Clear Hurdles in International eCommerce Shipping Challenges

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Are you ready to take your business to the next level by processing international orders? If you are an enterprise-level operation, it’s inevitable. Global retail eCommerce sales in 2017 were over $2.3 billion and are estimated to double by 2021.

The online retail world is shrinking as more shoppers become comfortable with buying internationally. eCommerce retailers are exploring various ways to add global ecommerce fulfillment companies to bid on their international expansion and provide options for meeting these requirements. Yet, many hurdles still exist. In fact, setting up an international infrastructure can prove very costly and complicated.

Increasingly, (international and local) governments are looking to ways they can tax cross-border e-commerce, and that’s making things a little more complicated.

Philip Rooke, CEO, Spreadshirt

If you’re thinking about offering global shipping, then services like GlobalShopex are a great shipping solution. In this post, we’re going to take a look at the features and benefits of GlobalShopex, to help you determine if it’s a fit for your business. As a marketing agency that specializes in eCommerce, we are constantly taking part in meetups and panel events that talk about scaling businesses, ERP process design, and eCommerce logistics optimizations. As a result, our teams have been invited to test and participate in a variety of programs such as testing GlobalShopex on our Enterprise Merchants operations, and everything has shown positive lift and advancement in sales.

What Are the Main Problems of International eCommerce?

Traditionally, online sellers turning their attention to international markets have faced many problems. Here are the six key hurdles facing multi-national retailers:

  1. Fraud Screening - Fraud costs international retailers billions of dollars every year. One estimate sites an average of 7.6% of all retail revenue is stolen by fraud. The issue of verifying customer identities and payment details compound with every country added to your list.

  2. Multilingual Customer Services - Customers require support in local languages.

  3. Returns Management - Returns also require international postage, third-party services, and potentially local warehouses. Plus, duties and customs can further complicate matters.

  4. Customs Brokerage - An extensive body of laws, regulations, and guidelines come into play when importing and exporting goods. Compliance is an absolute necessity.

  5. Duties and Taxes - Shipping to foreign countries can involve a complex system of duties, taxes, and logistics fees, all of which need to be tracked and paid.

  6. International Payment Processing - Finally, there’s the issue of processing foreign payments, offering multiple currency options, and dealing with a range of third-party payment services such as currency exchange.

All these issues can quickly bog down your fulfillment and sales if you don’t have systems in place to manage them. GlobalShopex was designed to aid retailers by handling all the areas of international shipping and retailing.

Solving Cross-Border Commerce Issues

GlobalShopex is the solution for eCommerce retailers that want to process international orders. Their key services include:

  • Global payment processing

  • Multi-language customer support

  • Access to U.S.-based fulfillment centers for international shipping

  • Country-specific checkout features like language and currency options

  • Logistics management, including duties, returns, and fraud screening

You can see more details about all of these features, including their handling of returns, by booking a demo with GlobalShopex.

What Are the Main Benefits of GlobalShopex?

The process underlying this service is a relatively simple one.

International visitors add products to a store’s cart in the same way as local customers. When checking out, they are prompted to select the international payment option which transfers them to GlobalShopex’s cart. They then process the order and ship it from one of their international warehouse hubs located in Miami or Los Angeles.

Some of the standout benefits include:

  • Quick set-up time, usually between one and two weeks.

  • Fully inclusive service for handling all aspects of international shipping.

  • Fast integration with Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce.

  • Limitation of risk associated with foreign taxes, regulations, and shipping costs.

  • Access to competitive international shipping rates.

  • Full customer support.

Soccer (football) is truly an international sport, and we needed to accommodate the increasing amount of traffic coming to our website from international locations. We found GlobalShopex to be the lowest cost and fastest to implement solution in the marketplace. Our international shopping cart solution was live less than two weeks from the time we started implementing.

Brian Yossef, COO at

Add International Shipping for Virtually No Extra Cost

There is no cost to integrate GlobalShopex into your sales platform, and there are no reoccurring fees. They charge a percentage of the sale which lowers your overall fulfillment costs and streamlines your shipping processes.

GlobalShopex is a Certified BigCommerce Partner, and it integrates with all of the established eCommerce platforms. They accept payments with any of eleven payment gateways such as PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, and AliPay.

Their Cart2Cart, iFrame, and Web Service allow you to take orders from over 200 countries. The system then handles brokerage, duty, and tax payments as well as accepts payments using local languages and currencies. You receive all payments in $USD. You can see answers to an extensive set of standard queries on their FAQ page.

Want to Know More?

To book a demo you can contact the eCommerce web development team at Eventige, and we will set up a direct demo.

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