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A text message. May it be a simple hello, a link to a video, or a beginning to a powerful group interaction, pressing send ignites an instant thread of communication connecting people to ideas and ideas to actions. In today's competitive landscape, conference planners need to connect just as fast as a text message can be sent; and with just as little barrier to entry to reach their globally connected business audience.

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What is Hilton Worldwide Connect+?

Hilton Worldwide Connect+ offers people the platform to connect ideas. As an industry leader for events, the Hilton Brand (consisting of 65 Property Groups) engages professionals to connect with their clients' networking circles and offer a better experience in everything they do to meet, discuss and exchange ideas about the future. The Connect+ team uses event planning, as well as their excellence in service well-known to live in the Hilton Brand, to bridge the gap between people and technology.

The ultimate goal is to provide exceptional hospitality services, all the while serving the needs of key global event planners. Hilton Worldwide Connect+ offers the tools and resources to engage attendees and make the job of creating experiences easy, as well as powerful. They transform Hilton locations to suit evolving business needs and recognize the importance of building human relationships. The company believes in bringing people together to connect and share in a comfortable space, with cutting-edge technology and personal service.

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Connecting People

Hilton Worldwide Connect+ held the annual client event at The Inn at Penn, A Hilton Hotel in Philadelphia, PA. They catalyzed the experience by bringing together the best event planners in the country to network and partake in the Hunger Games themed event.

The event marketing agency was able to create a unique experience by highlighting the wide variety of features that can be customized for each event planner, their clients and their common purpose. Projection mapping was used to create the atmosphere in the room, streaming social media technology propelled the message to the global masses and a selection of 5-star cuisine created smiles from all in the room.

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Hilton Worldwide Connect+ recognizes the importance of connecting people and maintaining client relationships long after the event is over. Through the sharing of the interactive photo capture technology, guests were able to link to their professional networks instantly and share to connect; connecting to share, and creating memories for a lifetime.With themed Hunger Games characters to pose and interact with the clients, the experiential marketing company-developed program took everyone full circle and completely branded the attendees with an immersive experience fit for king.

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Why Hilton Connect+ Matters

As each day goes by, people are looking for more ways to connect. Just as bridges connect land and smartphones connect people, Hilton Worldwide Connect+ is bridging the gap by making experiences powerful on a personal level. They give business professionals a place to belong, all the while understanding the dedication it takes to deliver outstanding event activation. There is a reason why Hilton Worldwide Connect+ focuses on each individual component to make a brand activation company-designed experience pair with smart leadership and vision for the interactions. The exponential benefit derived from bringing people together to share their passions, ideas and build the future of tomorrow is truly an important and satisfying aspect of the experiences we create for our brands.

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