Optimizing Onboarding With Engaging Klaviyo Welcome Emails

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Why does onboarding matter for business owners? It's because it represents a critical component of the experience that customers get with brands. Furthermore, the fact is that 70% of consumers make buying decisions based on the overall levels of customer service that they receive. As such, the Klaviyo welcome emails you send need to offer help, value and much more.

Welcome emails have a 196% lift in unique click rate

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The importance of onboarding is clear. It's understandable, too, from a customer perspective, why this part of the process is a crucial one. Imagine for a second that you've signed up for a new service and product, and the right information is not forthcoming.

Even though a customer may have spent time researching your products and services, they're not likely to have an awareness of the finer details. So, if your email marketing welcome emails aren't guiding customers properly, they can end up confused about what to expect. 

Without assistance, your newly acquired customers can feel like they're lost without a guidebook, which is never something that's going to leave a positive impression in the mind. 

The answer to this issue is to send well-crafted Klaviyo welcome emails that guide customers through the process and make them feel informed, cared for and appreciated. In this article, we offer a selection of tips and examples to help you craft yours.


So, What Are Klaviyo Welcome Emails?

Essentially, a welcome email series represents a sequence of automated email messages that are sent to customers that take an action, such as joining your subscriber list or making a purchase. They introduce your brand to new customers and offer a great opportunity to:

  • Gain insight into subscriber preferences
  • Drive conversion with discount codes, coupons etc
  • Introduce new services & products
  • Establish trust & credibility

You only get one chance to make a great first impression, so eCommerce business owners shouldn't underestimate the power of an effective email marketing welcome email series.


The 4 Main Types of Welcome Emails to Consider

So, when you're putting together your welcome email strategy, you must understand that there's no one way that will work perfectly for everyone. The correct path with be determined by your audience, and you can gain greater insight by talking to your customers and carrying out A/B testing.

Let's take a look at the four main categories of Klaviyo welcome emails.


#1 - The Offer Welcome Email Series

The first point to remember is that if you've promised an incentive for signing up for emails (such as discounts/exclusive offers), then you need to make good on that promise. That's why the Offer Welcome Email series is a popular choice, as it helps to build a foundation of trust.

Of course, your marketing budget may not allow you to lead with a discount or offer, but that's fine. However, when addressing non-converters during your campaign, it's a good idea to experiment with this type of email messaging further down the road at some point.


#2 - The Educational Welcome Email Series

Another popular option for your email marketing welcome emails is the Educational Welcome Email which serves to provide education to your captive audience. It's natural to want to tell your brand story in these emails, although you need to be careful, as this 'education’ might not be interesting enough to grab their attention. 

When creating your Klaviyo welcome email content, you need to get into the minds of your audience, who may be asking, "What's in for me to read this?". At this early stage, it's better to provide value in the form of tips and other helpful resources. 

Value is the keyword here, as it will help to establish you as an authority in your field and increase the likelihood of future emails being opened.


#3 - The Product-Focused Welcome Email Series

In a similar vein to educational welcome emails, the Product Focused Welcome Email series is a super way to ensure that your new email subscribers are able to experience your brand's value from the get-go. This kind of Klaviyo welcome email series delivers a great first impression while also introducing your best-selling or newest products. 

The fact they've chosen to join your subscriber list means they're already interested in what you offer and will appreciate you laying out the most relevant and interesting information clearly.


#4 - The Info-Gathering Welcome Email Series

Often overlooked, info-gathering email marketing welcome emails represent another effective type of initial messaging. The key to sending the most relevant and engaging emails going forward is understanding the needs and wants of your subscribers. Something like this can be very effective:

"Thanks for Signing Up. Get the email types you want & nothing more. 
Share just a little information & we'll tailor your updates accordingly"

These emails allow you to gain great insight into what kind of emails they're most interested in, as well as how often they'd like to hear from you and more.


The Elements That Make Great Klaviyo Welcome Emails

Naturally, there's much that goes into a great welcome email, and while they can vary greatly, the best tend to include the same crucial elements. Here, our Klaviyo Experts break down the components that can trigger the necessary engagement and interaction.

  • An Interesting/Intriguing Subject Line - Klaviyo figures show that almost half of email recipients will decide whether to open it based on the subject line. This means is super important to get right in your email marketing welcome emails. 

    So make it clear and brief, as well as use the subscriber's first name. Also, utilize preview text, as it's valuable real estate for setting the context of what's inside. Lastly, avoid emojis in the subject line, as they can make your email look spammy. 

  • On-Brand Email Copy - Whichever way you slice it, email readers are often only interested in what you have to say because of the perks you're offering. If you're writing copy that delivers value or discount, you're already halfway to an ROI-generating email.

    When you deliver on your promise of a perk, such as $20 off, that customer then tells a friend about their experience. Social proof in action.

  • A Great Email Design - the design of your Klaviyo welcome emails will depend on your objectives, but the main aim is to showcase your wares and offer your readers options. This means adding lots of high-quality product images that compel a person to click. 

    Video elements also work really well, with many enjoying the help it provides in terms of choosing the most suitable products.

  • A Compelling Call to Action (CTA) - the very best email marketing welcome emails are those that inspire someone to take action. While a ‘buy now’ CTA can be effective, it doesn't have to be purchase-based, as it can also prompt readers to take other actions. 

    Participation in a survey, taking a quiz, or even initiating a download are all desirable outcomes, and you shouldn't be afraid of putting the CTA in the center in big, bold letters.

Engage Your Subscribers From Minute One With Klaviyo Welcome Emails

With so many choices available to shoppers in the modern digital age, eCommerce operators need to do everything they can to differentiate themselves online. 

However, attracting sign-ups is only part of the equation, as businesses need to create a solid foundation and bond with their email marketing efforts. When you configure your email marketing welcome emails, they need to be informative, visually appealing, value-laden, and offer a clear call to action. 

It will likely take a little experimentation to perfect, but once you do, you can look forward to higher customer lifetime values (CLVs) and an army of engaged readers who can't wait to tell everyone what’s great about you as a brand and the products you offer.

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