good is a stand-alone design tool if you have to open other apps to communicate with your team or client?

One of the advantages of the Marvel App is the ability to collaborate with all the different people who need to work on any given project. By incorporating project management functionality, everyone saves time, and the project stays on course.

“Our Head of Mobile used it on a project first, and his team loved it. They went on to use it on other projects. Both Sketch and Marvel made production as fluid as possible, increasing the time for creativity. Integrating the two was a clincher for us.”

Alan Chu, Associate Designer, DigitasLBi

With the Marvel app, everyone associated with the project can access the necessary documents at any time, and wherever they like.

Full Integration with the Design Tools That Matter

Marvel App Integrations Showing Various Company Logos

Designers and developers depend on tools to get the job done better and faster. To that end, Marvel has integrated the tools and apps you need. Just to name a few, Marvel included business file sharing apps like Dropbox and social media apps like YouTube. 

To view the entire list, go to the Integrations Page. The chances are that you are already using some of them.

Built for One to Six Developers

You can try Marvel free for forever, or until you exceed two projects. Their pricing starts at $0 for a single user on up to $84 for six users and unlimited projects.

However, they do offer solutions for Enterprise-level companies, and you can request a demo to see how it works for your business.

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