Inflatable Experiential Zones Pop-Up Everywhere


Wouldn’t it be great to set up your event fast?

Inflatable structures are the modern way to create a branded space in a hurry.

Whether this space is needed indoors or outdoors, for corporate or consumer purposes ‘we’ve got it covered’. Our inflatable units can be hired on a short or long term basis, or they can be sold directly to the brand and deployed by a field marketing team / experiential agency in just minutes.

The inflatable structures can be packed down to fit into a small vehicle and moved from one location to another with ease.

Today it is more important than ever for brands to engage directly with their prospective customers. Brands can no longer rely on the people coming to them; they must take the brand out to where the consumers spend time.

Our rapidly deployed Inflatable Structures provide experiential activation points so that brands can raise awareness and engage with the public quickly, and without a hassle of setup.

Not Just For Consumer Brands

Experiential activities are the perfect driver for corporate businesses to promote their products to their own staff.

Cisco Systems wanted their sales force to push their new Borderless Networks much harder to their client base and needed their staff to have a greater awareness and understanding of the key features and benefits.

In turn, Each Wednesday for 8 weeks, an Inflatable Luna Structure was deployed in the main reception area of their corporate HQ in London. Promotional A-boards were set up and plasma screens educated the staff.

Then, the Cisco staff played a Nintendo WI Olympics competition to win a major prize at the end of the 8 rounds. All the graphics tied in to their existing activities as a London 2012 Olympics Sponsor.

The entire set-up was seamless and quick!

Why Use an Inflatable Structure?

  • ‘Time is Money’ – an Inflatable unit can be ready for use in just 30 minutes.
  • No expensive crew required as the promotional team can deploy it themselves.
  • Easily transported to numerous locations using just a small vehicle (car).
  • A flexible solution for use both inside and out e.g. Shopping mall concourse / car park.
  • Hire or buy services can tailor this solution to fit all budgets and campaign periods.
  • Clients can choose from our extensive range of shapes and sizes or have a bespoke unit.
  • Branding is easy using overwraps / low tack vinyl or a custom build.
  • Add some Led uplighters for an outstanding glow effect.
  • No external rigging makes this  a far safer  solution and Not a hazard.
  • Deploy on all surfaces; Grass, Concrete, Tiled Floors or Carpeted Areas.

The Time for Change is NOW

Inflatable Structures are the future today. They are popping up at Exhibitions, Sports Events, Shopping Malls, Music and Film Festivals.

They are reusable, which means they fit nicely into your brand’s Green Policies and will last for years and provide a great ROI. Rapid build-up times allows brands to be reactive when it is necessary, and proactive all the time.

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