Interactive Brand Activation In Event Marketing

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A Man Looking At An Interactive Advertisement Of An Ultrabook At An Experiential Brand Marketing Event

Gone are the days of stand-up banners and simple marketing materials. With today’s ever-evolving technology, savvy event goers are thirsty for more robust and engaging experiences.

Monster Media is a digital out-of-home leader specializing in interactive event solutions. From multi-touch interactive video walls to mobile-tour trucks and even social media integration, interactive footprints provide event marketing with a platform above traditional event elements.

It’s no secret consumers love to get their hands on something, to interact, to be a part of the experience. Why not take these insights and take advantage of them at events? Monster Media not only offers clients the platforms to make this happen, but the programming to bring their ideas to life.

Monster develops custom interactive experiences based off client objectives and goals ranging from informational content designed to educate attendees, to gamification made to engage and entertain.

Event Marketing Agency Photo Of Despicable ME 2 Photo Booth

The Element of Touch

Monster Media recently partnered with Florida Blue to activate a plethora of interactive footprints as part of the healthcare provider’s statewide tour.

PODs and multi-touch interactive video walls were strategically peppered through event spaces to engage event goers, foster participation with the brand and, most importantly, encourage future communication.

Interactive charging stations allowed attendees to charge their mobile devices while helping brand ambassadors secure extended interaction time to reinforce brand communication and messaging. Outdoor photo booths engaged attendees through a fun photo-taking experience they could share out virally with their friends and family.

2 Women Using An Outdoor Photo Booth

Throughout a handful of events, solutions such as the outdoor photo booths and charging stations recorded more than 2,800 brand activations with more than 1,200 email address submissions—all emails Florida Blue now has in it’s database for their marketing and lead generation teams to leverage for follow up communication.

Monster’s Social Media Engine also aggregated user-generated content from various social media outlets to display positive brand messaging at one of their signature events at the Florida Classic. Attendees could see their messages displayed on various screens throughout the event - including the jumbotron!

The platform utilizes real-time moderation and filtering of all messages and ultimately allows brands/clients the ability to curate and control the messages displayed. This offered the assurance all content would be approved and safe for public display.

Event Success from a Client’s Perspective

Imagine wrapping up an event and providing a client with a full metrics report outlining what talking points drew most attendee attention. Now, take that one step further. Backend programming is able to tie an attendee’s email address (if submitted to the system, of course) to a particular messaging element. Other benefits to utilizing interactive event solutions include:

  • Unique on-site sponsorship and advertising opportunities for primary clients

  • Increased event and brand awareness through social media marketing outreach

  • Real-time attendee engagement through social media

  • Minimizing perceived wait time throughout event space

Event Marketing Photo Booth With Man Taking A Selfie In Exchange For Sample Product

Possibilities are endless when it comes to interactive displays and the event space. As consumers become more and more comfortable, and clients become more familiar with this technology, interactive solutions can be expanded further in other activation areas.

The education community is already seeing some expansion with Microsoft’s Perspective Pixel devices. Conferences, annual meetings and panels are other areas where interactive have strong potential to enhance event goer experience. You can also expand your footprint with floor decals advertising your brand.

From mobile-controlled discussion panels to leveraging user-generated social media content as communication points, there’s certainly a lot that can be done to enrich these events and many more.

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