How To Grow Your Shopify Traffic & Sales

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By Gavin Write
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There are 2.3 million active Shopify websites worldwide, with over 1.13 million in the U.S. alone. Driving targeted traffic that converts will be more difficult in this highly competitive landscape

To fully maximize your store’s growth potential, you’ll need experienced people who will help you optimize all the facets of operations and marketing. That’s where the Shopify experts can make the difference.

Our growth marketing team put together this resource that will share how to significantly boost traffic and conversions using a new, proprietary system. Let’s quickly cover why traffic is essential for your store’s growth.

Why Traffic is Crucial to Your eCommerce Success

All retail businesses need traffic. For brick and mortar stores, it’s walk-in or foot traffic, and with online stores, traffic means people who visit your site. If you can’t drive interested shoppers to your website, all the analytics and conversion tactics won’t matter.

But sending mass quantities of traffic to your site is not the answer either because all traffic is not equal. Window shoppers don’t spend money. The goal is to attract only quality, targeted shoppers who want to buy what you’re selling.

To help merchants refine their marketing and attract the right target audience, we created a system that grows traffic and sales for small to enterprise eCommerce stores. It’s called 360BrandFuel™. It’s our unique program to help you build a traffic strategy around your company’s products and within your budget. Our goal is to attract and increase the number of targeted customers to your Shopify and Shopify Plus stores. 

How Can I Increase Traffic and See Results?

Every business is unique. Therefore, the methods for generating targeted traffic and sales should cater to that specific business.

The advantages of being on the Shopify or Shopify Plus platform are that they are easy to use, secured, have extensive apps, customizable features, and themes. To learn more, check out this resource on the difference between Shopify and Shopify Plus. Our Shopify experts will help you develop marketing strategies that attract more target buyers and increase sales.

We have created 360BrandFuel™, a growth marketing program consisting of talent, systems, and services to help you achieve your business goals.

Here is the three-phase expert approach:

Phase 1 - We Start with Research

To begin the 360BrandFuel™ program, we start with a brand analysis. The analysis provides a current snapshot of the business and a starting point. From there, we will develop a custom program specific to your requirements, budget, and timing.

Branding Audit

The brand audit is essential for examining your position in the market and comparing it to your competitors. It’s a systematic, objective review assessing the effectiveness of your overall business strategy and maintaining brand consistency.

Brand consistency across all channels leads to higher brand recognition by your target audience. In a highly competitive and saturated market, consistent messaging can be the differentiator for your brand and a way to strengthen your digital presence.

Share of Voice (SOV) is another metric that measures your brand’s market share. Knowing the SOV helps us determine the challenges of achieving growth and how to attract more customers from your current market position.

Technical Audit

The technical audit aims to evaluate any deficiencies or highlight areas of improvement within your systems, such as SEO.

You’ll receive actionable recommendations based on a data-driven strategy for your various digital channels. The audit allows you to discover areas working well, areas that could improve your online presence, as well as provide insights into driving more targeted traffic.

Systems Audit of All Apps

Every Shopify or Shopify Plus store runs using various apps. We’ll make a complete audit of your store’s systems to see if they are optimized or if there are areas that can work better. The goal is to deliver a world-class experience for your customers in the shortest amount of time.

The store or system audit uncovers any hidden maintenance or operational issues that hinder growth.

With all the audit data in hand, we’ll begin to formulate a targeted strategy that makes the most efficient use of the marketing budget. After completing the audits and compiling the results, we turn to the Creative and Production Phase.

Phase 2 - Post-Research Creative & Production

During the creative and production phase of BrandFuel360™, we collaborate with you to unify your brand identity and design. Here are some of the ways we improve each element based on your needs:

UX & Visual Design Optimization

  • Consistent Brand Development

    We’ve already mentioned the importance of brand consistency across all channels. It’s a valuable commodity that builds customer loyalty. One survey stated that 95% of the world’s population recognizes Coca-Cola’s logo. To make your brand recognizable and different from your competitors, we can help solidify your positioning using a brand guide.

    A consistent brand image makes it memorable among consumers in an overcrowded marketplace.

  • Optimize Site Loading Speed

    Keeping visitors on your website is key to increasing sales. It’s no secret that slow-loading pages drive customers away. Slow page loading is responsible for why most people leave the site. Almost 60% of shoppers will abandon their cart if they have to wait longer than three seconds for a page to load. To learn more about our top Shopify developer tips, check out this resource on building a faster Shopify site. 

    Part of the 360BrandFuel™ advantage is that we check all of the possibilities why a page loads slowly, then correct and optimize for speed.

  • Reputation Management

    Customers spend an average of 1 hour and 20 minutes on social media every day. Social media is also a critical communication element to your brand. Customers listen to how a business reacts to shoppers’ remarks. When used carefully, social media helps gain new followers, increases brand loyalty, and improves traffic to the site.

    Brand reputation is a crucial consideration when Google delivers search results too. We can help with old reputation management issues to improve the brand’s image.

    Google favors websites that have more positive reviews. We can get your Shopify store and products moved up to the top three pages using keywords and other factors.

  • Email Marketing Management

    Email is still the best marketing tool to keep customers interested, informed, and buying. This year, over 160,000 active Klaviyo customers drove more than $5.3B in global sales and $3.6B in US sales over Cyber Weekend. These brands drove almost $1.5B globally across owned channels including email and SMS. Email automation ensures no customer falls through the cracks. Autoresponders send personalized messages to shoppers, segmented to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.

    Our Klaviyo experts, deliver personalized email segmentation and design to increase your revenue. We analyze detailed behavioral data from every visitor, providing better customer insights. We will help implement the right strategies and automate each sequence to maximize your conversions, sales, and ROI.

  • Optimize Lead Capture Systems

    Our team will create a comprehensive online and offline turnkey lead generation system. It includes new landing pages, pop-ups, and other design elements guaranteed to draw new leads. Once optimized, it will consistently fill your email list with quality, qualified prospects.

    Our lead capture services acquire real-time customer data that includes behavioral analysis. The AI-driven insight helps segment your email list to send appropriate messages depending on the customer’s buying journey. You will grow your list faster and at a lower cost of acquisition.

  • User-Generated Content Solutions

    UGC is an effective and valuable eCommerce marketing tool. UGC is any content where a customer interacts with the brand, such as blog posts, selfies, videos, and reviews. It’s authentic and trusted by other shoppers.

    Customers want to see other buyers’ experiences before committing to a purchase. That’s why we’ve partnered with Yotpo, a world leader in curating UGC.

    With Yotpo’s SMSBump, merchants can send review requests through SMS. This method returns a 66% higher conversion rate than any form of review collection. To answer the question what is Yotpo, check out this resource on how Yotpo can improve your digital marketing strategy. 

  • Loyalty Program Implementation

    Loyalty programs create longer-lasting relationships with customers and increase customer engagement and retention. Loyalty program customers purchase 90% more frequently and spend 60% more per transaction.

    If your store’s loyalty program is ineffective or doesn’t yet have one, we’ve got you covered. Our partner, Loyalty Lion, specializes in developing and managing Shopify and Shopify Plus loyalty programs. 

  • Yotpo SMSBump Integration

    SMS marketing has become the best way to reach mobile users.  Ecommerce SMS messages receive astounding 90% open rates.

    Short Message Service or Text messaging enables marketers to pinpoint and target specific customers or prospects. By delivering an appropriately focused and relevant message to the right group of people, businesses can significantly boost sales and improve communication with customers and prospects.

    We’ve chosen Yotpo’s SMSBump to help our clients set up and manage their SMS marketing. It’s a robust platform that allows one-on-one chats with conversational text automation. Engage your subscribers with personalized, hyper-targeted messaging.

  • AdRoll & Retargeting Implementation

    AdRoll is a leading eCommerce marketing platform that helps Shopify merchants capture more leads and grow revenue. Retargeting ads remind customers of your products or services and encourage them to click and come back. These ads can be seen while on social media, news sites, or just browsing around the internet. AdRoll states that "retargeting campaigns can lead to a 147% a greater YOY increase in revenue."

  • Content Marketing Strategy

    Developing a content marketing plan is a vital part of the 360BrandFuel™ strategy. Content marketing works well for any brand and has evolved beyond stuffing articles with keywords. To benefit from content marketing, stores need to build a library of relevant articles at a scheduled frequency. Websites that post blogs regularly see a 55% increase in targeted traffic.

Business Operation Upgrades

Our 360BrandFuel™ accomplishes much more than just increased traffic and revenue. Based on the data from the audits, we will assist you in streamlining your business for greater efficiency and will provide you with a sensible approach to scaling the working parts of your operating systems.

Here are the areas we can help eCommerce businesses to improve and upgrade:

  • Shipping and Fulfillment Optimization

    A company’s shipping can be an excellent differentiator when done correctly. When customers receive their order on time and in good condition, they are more likely to provide a positive review and purchase again.

    As an agency, we can integrate ShipBob into your eCommerce platform to create a seamless omnichannel and multi-national shipping system. Our clients who use ShipBob have experienced reduced shipping costs, higher AOV, and reduced cart abandonment. To learn more about affordable fulfillment services, check out this resource on ShipBob eCommerce Fulfillment.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Scaling up an eCommerce business from mid to enterprise omnichannel can create many challenges. Retail ecosystems must synchronize inventory, SKUs, customer service, fulfillment, and data reporting across all channels.

    The solution is Brightpearl ERP. Like an orchestra leader harmonizing different people and instruments, Brightpearl’s Retail Operating System consolidates multiple channels into a single platform while providing customers with a seamless shopping experience across various countries and currencies. Retailers who turned to us for a Brightpearl integration noted that they have much better control, using a single dashboard to manage all facets of the business.

  • Multi-Store & Multi-National Setup of Shopify Plus Stores

    Many successful retailers and celebrities started with Shopify, like DASH,, Kylie Cosmetics, and Haus Labs.

    Eventually, some businesses outgrow the available services and bandwidth of the platform. That’s when it’s time to upgrade to Shopify Plus. This robust platform can handle stores selling hundreds of SKUs through multiple channels and countries. Well-known Shopify Plus brands include Heinz, Allbirds, Jenny Craig, and Nestle.

    Our web development teams can help you migrate your store to Shopify Plus or build it from scratch.

  • Enhancing The CRM For B2B Outreach Efficiency

    An efficient customer relationship management system nurtures your leads throughout your sales cycles until they are ready to make a purchase. More importantly, the CRM maintains that relationship while strengthening brand loyalty and trust.

    We also often see merchants with success using HubSpot CRM with a comprehensive HubSpot B2B marketing, sales, and service solution. HubSpot and its automation can greatly save time and help you build out the perfect CRM for your business.

  • Lead Generation for Wholesale & Dealers

    Leads are the lifeblood of wholesalers and dealers. Quality lead generation builds visibility, credibility, trust, and interest from your target clients. When you attract high-quality prospects, you get high-value customers.

    Well-designed lead capture and marketing strategies also continuously help to drive high-quality traffic and prospects. We can tailor your lead-generation plan to fit your business goals, budget, and target audience.

  • Leveraging Partners to Lower Licensing Costs & Increase Value

    There are definite advantages to working with our full-service marketing agency. First, we can set you up with lower licensing fees through our partner programs. They can substantially reduce your costs over signing up as an individual company in most cases.

    Secondly, you’ll save labor costs and time by letting experts handle the details of setting up and monitoring the various systems for you. The installation times will be shorter, and your systems will run smoother than if you tried to do everything in-house.

    When working with our team, you can expect a higher ROAS, professionally designed creatives, and all systems working as planned.

Phase 3 - Media & Promotion Services

Various media buying promotional methods and strategies are available to you as a part of our 360BrandFuel™ program. Our agency also covers the physical aspects of advertising for a 360-degree marketing approach.

Traditional Media

Traditional media encompasses radio, broadcast television, cable and satellite, print, and billboards. It is a staple of retail giants like Walmart, PetSmart, and REI. Traditional media can target key demographic and psychographic segments within a geographic area.

Consider magazines, for example. They are a traditional media outlet that covers both print and digital editions. Trade magazines can offer highly targeted traffic.

Radio is another medium that offers a focused geo-targeted and specific demographic coverage. Traditional media will always be a viable promotional option, and with our expertise on placement, budget, and creative development, you can expect a strong ROAS.

Paid Networks

Paid advertising can include strategies like pay-per-click or sponsored advertisements. These ads harness the power of search engines to display the right products to interested shoppers the moment they are searching for related items. Our team manages the design and launch of your new creatives across digital networks. Additionally, we perform ongoing PPC negative keyword management to reduce costs.

Another route to go is with native ads or advertorials. This method promotes brand awareness and builds an emotional connection with potential consumers. Native ads effectively differentiate a brand from its competitors by telling engaging stories about the product.

Owned Media

Owned media is simply an umbrella term for the brand’s media property, such as the main website or store, social media channels, blogs, and mobile sites. The more media channels a business has, the larger its digital footprint.

Typically, owned media creates organic traffic through keyword search marketing and SEO. We can help you plan, design, and maintain each media property to save you time and increase your traffic. Some of the tasks we handle include blogging using a keyword-first approach and consistent promotions with gamification or quizzes.

Social Media

Social media has always been an easier way to personalize and advertise a product. Social selling increases brand awareness by being more visible in customers’ feeds.

Social media marketing will always be a mainstay for lifestyle, fashion, and beauty brands. It also works for most other products. Social media requires constant nurturing and new content to keep viewers engaged. Our eCommerce social media services combine organic social media with paid ads to develop brand awareness on all major networks such as Instagram, Meta, TikTok, Pinterest, and YouTube.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing can drive traffic if you find the right ones.

Influencer marketing is an incredibly efficient marketing tactic for eCommerce brands. By leveraging established influencers with significant followers, brands can generate instant social proof to gain an audience’s trust.

We offer turnkey influencer marketing packages customized to fit any brand or product. Our team does the hiring to avoid any compatibility issues. Then we handle the training, managing product fulfillment, and campaign optimization. All you do is tell us about your target audience. Then you can select an influencer by criteria such as location, follower counts, industry, demographics, and influencer reach. We’ll handle the rest.

Event Marketing and Out-of-Home Media

As the pandemic lockdowns fade away, event marketing will again be an excellent method to build brand awareness, capture relevant leads, network, and upsell clients.

We can help any brand create stunning booths for trade shows or pull off any promotional event your brand requires to get noticed.

When it comes to attracting attention outside, the Out-of-Home advertising medium maintains its relevance in the digital era. OOH will always be necessary, and people do take notice… if it’s good.

OOH ads like billboards, murals, cinema advertising, and transit ads on trains and busses tend to make a big splash. But it can also be smaller and more personal, such as posters or videos at eye level in intimate spaces like elevators and restrooms.

Not every technique mentioned here is suitable for every product or brand. That’s why 360BrandFuel™ is entirely customizable to suit any business. It maximizes your ad budget and ROAS. We’ll collaborate with you to find the most appropriate and cost-effective promotional methods.

Growth Marketing Strategy

Business owners often miscalculate the work and elements required to scale an online eCommerce business. Our 360BrandFuel™ Growth Marketing formula will work with any sized eCommerce company.

It is an entirely customizable program. Clients can select the programs that are the most beneficial and cost-effective. Some of the benefits include:

        • Improving operations, traffic, and sales
        • Automating manual processes
        • Replacing inefficient apps and systems
        • Developing website design and user experience
        • Promoting the business through various channels

Our Growth Marketing services relieve the store owner of laborious processes and help them to operate more efficiently. We can optimize any area of your Shopify business, both on the back end and all customer-facing elements. 

Contact us today for examples of brands running on 360BrandFuel™. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see how we can work together to increase your traffic and sales with our proprietary blend of growth marketing services.

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