A Fresh Approach to Marketing Jewelry Online

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With the growing popularity of online shopping for jewelry in the last decade, it’s critical that every jewelry business has an online presence. However, that’s only the beginning. A study by McKinsey Company asserts that shopping for jewelry will become yet more competitive with a total of 12% of all sales generated through online channels by 2020.

That’s double the 6% online purchases of 2014. Jewelry marketing online is no longer an option for brick and mortar stores. After the Pandemic of 2020, online purchasing in all industries grew. People are living more online and at home than ever. This means more online shopping and marketing or jewelry.

The industry now needs to implement online solutions for the buyer’s journey. It needs to market online and know how to communicate with people on the internet. People should be able to purchase easily. And the industry needs to know how to remove barriers like how some people may want to try on the jewelry in person before making a final decision. Together, marketers and brands can develop a powerful form of jewelry online marketing.

How can you enhance your jewelry sales opportunities in this quickly developing space of eCommerce?

Here are some techniques with proven ROI to promote your jewelry business online, draw more customers to your storefront and rapidly increase your revenue.

Online Success Begins With Your Website

A successful jewelry store consists of more than just pretty pictures. It requires detailed web development and design so your visitors can find what they want and checkout with ease on any device. Page load times must be lightning fast, especially for mobile. If it is just a few seconds longer, you could lose many customers. In short, the customer experience must be first class.

Here are four essential components of a great jewelry store website.

1. Clear Navigation Menu

Help your customers narrow their search and find what they want by incorporating an internal site search engine. It will have useful filters to direct them to the items they like quickly.

Along with primary categories, you can add “What’s New” or “Favorites” category to keep repeat customers engaged. Use drop-down menus from the main category titles to keep the page uncluttered.

You are directing traffic. If people get lost, they are more likely to leave your website and never return. You want to make things seamless, and very easy. People should look forward to visiting your website, not feel like it is a chore.

2. Great a Product Gallery

Shoppers need time to browse and visualize each piece of jewelry before they buy. That’s why a product gallery is critical.

Your gallery should contain only highly detailed and professional images. It must be up to date and accurate with your inventory.

Organize the gallery into categories and sub-categories for easy navigation. For example, “Earrings” may have sub-categories of “Long, “Hoops,” “Studs,” “Diamond,” or other listings pertinent to your store.

Keep your gallery uniform in both the size and the backgrounds of the images. Too much variation will make your site look disorganized and confusing.

Think of your images from the perspective of the customer. They probably want to see things from different angles, positions, and with different models. What does a ring look like when someone is casually talking? Or when they are using their phone? What about different physical body builds? Someone with the same hair color or ethnic group? Customers are trying to imagine themselves with the jewelry. Make it easy by providing a diverse selection of images.

Decide which looks best and arrange product images horizontally or vertically, but not both. Consistency is the key when viewing product images and for the site overall.

3. Better Mobile Experience

Did you know that during the 2018 Holiday shopping season, 40% of all online purchases came from cellphones? Statistically, the majority of visitors search using their phones. 79% of people with smartphones made at least one purchase in the last six months.

However, 32.3% of visitors will abandon a website if it takes 7 seconds or longer to load. Be sure each page of your site loads rapidly, looks great, and is simple to navigate on the phone. Review your site from a phone when optimizing the site’s pages.

Today, designers are starting to develop a website that is mobile-first. Instead of designing a website for a computer and then converting it to do well on a phone, they do it the other way around. As time goes on, more people use their phones and there will come a day when the majority of people will experience their first impression of your brand on a small screen.

Mobile responsiveness is critical for jewelry sales.

4. Clear Call to Action

Each page on your website has an objective with a specific action that you want the visitor to take. Regardless of the action, state it clearly on all pages. Checkout buttons and other CTA’s should be highly visible and use a keyword such as “Buy Earrings,” not “Click Here.”

Imagine your visitors as four lanes of cars moving fast onto your website. You are directing that traffic and if they don’t know where to turn, you’ll lose out on conversions. Be very clear on your pages of what the next step is.

Also, make sure to state the obvious. Too often, brands promote a product but fail to say things like “buy now” and only leave information about it. If you don’t say it, it won’t happen (as much).

To summarize your jewelry website needs to look classy, organized, and professional. It needs to load fast and be mobile responsive.

Search Engine Optimization

Both on-page and off-page eCommerce SEO companies remain the driving force behind organic traffic. Relevant keywords and metadata are critical to both search engines and human visitors finding what they want inside your pages.

Page rank is the deciding factor in delivering search traffic to a site. Bing reports that websites appearing on the first page of search results get 42% of the traffic, the second page gets 11% and the third receives only 8%. Additionally, showing up on the first page of search results translates into more visibility and traffic.

Companies see hundreds of thousands of dollars differences with page ranking. If they fall back one, they see a major decrease in revenue. If they are a top choice, their entire business changes. Page rank is a powerful component of your brand.

Keep descriptions simple and to the point. Understand what your shoppers want and use the words and phrases they use to find your products.

Email Marketing

Email marketing yields one of the highest ROI of any marketing channel. VentureBeat reports email generates an ROI of $38 for every $1 spent. If you are beginning an email marketing campaign, you may think it’s easy to purchase a targeted email list and blast them out.

However, it’s a big waste of resources, and you can run into a host of legal problems with spam traps and other pitfalls. Doing email marketing wrong can even get your site banned.

Use professionals with experience in your industry. They will guide you toward the right solutions and avoid the problems.

The best list is the one you build organically through visitor and customer sign-ups. For instance, you can incorporate a newsletter signup form on your website. Explain to your visitors that in exchange for their email address, you’ll send them store news, updates, and special offers.

Building an organic list may take a bit longer, but your open rates, engagement, and conversions will be much better than with a cold list.

Social Media Marketing

Social influencer marketing has garnered a reputation for being a reliable way of effortlessly communicating with your audience. Sprout Social indicates that 48% of customers feel that being responsive on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. is the most vital action a brand can take regarding their decision to buy. Instagram has become an excellent way for jewelers to showcase their latest creations and collections.

Multi-channels of Marketing Jewelry Online

Managing the many marketing channels to keep the pipeline full of shoppers takes skill, persistence, and the right tools. Full-service marketing firms can keep up with all channels as well as trends in the way people shop for jewelry online.

If you need assistance, we can help. As a leading full-service marketing agency, Eventige has the experience and expertise to help you improve your jewelry business’s online reach.

Contact us today to get a no-obligation customized quote for your online jewelry marketing solutions.

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