Keeping Your Brand Afloat With Photo Sails

2 min read

Photo Sails are the highest quality imaged sailboat sails in history. Patented in 2003 (US Patent # 6,886,483) with additional international patents, Photo Sails provides quality impressions in places that advertising never existed before. Being the only advertisement on the visible horizon is extremely effective, unavoidable, and unforgettable. Photo Sails are photo-realistic images on sailboat sails, which target near shore events, attain high-quality impressions for clients that need unique OOH branding efforts, and offer the largest mobile signage in any waterside marketplace.

Crocs Footwear began utilizing Photo Sails during their second year of production to brand boat shows and waterside markets along the entire east coast. This non-regulated and highly visible mobile medium fit their client base perfectly. Crocs used the floating platform to sell their footwear while creating the largest signage everywhere they went. These are exactly the types of homerun applications that the best event marketing companies use to create buzz.

  • Photo Sails are available nationally, and internationally, as most major marketplaces were originally established as “Port Towns” with navigable waterways.

  • The exclusive agreement with the largest manufacturer of sailboats in the America’s (Marlow Hunter).

  • One set of Photo Sails can be shipped from market to market where they can be rigged to identical vessels. This minimizes production fees while maximizing coverage.

  • This non-traditional OOH medium is unregulated since the sails are a functioning propulsive part of any vessel. No permits are necessary.

  • Photo Sails are durable and last for years, which the company guarantees for the length of any contract.

  • Turn-key branding packages that include sails, vessel, captain, dockage, insurance, maintenance, catering and even the fuel for the vessel.

  • Includes everything necessary to carry out a successful campaign and target hundreds of events and thousands of highly visible coastlines, bridges, air shows, beach concerts, sporting events, coastal roadways, and much more.

  • Free Public Relations packages that can take dozens if not thousands of VIPs and guests sailing at no charge.

  • Double sided imaging is available so products always read properly and never backward nor faded. This allows for multiple products to be represented on either side of any Photo Sail.

Whether a brand needs to raise awareness of an upcoming event, or wants to support a sponsors on-site at an event, photo sails make a unique statement while attaining millions of high quality, direct line of sight impressions per month. Branding and design agencies create viral campaigns because people love to share the high quality Photo Sail images. They make stunning photo opportunities when the branded sails are close to shore in spectator friendly areas.

Being highly visible, unavoidable, and unforgettable, makes this medium a proven way to launch new brands in exclusive areas. Especially when it is the only advertisement within sight. If you want to reach potential clients on a beach, then consider which way they are looking when sitting on the sand.