Keeping Your Brand Afloat With Photo Sails

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By Gavin Write
A Disney Branded Sailboat Advertisement On Agency Website Featuring Mickey Mouse

What if thousands of people had an unobstructed view of your brand images along any waterfront or beach? Why not use a sailboat?

Advertising on sails is a beautiful way to expand your reach and spread the message of your brand. It also looks amazing on the blue water. As we know, nature, the sun, and bright colors improve our mood. When others are having a fun time and see the sail, they are likely to connect those feelings with your brand. You use an existing emotion to hook the audience to you.

You might be wondering how you can get started with such a unique form of advertising. Thankfully, there’s a great solution. To see the highest quality images ever printed on sailboat sails, look no further than Photo Sails.

Patented in 2003 (US Patent # 6,886,483) with additional international patents, Photo Sails provides high-resolution images in places that advertising never existed before, on sailboat sails! Being the only advertisement on the horizon of a seashore is unforgettable and effective advertising.

A Smart Media Buy

Photo Sails are photo-realistic images printed on sails and marine-related equipment. Marketers use them to target onlookers at nearshore events. They offer the most extensive mobile signage in any waterside marketplace. The high-quality impressions create a smart media buy and unique OOH branding.

Crocs Footwear began utilizing Photo Sails during its second year of production. They printed their logos and images on sails at boat shows and waterside markets along the entire east coast. This unregulated and highly visible mobile medium fits their client base perfectly.

Crocs used the floating platform to sell their footwear while creating the most massive signage everywhere they went. It was and still is, a home run media buy that the best event marketing companies use to create a buzz.

By utilizing ads on the water, you deal with very little competition. That’s like getting the only billboard on the highway or the only signage downtown. You have a bigger chance of getting someone’s attention and converting them into customers. As they see your brand on the water, they’ll learn about you and possibly take action.

National And International Exposure With No Permits Required

Photo Sails are available both nationally and internationally. Photo Sails establishes local marinas as “Port Towns” anywhere there are navigable waterways.

A set of Photo Sails can be shipped from market to market where they can be rigged to identical vessels. Swapping sails minimizes production fees while maximizing media exposure and ROI.

The beauty of this non-traditional OOH medium is that it’s unregulated. The sails are a functioning propulsive part of any vessel, so no permits are necessary.

You know just how difficult marketing and business can be with regulations and red tape. You have to pay for fees and spend more time to make it work. With an unregulated option, you can use the marketing tactic as much as you want! As you see positive results, you can increase your budget and continue to expand your reach and exposure for the brand.

Turnkey Branding Packages

Photo Sails are durable and last for years, which the company guarantees for the length of any contract. They also offer turn-key branding packages that include sails, vessel, captain, dockage, insurance, maintenance, catering, and even the fuel for the ship. Charter Barter packages can take dozens if not thousands of VIPs and guests sailing at no charge.

Photo Sails include everything necessary to carry out a successful ad campaign. Your company gets exposure to thousands of targeted attendees at hundreds of events, including air shows, beach concerts, sporting events, and much more. Your brand will be floating along hundreds of miles of highly visible beaches, bridges, and coastal highways.

When you start a partnership, it’s a deal maker when you know everything is handled for you. If you have to do all the work, hold all the risk, you feel like you are alone and it takes you away from the company. Photo Sails makes sure you are taken care of so that you can benefit from the results while you run your company. That’s huge, especially for a new marketing medium.

More Than Just Sails

Three Sailboats Competing With Each Other

Double-sided imaging allows for multiple products to be represented on either side of any Photo Sail. Ads always read correctly, never backward nor faded. However, you can put your brand on more than just sails:

  • Hull Wraps
  • Custom Buoy Markers
  • Sail Covers
  • Custom Event Tents
  • Flags and Pennants
  • Support Vehicle Wraps
  • Bar Boats
  • POS Display
  • Facility Signage

This gives you many options and flexibility to decide which one works for you and at what budget. With a diverse selection, you can find the right fit.

Unforgettable Branding Opportunities

Sailboat With Two Men In The Middle Of The Ocean

For a brand needing to raise awareness of an upcoming event or wanting to sponsor an on-site event, photo sails make a unique statement.

They attract millions of high-quality, direct line of sight impressions per month. Branding and design agencies create viral campaigns because people love to share high-quality Photo Sail images. They make stunning photo opportunities when the branded sails are close to shore in spectator-friendly areas.

Typically, the sails are the only advertisement within sight, making them highly visible and unforgettable. They are an excellent way to launch new brands and make a statement in exclusive waterfront areas. 

In the world of marketing, originality is gold. Something new and different automatically makes people stop and pay attention. Consumers deal with a lot of noise and media demanding their attention. Something exciting, like a beautiful sail on the water with an interesting brand, will make them consider you. 

Are you interested in promoting your brand on sails? It’s a great opportunity to try a unique strategy for extraordinary potential. With Photo Sails, and the right partner to develop your strategy, you can benefit from a rewarding campaign.

Contact Eventige, a media buying agency, to speak to our experts. We'll customize a media buying plan tailored to your brand and growth goals.

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