Vital Klaviyo Email Marketing Analytics to Track

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By Gavin Write
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If you shot a cannon at night, how would you know if you hit the target? You wouldn’t unless you had a way to track the cannonball. It’s the same with email. Your emails are shooting in the dark if you don’t know what happens after sending them.

To track how those emails are working, Klaviyo provides multiple data points for every email sent. The information is invaluable to improving your email marketing efforts because you will know when you hit the target, whether you missed, and why you missed.

This post will run down the email analytics you need to watch in Klaviyo.

What Is Klaviyo Email Marketing?

Klaviyo is an Email Service Provider (ESP) where anyone can send email messages to recipients who have opted-in or agreed to receive them. Typically, email marketers offer products or services through eCommerce platforms like Shopify or BigCommerce, and Klaviyo integrates with those platforms.

Klaviyo’s email system allows marketers to track customer behavior and use the information to send out personalized emails that speak directly to individuals or segmented groups. Marketers can set up messages or email flows addressing specific issues such as abandoned carts, new promotions, orders, and shipping information, to name a few.

The benefit of using Klaviyo is its ability to provide marketers with detailed information, or analytics, on the status of every email. To learning more about Klaviyo email marketing, check out this resource on how Klaviyo grows brands. 

Keep Your Eye On These Analytics

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The go-to metric of email marketing is the conversion rate. A conversion can be a sale or a sign-up depending on the goal. However, the mail must make it to the inbox before there can be conversions.

Deliverability Rates and Associated Analytics

These are the essential analytics to watch during any email campaign.

      • Bounce Rates – This is the number of emails not delivered. There are two types, a hard bounce, and a soft bounce. A hard bounce is permanent. It’s caused by a wrong address or from being blocked. A soft bounce indicates a short-term issue like a file that’s too large, the inbox is full, or the server went down. Rates higher than 3% are a concern.

    • Click Rate - The total number of times people clicked a link or image in an email. Knowing which link or image people clicked most is essential to improving future conversions.

      • Delivery Rate – This is the ratio of emails that made it to an inbox.

    • Open Rates – This is one of the most critical analytics. It tells you how effective or relevant the subject lines are and the percentage of people who clicked to open them.

    • Spam Rate – The spam rate is the percentage of people who complained about your message being spam. It’s important to monitor this rate because high spam rates over 0.08% can affect your ability to send emails.

  • Unsubscribe Rates – If people opt out of your emails frequently, ensure that everyone on your list opted-in and that your form is GDPR-compliant.

While the above analytics should give an excellent overview of any email campaign, other analytics can help provide deeper insight.

Additional Essential Email Marketing Analytics
    • Sent – All other analytics rely on this one figure, the total number of all emails sent in each flow or campaign

    • Clickthrough Rate (CTR) – This is the percentage of people who clicked on a link in an email.

There are more granular analytics, but you’ll have more successful campaigns and flows if you begin by monitoring these numbers closely.

Monitoring Customer Behavior for Better Segmentation

Klaviyo Customer Behavior Segmentation Graphic With Image Of Credit Card Checkout

A significant advantage of Klaviyo’s platform is the ability to segment an email list. It can collect customer behavior data when browsing and shopping. This knowledge lets marketers send highly targeted and relevant messages at the right moment. Marketers need to know the two types of behavior: engagement and purchasing. Engaged customers visit, browse, and buy. Their purchases reveal how much they spend and how often.

For more information on creating email lists for marketing campaigns, check out this resource on Klaviyo email marketing lists. 

Engaged & Unengaged Customer Segmentation

When sending emails, you want to send to an engaged audience. Unengaged people have not opened your emails within three to six months and should be removed from your list to improve deliverability.

Klaviyo makes it easy to set up an engaged email list using filters. For example, a filter would be, “Customers who have clicked or opened an email at least once over 30 days.”

They have seven primary segments to categorize customers:

  1. Cross-Sell Segment

  2. Location-Based Segment

  3. Item and Brand-Specific Segment

  4. Engagement Tier Segment

  5. Churn Risk Segment

  6. Average Order Value Segment

  7. Holiday Shoppers Segment

Inside the Klaviyo dashboard, you’ll find multiple filters for more advanced segmentation under each segment. Marketers can set up numerous filters that are either exclusive for more targeted campaigns or inclusive for higher volume.

Use Email Analytics To Drive More Sales

Klaviyo provides all the analytics to guide and improve your email marketing. Analytics tell a story about your customers, what they like, and whether you connect with them. If you need help setting up Klaviyo and using the analytics to your advantage, Klaviyo Academy has free training. If you prefer a hands-off approach, contact us to manage your Klaviyo emails for you.

If you are new to the platform, start today with a Free Trial of Klaviyo to see if its features and analytics functionalities will work for your business. 

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