Achieve Customer-First Marketing At Scale With Segmentation

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When it comes to eCommerce, there's no such thing as a one-size-fits-all customer journey that works for everyone. As such, the brand experience you provide needs to be as close to 1:1 as it's possible to be online. Sure, you can't offer 1:1 personalized experiences, as it must be 1:many, and this is where Klaviyo marketing segmentation comes into its own. 

Compared to an unsegmented approach, highly segmented campaigns are proven to offer up to 3x the ROI. However, that's only the beginning of what's possible.


Klaviyo Segmentation Offers a Range of Robust Features

As one of the most widely-used email & SMS marketing platforms available in the industry, Klaviyo offers a range of the most robust segmentation features. These allow you to get so much more achieved with your customer base, helping you connect more effectively and address their needs. 

Just a selection of the ways you can segment your audience with Klaviyo include:

    • Demographic properties - segmentation based on a person's demographic, i.e. their age group, sex, interests
    • Behavior - you can also base segments on what a potential customer has or hasn't done, such as ‘made a purchase?’
    • Geographic location - it's also possible to segment based on people’s geographic location, e.g. US, EU, UK, or Canada
    • SMS Consent - you can group your customers based on whether or not they’ve consented to receive SMS messages from you
  • Status - Klaviyo also allows you to segment customers on their Average Order Value (AOV) or Customer Lifetime Value (CLV)


What Segmentation Looks Like In the Real World

Klaviyo SMS and email marketing segmentation allow you to set up automated personalized flows for every touchpoint on the customer journey. Let's take a look at what these look like in practice.

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Welcome Series - Factoring in Conditional Info Such As:

  • The website page landed on
  • Whether they're a first-Time-Buyer
  • Whether the customer is in the EU/UK/US
  • Prefers Email or SMS?


Browse Abandonment Series - Including Splits Like:

  • Number of times customer viewed product
  • Is the customer a repeat buyer?
  • How recently was a purchase made?
  • Cost & number of items viewed
  • Average Order Value (AOV)


Cart Abandonment Series - Involving:

  • Is the customer a first-time/repeat buyer?
  • What's the value of the abandoned cart?
  • The number of items in the cart
  • Is it their first abandoned cart?

After you've worked out the best way to segment your audience, it's then about setting up your Klaviyo marketing segmentation flows to trigger helpful automated messages that augment the journey. This means customers get to feel like they're getting 1:1 treatment - even when you're not around.


Your SMS & Email Campaigns Also Benefit Greatly

Email marketing segmentation is great for your automated message flows, but you should remember that it's also highly effective for your SMS and email marketing campaigns. Personalization is high on the agenda for these types of strategies, and segmentation creates it. 

Personalization in marketing is essentially the practice of understanding what your customers want when they want it, and their preferred way of receiving it. Segmentation creates differentiation, but personalization involves adjusting specific elements to appeal to the reader.

Also, marketing is an ongoing process that requires you to continually hone and perfect your approach. This means you should never stop working to try and understand the needs and wants of your customers, and the more data you have, the more finely-tuned your marketing will be.


Use Customer Feedback to Segment Even Deeper

The point of marketing is to talk with people, and the more you know about them, the better able to connect on a deeper level. By gaining customer feedback, you get a wealth of insights into how to formulate the best possible segmented experiences. The crucial part here is to look out for patterns hidden in the insights produced. There are a bunch of ways you can collect customer feedback, such as:

  • Long-Form Surveys
  • Customer Satisfaction Score Surveys
  • Website Feedback Widgets
  • Customer Interviews
  • Interaction on Social Media

Honest feedback is what you're aiming to glean by introducing these elements into your customer journey - which is often the most valuable kind. For example, it could be that your email subscribers like your messaging but feel like there are too many emails being sent. 

Without asking for this kind of feedback, you might find that a customer chooses to simply unsubscribe from your messages altogether.


Getting Started On Your Segmentation Journey

The Beautiful Smiling Woman Weared In Blue Shirt Who Works As A Klaviyo Email Marketing Expert Create On Her Laptop Best Practices In Klaviyo Marketing Segmentation

While all this information about Klaviyo email marketing segmentation might be fine and dandy, you might not have an idea about where to start. However, there are a few best practices that ensure your strategy ends up being a fruitful one. They include:

Analyzing Your Engagement - the level of engagement will tell you a lot about interest levels within your audience, allowing you to segment each customer accordingly. 

Regularly Clean Your Lists - rooting out subscribers who aren't engaged with your content will ensure your levels of deliverability stay nice and strong. 

Create Email Frequency Segments - another major step forward is to create email frequency segments that allow customers to select how often they get messages. 

Use Your Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) - Customer lifetime value is a great metric to measure, as it will help you identify future VIPs from within your base.


Enjoy Engaged Customers & Everything That Goes With It

Email marketing segmentation is a proven way to create highly personalized customer experiences at scale. It’s able to do this because it allows you to find out exactly what your customers are looking for and when. Automated flows offer a seamless experience when you're not around, and segmented campaigns tend to hit the mark much more often than those that aren’t.

While large retailers simply don't have the manpower to offer 1:1 customer experiences, it's still possible to offer the perception of one with highly-relevant, well-crafted, segmented messaging. At the center of it, all is 1st and zero-party data. The more of that you can glean, the more personalized and impactful your messaging will become.

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