Top Klaviyo Email Marketing Trends for Success in 2023

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By Maria Timokhina
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Owned marketing assets that deliver quantifiable revenue streams can be hard to come by. However, your Klaviyo email and SMS marketing lists are part of that rare group offering meaningful returns - hence why 37% of brands are increasing their email marketing budgets.

Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost $11 billion by the end of 2023


With people sending more than 6 billion emails daily and four times that number of text messages, revenue growth can be significantly boosted when this considerable resource is leveraged. So, which email and SMS marketing trends will be huge in 2023?


Trend #1 - Advanced Segmentation

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Email segmentation is a valuable tool to hone your email marketing efforts, but it's segmentation that goes beyond the basics, which is predicted to be big in 2023. Brands will look to dig deeper into their customer data to create more robust segmentation automations across SMS and email campaigns.

Klaviyo email marketing expert techniques include three critical elements to build your segmentation. They include:

  • Purchase History - segmentation based on the first and last products bought and price and frequency allows you to nurture your highest-value customer relationships. What's crucial is creating emails that make the reader feel they're for them and them alone. 

  • Quiz Answers - zero-party data is beneficial in Klaviyo Typeform email marketing quizzes that allow you to understand the wants and needs of subscribers. 

    As digital marketers continue overcoming the challenges presented by Apple's update in 2021, more eCommerce business owners will seek to ask their customers for this data directly.

  • Location - during 2022, more than half of email marketers stated an intention to sell internationally, causing more to use country-based segmentation as we move through 2023. 


Trend #2 - A Firmer Grip On Delivery Fees

Customers have come to take free shipping online for granted. However, this can impact the profitability of smaller retail businesses. Unlike big brands, they may be unable to afford to take the financial hit required due to wafer-thin margins.

The most common reason online shoppers abandon their cart is 
because of additional costs like shipping, taxes and fees


Brands tighten their belts, diminishing free delivery and returns availability. Also, there's a chance that some will only offer free shipping on orders exceeding a certain size threshold, while others may only offer it to subscribers.


Trend #3 - AI-Driven Marketing Assistants

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ChatGPT arrived on the scene in November 2022. While the technology is still in its infancy, eCommerce marketers are already looking to leverage artificial intelligence as part of their marketing efforts - hence the expected increased uptake in 2023.

While it can't yet do everything a marketer can, there are still many ways in which AI can take care of a lot of the day-to-day marketing tasks, such as:

  • 24/7 Digital Concierge - marketers will use AI more widely to handle the manual work of offering highly personalised online shopping experiences. Able to analyze behavioral and buying data, businesses can send super-relevant product recommendations via Klaviyo email & SMS.

  • Graphic Design Assistance - AI continuously evolves, with machine learning becoming smarter every day. The technology can now even help to recognize complementing visual styles. 

  • Content Creation - Even ChatGPT can't match real-world copywriters, although it can help with first-draft marketing creatives, including graphics, CTA variations and landing page copy. Not having to create compelling content from scratch saves time.


Trend #4 - Greater Use of Video Content

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The popular TikTok hashtag #TikTokMadeMeBuyIt has over 33 bn views, pointing toward video marketing content becoming more widely used in 2023. Part of that reason is that it offers a more humanized way to convey the benefits and value of products.

93% of social media marketers who use video say it's a vital component of their social media strategy

Sprout Social

A visual-based approach makes it easier for customers to find important information quickly. You can expect to see videos and GIFs more widely on product description pages or embedded in 'How-To' PDFs. It creates an interactive experience that's proven to convert at a higher rate when compared to static images.


Trend #5 - Dependable Back-in-Stock & Tracking Emails

Transactional Klaviyo emails will also be popular in 2023, as marketers understand the customer experience doesn't end after a purchase. Two forms of transactional messaging are becoming increasingly leveraged to offer a smoother customer experience.

  • Back-in-Stock Emails - when customers show interest in an out-of-stock item, automated back-in-stock emails dramatically reduce lost sale levels. Expect to see them more frequently as they create urgency and more opportunities to sell popular products.

  • Tracking Emails - a big challenge eCommerce businesses face in 2023 is lost packages. An incredible 260 million parcels are stolen from porches across the US each year, and while it's not the brand's fault, it can harm a company's reputation.

    Businesses can reduce doorstep thefts with Klaviyo marketing tracking emails that update customers on expected delivery dates.


Achieving Klaviyo Email Marketing Success in 2023

Klaviyo email & SMS marketing trends like these can be pivotal in your attempts to improve your audience engagement. Advanced segmentation, AI development, and increased use of visually-striking video content are just a few examples of what to expect in 2023. 

While these are just predictions, they're based on the increased return on investment (ROI) that retailers have enjoyed and current best email marketing practices. What's certain is that today's online customers expect a smooth and personalized buying experience, no matter what channel they use.

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