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By Gavin Write
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If you expect to maximize your conversions and ultimately your sales, it’s important to have a great landing page. Without one, many would be customers will simply skip over it and end up taking their business elsewhere. With this in mind, let’s go over what constitutes a great landing page and discuss what actions you can take to get more conversions.

Web Design A Great Landing Page

While the exact layout and content of a successful landing page can differ from business to business, there are several attributes that are consistent across the board. For starters, it’s important to have a clean, professional appearance that’s inviting, rather than a cluttered landing page that looks slapped together by an amateur. You need good organization with a layout that’s intuitive and easy to navigate; a good idea is to seek the guidance of a web development company. You also need enough content to adequately demonstrate how your products or services work and how they will inevitably improve the quality of your customers’ lives. Finally, there should be no unanswered questions and a clear cut way for customers to make a purchase.

Landing Pages That Convert Great

How to Enhance your Landing Page

One of the most important parts of your landing page is the header. This is typically the first thing that visitors will see, so it’s critical that you quickly grab their attention. To accomplish this, you will want to include a brief sentence or two that explains what you’re offering. It’s also smart to perform some keyword research beforehand and incorporate your targeted keywords into the header.

Next, you will want to elaborate on your products or services so that visitors fully comprehend what’s being offered. Usually, this can be done in a few concise paragraphs. To improve your chances of conversions, it’s a good idea to add some pictures, videos or a combination of the two that show your product or service in action. Since humans are naturally visual creatures, this can go a long way once people understand how something works.

Landing Pages That Convert Enhance

Along with this, including some testimonials from satisfied customers can be highly beneficial. These don’t need to be anything fancy, but a few sentences that describe how your product or service has added value to peoples’ lives can get many people over the buying hump. Even if they were somewhat skeptical at first, this can lower their defenses and encourage them to buy.

In addition, you should always add a call to action that will motivate customers to take action immediately. In case someone was merely browsing your landing page and not ready to buy right away, this can often persuade them to go ahead and order. A good call to action will be straight forward and include one simple action. Over-complicating it can have the reverse effect, so keep your call to action as simple as possible. Here is an additional resource on how to increase conversions with web development

Web Design Agency Advice - Remove Friction First

To ensure that customers follow through with their orders, you need to make the transaction process easy and hassle free. For instance, keeping the number of fields in your order form to a minimum can help. Also, you should mention that all transactions are secure and that information is completely confidential. To learn more, here is a resource on the best website layout for conversion optimization. 

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