How Klaviyo E-Mail Marketing Grows Brands

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When someone visits your website, browses through and then leaves without buying, you’ve lost a sale. But, if you can track their browsing behavior and activities you could follow up by sending them a more personalized and appropriate message with more information, a similar item, or an enticing promotion. The same goes for abandoned shopping carts. Follow up is key.

That is if your email software has the power to capture this information. Can your email service provider (ESP) help you track shoppers while they are on your site and what they do with the emails you send them? Without this kind of data, you’re flying blind.

77% of online retail orders were abandoned instead of purchasing


It all comes down to data. Use the data or lose sales.

As one of the leading Klaviyo Experts in the world, Eventige uses Klaviyo systems for more than 50% of our eCommerce brands.

Most Ecommerce businesses capture and analyze thousands of pieces of data. Attempting to sort and filter the volume of information manually is too labor-intensive and time-consuming. Finding the right software that’s capable of segmenting, integrating and synchronizing customer data is crucial to the success of marketing campaigns.

Companies need email marketing software that manipulates the information to create many segmented lists. Based on customer behavior on the website or email responses, sellers can send highly-targeted, personalized information. It builds the brand and improves sales.

The ability to segment email lists and individualize email campaign messaging is the most effective personalization tactics for 51% and 50% of marketing influencers respectively.

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Currently, there are many ESPs in the market. However, one company stands out because they can integrate with any Ecommerce platform and provide much more than just email services.

Klaviyo Marketing Automation Platform

Klaviyo is a cloud-based, Boston company, who developed a marketing system specifically for the Ecommerce industry. It promises a one to one experience for every customer. They have more than 100 employees to assist marketers with integrated emails and Facebook campaigns.

The easy to use system pulls data from Ecommerce platforms, including POS and other marketing software. It can create 360-degree customer profiles from website browsing and email tracking. Then, the powerful segmentation tool enables users to deliver the right message to the right shoppers based on what they look at in your store or your emails.

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Klaviyo also includes custom activity fields, drag-and-drop email designs, ROI-based reporting for better decisions, and 1-click integrations with all your current tools and platforms.

Tools and Features That Get Your Brand Noticed

Klaviyo is a unique solution for Ecommerce, here’s why.

Their powerful segmentation combines transactional and behavioral data in real time. This allows marketers to send relevant and targeted messages as well as using the existing segments for Facebook Ad campaigns.

The system easily integrates with Ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce. The open API allows your developer to customize integration effortlessly.

With their website web-tracking feature, it’s like having a virtual salesperson following your customer around the store. You can send relevant messages to groups or individuals based on their activities.

Klaviyo Email Marketing List & Segments Screenshot

The actual transactional reporting allows users to see precisely the performance and ROI of each campaign, enabling better business decisions.

The drag and drop WYSIWYG email editor is easier to use and simplifies the process.

Here are some of the main features:

  • Powerful segmentation

  • Integrates with Facebook

  • ROI-based reporting

  • Pre-built autoresponders

  • Website tracking

  • Product recommendations

  • Responsive email templates

Klaviyo’s e-mail marketing helps merchants give customers what they want.

66% of online consumers purchased as a result of an email marketing message.

Data Marketing Association

Six Ways to Grow Your Brand

Marketing strategies that are highly targeted, monitored, optimized and relevant will help companies to grow their brand.

Here’re six ways that Klaviyo builds your brand:

  1. Create Brand Awareness – Sending out welcome, follow up, and personalized e-mail campaigns will create instant brand recognition. Automate your welcome or post-purchase email flows to keep your customers in the loop with new product promotions, sales, and upcoming events.

  2. Increase Your Customer Base Through Segmentation – One feature is Smart Send. For example, send out a flash sale promotion to one group while avoiding upsetting customers who already purchased at the higher price. You have tremendous control over the segmentation of your list, no more “spray and pray” email blasts.

  3. Integrates with Any Ecommerce Platform For Better Brand Experience – Klaviyo easily integrates with all platforms including enterprise-level platforms. Pre-built email flows reduce time to implement new campaigns. Your shoppers have a seamless experience whether on mobile or other devices.

  4. Leverage Customer Data – Increase customer engagement by automatically sending follow up emails to shoppers based on his or her actions.

  5. Increase Brand Loyalty – Create a consistent brand design using their library of proven templates to help increase recognition and trust. Experience fewer unsubscribes and a more receptive audience.

  6. Broaden Your Reach with Facebook Integration – Promote your brand on Facebook and reach new audiences that you can’t reach with email alone. Combine traditional email marketing with Facebook’s Custom and Lookalike Audiences. You’ll be surprised how many of your “dead leads” will rediscover your brand and become new customers.

Email Marketing Encourages Long-Term Brand Loyalty

Segmented email marketing provides the best method of achieving direct and consistent contact between the customer and the brand. Klaviyo makes it possible for brands to integrate their marketing across multiple communication channels.

Continuous interaction using targeted email campaigns over many months builds loyalty through familiarization. By personalizing the campaign using dynamic data to send the right solution or product at the right time, customers stay interested and purchase more often.

Test Drive It

Before you jump from your current ESP, try it first. With the free version, marketers can send up to 500 emails to a maximum of 250 contacts. You can access many of its features such as automated e-mails, reporting, integration, newsletter, and others. Find out if the features and functionalities will work for you with a Free Trial of Klaviyo and see if it fits your needs.

Learn more by requesting a Klaviyo Expert Consultation.

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