Klaviyo Marketing Automations & How They Boost Brands

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There's no doubt that the more personalized marketing emails are, the bigger the impact they have on the reader. How big of an impact? Well, the figures speak for themselves, focusing on personalization in your eCommerce brand strategy typically increases marketing spend efficiency by up to 30%, as well as lowering cost per acquisition (CPA) by as much as 50% and boosting revenues by between 5-15%.

71% of Online Customers Expect a Personalized Experience From Brands the Buy From

When an eCommerce brand launches, offering a personalized email marketing experience for every customer can be time-consuming, but it's doable. However, as that brand grows, achieving personalization at scale can be nigh-on impossible. 

So, how to build eCommerce brand growth with personalization in a sustainable way? That's where Klaviyo marketing automation comes in very useful, as they make light work of this task, ensuring that the right messaging is sent to the right customer at precisely the right time.


Why Klaviyo Marketing Automation Is a Vital Part of Any eCommerce Brand Strategy

Marketing automation exists to take the legwork out of offering personalized shopping experiences, however, how it's set up is crucial. There is very much a right and a wrong way to do things. 

For example, let's take a look at how setting it up wrong might look.

A customer buys a laptop from an online electronics store after receiving a compelling offer via a marketing email. A few hours later, instead of a confirmation message, an automated abandoned cart email arrives in their inbox saying, "Did you forget something?" 

Having rightly assumed the transaction was complete, the customer gets worried and thinks something has gone awry with their order. They then have to call customer service to check. Naturally, this does not leave a positive impression of the retailer in the buyer's mind. 

The customer may just be annoyed, but the worst-case scenario is a subscriber that no longer wants to open future emails from the marketer.

So, clearly, marketing automation is no guarantee of success, as the right behavior-triggered emails need to be sent at the most opportune time. When your eCommerce brand agency uses the right approach, the implementation of hyper-targeted Klaviyo email and SMS messages that enhance the experience is made easy. 

Conversely, when done wrong, you risk alienating customers and losing business. The good news is that Klaviyo marketing automation help to streamline workflows and drive repeat sales.


Why eCommerce Brands Need Klaviyo Marketing Automations

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Before we cast an eye over some of the most powerful Klaviyo marketing automation an eCommerce brand agency can leverage for success, we first look at the reasons why they're a must-have.


Modern Customers Expect a Personalized Experience

According to a report by McKinsey & Company, almost ¾ of online customers expect a highly-personalized experience from the interaction they have with brands. Moreover, around the same number get annoyed and frustrated when it's not offered.

As such, if you want your eCommerce brand strategy to build credibility with potential customers, SMS and email marketing messages need to be well-timed and relevant in addition to being engaging and informative. Klaviyo marketing automation makes this possible, as it has unique customer data at its base that allows each message to be tailored to every customer.


Scalable Personalization Made Possible

Of course, the fact that email automation allows for personalization at scale is not exactly news to experienced marketers. However,  41% of eCommerce execs stated that they're unable to implement these important techniques, according to a recent study conducted by research firm BWG Strategy.

Klaviyo marketing automation is able to bridge this gap and ensure that customers get relevant, personalized messages no matter how fast a brand grows.


The Necessary Legwork is Taken Care Of

One of the most appealing features of Klaviyo marketing automation is the ability to build it, set it, and forget it. That means eCommerce brand agency marketers can deliver consistently meaningful buying experiences to their customers without the need to constantly carry out all the necessary work manually.

All the core elements of the customer journey can be configured so as to enable messages to be sent at all times of the day. The usual legwork required for this kind of marketing approach is taken care of, making it ideal for time-poor business owners.


Returns of Over $5 for Every Dollar Spent

Perhaps the most compelling reason to consider Klaviyo marketing automation is the effect it can have on your bottom line. Not only does it typically result in a 450% increase in qualified leads, but also a return of around $5 for every dollar spent. 

When applied to a Klaviyo email eCommerce brand strategy, automations deliver improved conversion rates and click rates, as well as increased opening rates and revenue per customer. 

Now we have a better understanding of the why, let's now move on to the how as we examine some of the most powerful Klaviyo automations available to eCommerce operators.


Powerful Klaviyo Automations that Drive Omnichannel Engagement

The Two Samples Of Segment Settings From The Klaviyo Marketing Automation Are Being Demonstrated By Two Klaviyo Experts In The Office.

There's no single approach to marketing automation, as every business is unique. That said, there are some core essentials that should be part of every business's eCommerce brand strategy. Built to drive real omnichannel engagement, here are some must-have automations to include.


Trust-Building Welcome Series Emails

First impressions count, as they say, and your welcome email flows are typically the first point of interaction with prospective customers. At this moment in time, the subscriber will have just joined your list, and their enthusiasm will be at its highest.

This is a marketer's opportunity to create a foundation of trust and develop positive brand sentiment and awareness. As such, your welcome email series should be exciting, full of value and offer links to your other social media channels.

Klaviyo Marketing Expert Tip:  Offer your best sales pitch and as many shopping opportunities as possible, as well as testimonials and reviews to build trust.


Cart Abandonment Series Emails

More than 50% of online shoppers in the US leave their shopping carts without buying due to either not being ready or because they're simply browsing. This huge marketing segment can be tapped into with Klaviyo marketing automation that reclaims otherwise lost sales.

The question of how to build eCommerce brand growth is greatly addressed with this simple yet effective marketing technique. 

Klaviyo Marketing Expert Tip: Staged abandoned cart emails tend to work better than single one-off messages. Send a friendly reminder after 2 hours, another offering a discount or incentive after 24 hours, and a third to request feedback about why they didn't buy. At the very least, you may get some useful insight into how to improve.


Browse Abandonment Series Emails

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In a similar way to abandon cart emails, browse abandonment emails - those that are triggered when someone views a product page but doesn't purchase - can guide shoppers back to your eCommerce site and, with a bit of luck, back to your store's checkout page.

Naturally, many browsers are just researching, so the conversion is pretty low when compared to abandoned cart flows. However, when your eCommerce brand agency combines both abandoned cart and browse abandonment flows, you get the best of both worlds. 

Klaviyo Marketing Expert Tip: Use Klaviyo's predictive analytics-based personalized product recommendations to offer the perception of ‘hand-picked’ products in your browse abandonment emails.


Post-Purchase Series Emails

The last important category of Klaviyo marketing automations is the post-purchase email series, which includes; thank you emails, review requests and order/shipping/deliver confirmations. 

Offering amazing opening rates, transactional emails like these offer a great opportunity to keep the customer relationship going. You don't have to just confirm a customer's order in these flows, meaning there's a chance to continue the conversation. 

Klaviyo Marketing Expert Tip: Requesting a review from a customer post-transaction creates authentic social proof with which to convince others to buy from you. Just don't send them until the customer has had time to receive and use the product.


Klaviyo Marketing Automations - Offering Customer Value & Increased Revenues

Marketing automation represents a powerful tool with which to attract and retain customers for eCommerce businesses. However, it needs to be done correctly because, as we've seen, the wrong tactics will simply serve to aggravate customers and drive them away.

When you're putting your eCommerce brand strategy into action, remember that the main goal of Klaviyo marketing automation is to deliver customer value. Use the automations we've covered as your base, and adjust your approach in line with your unique business goals. 

Do both, and you create the conditions for brand-new revenue streams, happy, well-served customers and ultimately, an improved bottom line.

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