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Each year, eCommerce brands lose $18 billion in sales for one reason: cart abandonment. These are all cases in which, for whatever reason, a shopper begins to browse and then leaves the site without heading for the checkout and making a purchase. 

Typically, you can’t get these shoppers back. In many instances, it’s out of the question - such as when a shopper switches between digital devices or isn’t logged in to a verifiable personal account on the eCommerce site they’re looking at. 

With, you can get all of the types of shoppers mentioned above back to your store and across the finish line, resulting in revenue growth that literally sounds too good to be true.  Over 2,000 brands are already seeing increased abandonment revenue using 

So, join us as we look at how the platform works and its many useful features that open you up to entirely new audiences.


The Challenges Overcomes

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One of the main ways in which Shopify eCommerce store owners typically overcome the issue of abandoned carts is through the use of email flows. As such, when someone fails to complete their purchase, an email is triggered to remind customers of the fact. 

The issue is that unless shoppers are logged into Shopify - and you know who they are - you're not going to be able to send that abandoned cart email flow. That's essentially a customer lost, and the figures show that 3 times out of 10, they'll go on to buy from one of your competitors.


Switching Devices Also Causes Problems

Cross-device shopping has become increasingly popular in recent years, which also causes problems for abandoned cart email flows. When they're triggered, emails of this kind will contain a link to lead customers back to your store, but if the same device isn't used, that link is sometimes broken.

Rather than resulting in a saved sale, this disjointed service reinforces the wisdom of their initial decision not to buy from you. That particular customer is gone forever. Gets Customers Like These Back allows direct-to-customer (DTC) eCommerce brands to leverage the power of data and keep these customers onboard. Alongside existing abandoned cart revenues, the platform's innovative features open up three entirely new audiences.

  • Reclaim Browse Abandonments - an extra 40% of website visitors coming to your website and bouncing can be identified by the platform. These emails are then passed directly onto your Klaviyo browse abandonment flow. 

  • Resolve Cart Abandonments -’s abandoned-cart tool helps to identify anonymous cart abandoners and trigger personalized email/SMS flows. The result is 4-5x more abandoned cart emails being sent.

  • Meta Persistent Customers - another rich resource to be leveraged are Meta-persistent audiences from Instagram and Facebook. After Apple's 2022 changes that limited the ability of apps to track users, Meta persistent audiences only last for 24 hours, while with, they last forever.

To clarify things further, let's take a look at how this industry-leading platform works in practice.


How Creates Revenue Opportunities is able to identify email addresses belonging to anonymous website visitors by decoding device ID and cookie data. Pretty much every website you'll encounter online will use cookies in some shape or form, and in most cases, this data is directly encoded with your email address. 

For instance, after signing up for most types of services online, you'll enter your email, which is added to a database that's identified by your browser cookies. is able to decode this cookie data into verified email addresses from anonymous customers by leveraging said databases. 

As an eCommerce business owner, enjoying these new audiences involves just a short, step-by-step process to integrate the function into your Shopify or other eCommerce stores.

  • Step #1 - A small code snippet provided by is placed on your website

  • Step #2 - identifies the cookies of anyone visiting your store and finds them in a 3rd-party cookie database

  • Step #3 - That email address is decoded from the cookie and added to your email address

Due to the AN-SPAM Act, it's not necessary to obtain an opt-in before sending emails to these customers. All that's required is to include an Unsubscribe or Opt-Out link within the message.


Seamless Integrations into a Wide Range of eCommerce Platforms

While we've mentioned Shopify and Klaviyo once or twice during this article, they're far from the only eCommerce platforms with which integrates. You’ll get a dedicated team member to guide you throughout the process, with 100+ integrations available that include:

  • Shopify Plus
  • Salesforce
  • Attentive
  • Iterable
  • Bronto
  • Cordial

Setup can be achieved easily within 30 minutes after onboarding, meaning you can connect to any email marketing service at lightning speed. Its Automatic Suppression feature ensures you never pay for contacts acquired from another source, and Advanced Filtering organizes your contacts by a range of metrics, such as State, URL, or landing page/email domain.


How Much Does It Cost to Enjoy the Benefits of

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So, how much of your budget does take up? Well, that depends on the package you decide to sign up for. The available options are structured as follows:

  • The Startup Package - The Startup option is priced at a minimum of $500 per month. It comes with an annual commitment, as well as a 60-day pilot period, and a 60-dayOpt Out option. This package gives you 3,000 Monthly Audience Credits (MACs) with which to win back those lost sales and’s excellent customer support. 

  • The Grow Package - The next step up is the Grow Package, which is priced at $1,500 per month and offers 7,500 monthly MACs. 

  • The Scale Package - The most popular choice with customers is the Scale Package, which costs $5k per month and offers 30k MACs in addition to unlimited Meta Persistent Audience Credits (MPACs). This service also comes with a dedicated customer success rep, Delivery Support and a Quarterly Business Overview.

    You also get white-glove onboarding and a service that costs eCommerce operators 4 cents per lead. 

  • The Unlimited Package - The top option is the Unlimited Package which is priced at $10k per month and as its name suggests, all your MACs and MPACs are unlimited, with the same dedicated support provided as part of the Scale Package.

Clearly, the option you choose will depend on the size of your operation, however, all of the above offer an enormous opportunity to create meaningful levels of extra revenue.


Brand Success Stories With

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If you’re looking for real-world examples of how has helped eCommerce brands to drive extra revenue in the way we’ve described, we’ve got what you’re looking for. More than 2,000 eCommerce brands are already using their services to great effect. Here are a couple of brands that took their results to another level:

Case Study: Legion Athletics - Anyone who’s interested in sports performance will know all about Legion - the world’s largest brand of all-natural sports supplements. The company used the innovative abandoned cart & anonymous visitor functionality to achieve some dazzling results. delivered:

  • $116,000 in Incremental Value
  • 8x Return on Investment
  • 45% Engagement Rate has been an instrumental part of driving incremental revenue from our email marketing. It’s easy to set up, there’s no commitment & it begins generating income the moment you turn it on!” - Legion’s Director of Website Marketing

Case Study: Dr. Squatch - As the US’s biggest men’s natural personal care brand, Dr. Squatch has redefined the way men approach hygiene products. With a view to driving revenue and increasing its subscriber list, the brand used and the outcome was staggering. delivered:

  • $1m Increase in Black Friday/Cyber Monday (BFCM) revenue
  • is now Dr. Squatch’s #1 generative email flow source
  • 50x Return on Investment

We really wanted to deliver a successful Black Friday/Cyber Monday period and we knew that having a larger list size in advance of that would be an advantage to converting those potentially warm customers at a very high-value moment for them.

Within less than three months we saw a huge transformative outcome… it was our number one generative flow in our email system“ - VP of Marketing, Dr. Squatch


Open Up a World of Additional Revenue With

Is something that can help your eCommerce marketing? The information we’ve covered here surely points toward the affirmative. It’s proven to be highly effective for all sizes of operators from smaller online stores, right up to enterprise-level retailers. 

Every time an anonymous visitor leaves your website without you knowing who they are or what their email address is - you lose a sale. In the highly competitive world, we live in today, these are opportunities that shouldn’t be missed. 

With a quick and easy startup and an ocean of additional revenue to be had, it’s never been simpler to access it for your eCommerce business. Do so and you could be the platform’s next success story. 

Learn more about here.

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