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All day long marketers bombard consumers with attempts to get them to call, click or buy. So, it’s imperative, when you have your customer’s attention that you ask them to act at the right moment. At Eventige, we take advantage of every moment of your brand’s exposure to ask for the right call to action, at the appropriate time. Having superior products or services is not enough to sustain sales. We build customer relationships through positive interactions at every touch point.

Eventige is a full-service marketing agency and advertising agency providing businesses with technological expertise, the latest in media placement, strategic insight, and an experienced, dynamic team. From startups to Fortune 500 companies, we grow brands faster using campaigns based on research and data-science. Our company leverages all the transactional events that take place in your marketing.

Recently, our clients honored us with a 5-star rating on our Clutch profile. Clutch.co is a leading software and professional services company that performs B2B research, ratings, evaluations, and unbiased customer reviews.

Here are some of the comments supporting our stellar rating:

Customers find our online experience very intuitive, and as a result, the revenue rose by 230.4%. We also saw an increase in conversion of 154.6% on traffic. The website also receives nothing but compliments from our customers, vendors, and partners.

I've worked with various companies in the past, and they’re one of the best. While I’m normally the one pushing a project forward, Eventige is proactive and actually pushes me.

They truly care about their customers, which means a lot. They feel like a real partner, so I highly recommend them.

It’s always a thrill to see that our work makes a difference, but it’s even more exciting when clients are proud of it, too. As we continue to work with Clutch, we’re looking forward to hearing what more clients have to say about our partnerships together.

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