How Much Does a BigCommerce Website Cost?

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By Gavin Write
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Asking what a BigCommerce website costs is overly simplistic. It’s like asking, “How much does a Mercedes cost?” Many variables and options affect the final price.

BigCommerce provides merchants with the tools and functionalities to build a branded online store. The BigCommerce platform is easy to use and responsive to all devices. It’s an all-in-one cloud-based solution, offering all the capabilities you need to run your eCommerce business efficiently. BigCommerce provides eCommerce businesses with a flexible system to help them scale their business faster. 

They offer four tiers of pricing with increasing levels of support covering eCommerce businesses from startups to enterprise retailers grossing over $1 million in sales.

Let’s review the actual BigCommerce cost for each plan to determine which is the right choice for your business. Also plan for the support of a BigCommerce expert team to help you plan, design, and activate the process of starting on or migrating into BigCommerce.

Pricing for BigCommerce

They offer four straightforward pricing plans based on sales volume. You’ll be able to find one based on your current need.

  • Standard- $29.95/mo. – from $0 to $50k

  • Plus- $79.95/mo. – from $50k to $150k

  • Pro- $249.95/mo. – up to $400k*(*+$150/mo. for each additional $200k up to $1m).

  • Enterprise– Customized per customer.

You’ll be automatically upgraded and charged accordingly once you reach the next level in sales. Tier levels use a calculation based on the annual online sales on a trailing 12-month basis.

What Do These Four Plans Have In Common?

The Standard and Plus plans offer everything a new online store needs to get started. All plans include everything in the Standard Plan such as:

  • No transaction fees

  • Unlimited products, file storage, and bandwidth

  • Unlimited staff accounts

  • Integrates with all sales channels including social media platforms, branded online stores

  • POS, and Google shopping

  • 14 additional features including responsive website, professional reporting tools, and abandoned cart saver to name a few

  • 24/7 live agent support

To discover all the details of the plans, check out their pricing page.

What Are The Advantages Of The Pro and Enterprise Plans?

Once you have your store running like a Swiss watch, it’s time to add more control, security, and profitability with the two higher plans. You’ll automatically upgrade to the Pro plan when you achieve the $150,000 milestone.

Pro Plan Features

Beginning with the Pro plan, merchants have a special lowered PayPal credit card rate of 2.2% + $0.30¢ per transaction. That’s a 0.7% decrease from the Standard plan for a savings of $1,050 on $150,000 in sales.

Another feature is a faceted search. It gives customers the opportunity to search your store using filters to find what they want faster. Many BigCommerce developers see up to a 10% improvement in conversions by adding this feature to their stores.

The Pro Plan lets you add Google reviews to your product. UGC (User Generated Content) is a powerful marketing tool, just like influencer agency promotions with Instagram. According to Google, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, and 25% of searches for the world’s top 20 brands come through UGC links.

Security plays a significant role in any online store. All plans include a dedicated SSL certificate called Encryption Everywhere. At the Pro level, you can also install a third-party SSL certificate if you prefer or if you have previously purchased one.

Enterprise Level Features

In the Enterprise plan, along with every feature in the other plans, you’ll have a few more options to create a smoother shopping experience and generate more revenue.

One significant advantage is the ability to add pricelists to your store. Offer personalized prices to shoppers in various groups. For example, the price displayed will be different between a wholesale and retail buyer, or someone with a discount code. Price lists require the Stencil theme available in the theme store and your BigCommerce SEO can quickly get it up and running by running the URLs through the system to check with pages that can be merged and which should remain the same for SEO purposes. This is an optional advantage to looking at the historical data on your eCommerce store traffic.

Some other advantages of the Enterprise level are:

  • Use custom product fields as additional product filters in the search

  • Unlimited API calls

  • Receive premium account services

  • Express routing

  • Priority support

  • Strategic account management

BigCommerce integrates with the latest eCommerce apps, and they have a dedicated support team to help no matter what level your business has achieved. Check out these must-have BigCommerce marketing apps

Moreover, they have certified a select group of developers to work with their merchants.

“Since moving to BigCommerce our site is now faster, the user experience is better, and we have achieved a higher search rank — showing up as the number one result in organic listings on Google.”

Paul Yoo, President COO

Working in BigCommerce at the Plus, Pro, and Enterprise levels, you should consider hiring a Certified Elite partner to streamline your store setup. You’ll see immediate value from your partnership regarding time and money saved.

Choosing the Right Plan

When faced with options, it can be difficult to choose the right one for you. You can start with any plan, but it’s important to start with the perfect fit so that you can scale appropriately.

It’s a lot like buying a computer. You can have a brand new computer for your graphic designer. She’s super excited to get started with the latest technology. But then she notices the memory and storage are very little compared to what she needs. As a designer, she needs a computer that can withstand large files and this new technology is now useless to her. The same goes if someone just needed it to surf the web and get the most advanced computer on the market. That technology, and the price to get it, are wasted.

When you are deciding on the right plan, ask yourself what you need. The standard plan might be too small for you and the enterprise might be too big. You also want to ask yourself what your plans are for the next year or so. You don’t want a smaller tier to stunt your growth potential.

Review the features of each plan. Ask yourself what you need now and what you will likely need in a year from now. Decide which plan meets your needs at present and helps you achieve your goals for the business.

Choosing the right BigCommerce plan is all about knowing your situation and developing the right strategy, using the right tools, to grow.

Certified Elite BigCommerce Web Development Partner

The plan you purchase might be user-friendly, and you’ll get some help from BigCommerce, but do you have the time to figure out which design will go with your brands? Which apps will make the store run smoother? How do you integrate them? You will need some design help to incorporate your brand and consistency. Getting the most out of a new online store takes time and experience.

That’s why it’s important to find a partner that can get the job done. Not only should they be skilled in what they do, but they should put you first. They align with your vision and work hard to make it a reality. A great partner removes the worry and anxiety and develops the store you need. It’s a lot like having a friend that’ll handle it all for you while you focus on bigger things for your company. You can work ON your business, not IN it. 

BigCommerce is a powerful tool for your website. You can create full and powerful online stores with unlimited potential. To get the most out of it, you must find the right plan for your business. It depends on a few factors, like the features you need, but once you choose the perfect plan, nothing can hold you back. With the right partner, you can implement what you need to grow.

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