How Brands Can Unlock The Power of Klaviyo Meta Integration

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Klaviyo email and paid social marketing represent potent tools in their own right. However, when used together, brands can send highly personalized emails at scale and drive their sales skywards.

Around 1.6 billion people log on to Facebook daily and approximately 8 billion monthly, meaning that Meta ads get your products and services seen by vast numbers of potential buyers. Klaviyo Meta integration amplifies the power of both, un-siloing each and combining their power.

Connecting Klaviyo to Facebook allows businesses to:

  • Create lead flows from specific ad campaigns that begin immediately after integration

  • Automatically obtain zero-party data & email addresses from Klaviyo lead-generation ads

  • Create Meta lookalike audiences based on your Klaviyo segments and lists

  • Advertise specific Klaviyo segments on Meta, such as unengaged customers & cart abandoners

So, the question would seem to be - how does this powerful union look when applied in the real world? Come with us now as we look at ways brands can use it to optimize their marketing efficiency and grow their business.


A Continuously Self-Filling Sales Funnel

eCommerce businesses have much to gain by linking Klaviyo to Facebook, representing a continuously self-filling sales funnel. One way to achieve results is by targeting lookalike audiences with a cold prospecting campaign based on a brand's current email list.

Brands Can Compound Their Results & Grow Fast With Klaviyo Meta Integrations

In practice, this approach can create hundreds of leads every week, which can then be used as seeds for brand-new lookalike audiences. It's a strategy that can yield low-cost leads and a great way to grow your email list quickly and positively compound your efforts.


Klaviyo Meta Integrations Can Show Effective Lead-Gen Ads

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Another way in which Klaviyo Meta integrations can be used to great effect is by displaying ultra-responsive lead-generation advertisements. How is that done? Well, one way would be to run an online competition that offers a reward for providing an email address.

You could choose a range of options, such as:

  • A chance to win an exclusive prize
  • Discounts off your most popular products
  • An invitation to a prestigious event

Run over a series of weeks, this approach can generate hundreds of contest entries, which equate to tons of subscriber acquisitions at a low cost-per-lead. Furthermore, the Klaviyo platform is able to automatically upload these leads, resulting in a super-smooth and responsive customer experience. 

After a potential customer gives over their email address, they're instantly sent a confirmation email of their entry into whatever contest a brand is running. Then, they can be sent an automated campaign-specific flow centered around your projects, and the journey starts straight away.


Selling Your Brand to Your Most Loyal Customers

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Your most loyal customers also represent a valuable resource that can be leveraged with Klaviyo Integration. These loyal brand advocates are just one of many potential audience segments that can be targeted with paid ads via email marketing campaigns.

Your Most Loyal Customers Can Be Nurtured While Growing Your Subscriber List

The process is a short one, and this audience - which can include customers who've bought from a brand within the last 6 months or so - can be directly targeted almost immediately, as Meta's algorithm doesn't have to go through what can be a lengthy period of time determining the right customers that should see the ads you're sending.


Creating Lookalike Audience Seeds

Lookalike audiences offer a range of advantages, however, the main one is increased return on investment (ROI), something that's of interest to all marketers. It's a logical route to take, as they're customers who're likely to be interested in what you're offering. 

Based on customers who've previously bought from a brand's website, Klaviyo Meta integrations can be used to develop lookalike audiences and refined using appropriate parameters, such as men's shoes. 

But What If an eCommerce Store Checkout Doesn't Gather Gender Data?

Fortunately, there's a way around the issue. If your lookalike seed is gender-specific, you can add a ‘men-only' or 'women-only' parameter in your Meta ad campaign. This ensures that ads for men's shoes don't get shown to women. 

Of course, data is seldom perfect when generated by Meta, but Klaviyo again helps, as it allows you to segment recent customer email addresses based on a predicted gender. All that budget that's usually wasted on marketing products to the wrong audience can be saved as a result.


Cross-selling a Single Stock Keeping Unit (SKU)

When a brand wants to market a specific product with a specific SKU using Klaviyo Meta integration, it can be very tricky to create a niche Meta ad campaign using just demographics and interests. The audiences these segments offer are simply too broad.

Standard Meta Ad Campaigns Can Be Too Broad For Niche Needs

Klaviyo's Meta integrations have, once again, got this covered, as they can be used to generate a lookalike audience based on a segment of customers who've bought that specific product in the past. This results in a larger segment, but one that remains curated.


Retargeting Buyers With After-Care Tips

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Something that's extremely effective at creating emotional loyalty with a brand in customers' minds is showing that you care about their experience after they've bought a product. Meta integrations make providing this kind of aftercare simple, using a post-purchase Klaviyo flow that offers up some useful tips on how to:

  • Complement the product with others (but not in a sales tone)
  • Get the most from the product
  • Maintain the product

Post-purchase campaigns can be created easily with Klaviyo Meta integrations to offer a great customer experience that can have a huge impact on brand perception. This proven method creates a seamless buying and post-buying journey and offers the welcome side-effect of compelling past customers to reorder. A ROAS of 30x or more is not unheard of using this technique.


Driving Online Customers to Brick & Mortar Stores

Last but not least, on our list of Klaviyo Meta integration benefits is its ability to drive online customers into brick-and-mortar stores. By remarketing to any email subscribers who've bought products stocked by real-world retailers, customers can be encouraged to re-stock in person. 

Of course, this type of campaign can't easily be measured by the usual online metrics, so it's better to track performance by alternatives like bounce rates and click-through rates (CTR).


Taking Your ROI to the Next Level With Klaviyo Meta Integrations

When you combine the undoubted power of Meta ads and Klaviyo email marketing, you end up with the best of both worlds…and then some. A brand's Meta ads can be complemented with Klaviyo and vice versa, allowing you to increase ad spend efficiency and augment the power of segmentation

Lookalike audiences are central to this approach, and it’s possible to create the perfect blend of paid ad campaigns and email marketing. So, if you want to stop wasting your budget on ads that fail to hit home, why not consider connecting Klaviyo, Meta, and by extension, Instagram, to develop awesome multi-channel experiences?

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