Event Marketing ROI: Capturing The Flag

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Event marketing is a great way to generate buzz about your particular products or services, and garner leads by attracting potential customers. Live events can be a very powerful tool in allowing you tointeract and connect with your audience. The question, however, lays in figuring out how to translate these touch points into qualified leads and increase the ROI (Return On Investment) for these events.

Surveying the Land – The Before

In order to improve your event marketing ROI, you have to establish goals for the event and decide HOW you will track them. Is your goal simply to create buzz for a new product? Is it to hit a certain amount of product sales or gather 500 qualified leads? Determining your specific goals will ultimately dictate what will be factored into your ROI and how it will be evaluated.

Determining your target audience will help in improving your ROI as well as inform your event marketing company about your goals for the program. For instance, if you are offering retirement benefit services, your event will most likely not be targeted towards millennial who have just graduated college. Ensure that your offerings are in line with the type of event you are promoting or participating in.

In the Trenches – The During

If you have the WHAT and the WHO figured out for your event in order to improve your ROI, here are three ways to improve the HOW.

First, harness the power of social media to your advantage through social listening. If you have a hashtag particular to your products or services, be sure to see what the audience is saying about your offerings. If you see any complaints, respond to these immediately and provide a viable solution to avoid bad publicity. If relevant, embed a social media tool into your event, such as a photo booth, where people can take pictures and share them with particular hashtags to create trending posts.

Event Marketing ROI Mobile App Showing 4 Tips Of Using It For Business

Next, if you have an app that participants can download, be sure to promote it because it can provide valuable insights as to the success of your event participation. By assessing statistics such as the number of downloads, the particular features that were used, and messaging functions that were utilized, you will get great insight from your audience. Depending on your particular event strategy, and desired outcomes, there are many ways to use an app to increase event and overall ROI.

Event surveys are also a great way to gain valuable feedback for improving future events. Sending out surveys during and immediately after the event will help measure the interest and response of the attendees.

Planting the Victory Flag – The After

The event doesn’t end after the lights have been turned out at the venue, and you can continue to improve your event ROI based on the actions you take. Once the event ends, time is of the essence. First, make sure to follow up on any qualified leads immediately and accurately, but in a personable manner. No one wants to feel like an automated customer on an assembly line.

Secondly, if there were any issues during the event, particularly ones that can garner bad reviews for your company, make sure to deal with this swiftly in order to build brand loyalty and satisfaction. Lastly, continue to provide value for your audience through additional content marketing. Was there a particular speaker that captured the attention of the audience? Perhaps you can ask him or her to write an article for your audience.

Once all your sales figures and expenses are gathered, don’t forget to also evaluate the outcome of the event through a statistical analysis based on your original goals. If you lost money or didn’t make enough revenue, maybe you need to re-think the type of event marketing for your particular product or services. Consider using a full-service marketing company to assist with your overall marketing strategy.

If your event didn’t work, figure out why. If you’re event was successful, find ways to improve it for an even higher ROI. In the words of Winston Churchill, “To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often.” That's actually what teams like ours are here for; remember to lean on the best event marketing companies to help drive your success. Experience and relationships matter, and when you partner with a trusted event marketing company, you will have the support needed and avoid making costly mistakes in planning, budgeting, or activation.

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