Klaviyo SMS Marketing & How It Drives eCommerce Sales

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By Gavin Write
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The eCommerce world can be tough to master, especially with the intense competition that exists in the marketplace. In this kind of business model, there can be fine margins between successes and losses, so you need to make use of every platform and resource available.

Today, we will go over the SMS marketing basics and why it is a useful marketing strategy for your business. 


What is SMS Marketing?

SMS is a marketing strategy that makes use of the Short Message Service (SMS) network to send out permission-based text messages to your customers' mobile devices. SMS allows you to reach customers directly from their messaging app and avoid ending up in spam, like email. 

Some of the benefits of SMS marketing include:

  • Analytics & Customer Data

  • Marketing Channel Integrations

  • Direct Customer Contact 

  • Increased Customer Engagement

Let’s take a look at Klaviyo SMS marketing and why this platform is an essential marketing tool. To learn more about the benefits of SMS marketing, check out this resource on why every eCommerce business should use SMS. 


SMS Marketing With Klaviyo

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Klaviyo is more than an email marketing platform. They also serve as an SMS marketing tool that offers a diverse range of features. 

Klaviyo SMS offers:

  • Instant Integrations - Klaviyo is a leading marketing platform that integrates instantly with platforms such as Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento Commerce, and many more.

  • Toll-Free & Short Codes - They also provide no-cost toll-free numbers or short codes for high-volume senders.

  • SMS Personalization - Klaviyo enables you to create flows to target consumers based on their behavior or send segmented campaigns to further personalize your messages.

  • SMS Compliance - Klaviyo ensures that opt-in consent language is built in so you never have to worry.  

Klaviyo also provides multiple SMS sign-up options such as multi-step forms, click-to-text web forms, click-to-text email banners, and consent at checkout. Making it easy for consumers to sign-up for your SMS program is key to growing your subscriber list. 

Klaviyo SMS seamlessly integrates with email. Email and SMS have their own uniques strengths so utilizing both means of customer communication is key to driving sales. With both marketing channels on one platform, you can track analytics and reporting and get accurate insights into their performance. 

Just like Klaviyo email, SMS has automatic personalized flow options to target your customers at the right time. Send browse abandonment, price drop alerts, or in-stock alerts directly to consumers 


How SMS Flows Work

Optimizing the sequence of triggers based on certain actions will ensure that your marketing campaigns are super effective.

What you’ll find with Klaviyo SMS is that you can either create your own SMS flow or choose from a number of pre-set templates. There are no hard and fast rules to how your flows should be set up - only that the sequence should offer the right message at just the right time. You could use one of the available templates, so long as it fits your purposes. 


Why Collecting Consent For SMS is Important

SMS Marketing Opt-In Being Filled Out By Young Man On Laptop

SMS messages can not be sent to any customer without their expressed consent. This means that your SMS subscribers need to comprehend precisely what they’re opting into, as providing you with their email or phone number will not suffice.

When consent is being collected, the language used needs to be very clear in stating that they’re agreeing to receive text messages from you. There can't be any ambiguity at all. These consent laws are strict, and transgressing them can lead to fines being issued. To that point, double opt-in is advisable, as some mobile providers require it for abandoned cart flows to be used.


Making Use of Every Marketing Resource Available

As you can see, SMS marketing is an extremely useful tool that you can use to boost your eCommerce sales significantly. It can provide a nearly seamless experience for your customers, and well-thought-out SMS workflows ensure that no opportunities get missed and your customers feel looked after. So, why not get started putting SMS marketing to work to increase your bottom line?

To get started try out Klaviyo's Free Trial to see if SMS marketing is right for you.

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