Using Google Trends to Drive Traffic to Your Site

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One way to bring quick exposure to your site is to capitalize on what’s hot at the moment and create content around that topic. While this tactic doesn’t have the ability to consistently bring in traffic like an evergreen article, it can give you a serious boost for a few days.

There are also potential long-term implications because many visitors will often end up returning to check out other content on your site. Perhaps the most powerful tool for deciding what to base your content around is Google Trends. Here is how the process works and why it can be so advantageous.

What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is one of the many effective tools that Google uses to analyze data based on searches. By giving you access to this tool, you can use billions of pieces of information to understand your audience by region, nation, or anywhere in the world.

This helps you identify trending topics that people are interested in. By looking at their dashboard for key indicators, you can get a sense of the world and what is going on. You can also search your own terms and see if it is growing over time or shrinking. This makes for a great tool to predict future success on new ventures and developing powerful content.

By using Google Trends to craft relevant content, you can expand your comer reach and get more visitors to your website.

Hot Trends

To begin, you will need to go to Google Hot Trends to see what the most popular searches of the day are. 

This will show you how many searches each topic has recently received and provide you with a couple of relevant news articles. You will then need to go through the list until you find something that’s relevant to your niche. To increase your odds of success, it’s smart to check it late at night or relatively early in the morning so you can get a head start on the competition. Otherwise, it can be difficult to rank well if you wait too long.

Identify which hot trends are relevant to your brand. Whether it relates to your industry, your audience, or directly to your product, you can utilize that sudden interest to develop attractive content. While not every trend may be a direct connection to you, there might be one that is important to your target audience. Consider developing helpful content around it to attract new people and add value to your current customers. 

Hot Trends is a great way to get a flash picture of what the internet and world are interested in. That’s valuable information and data that corporations used to spend millions for. Today, much of this information is free for all of us to use.

Choosing Keywords

Once you have a topic in mind, you will need to choose the optimal keywords. To do so, it’s ideal to use the Google Keyword Tool or some other platform that shows you information like volume of searches and competition.

After you have found a keyword with a considerable volume of searches and minimal competition, you can create your content based on that keyword. Just follow the same search marketing company principles that you normally would.

You might be asking yourself, but the whole internet is full of content and articles with everything covered, how do I have a chance? While the internet has matured over the years with great content, there is still a huge need. In recent years, new strategies have proven to be effective.

The more you niche down on your product and what customers need, the better chance you can find the right keyword to use. The internet has a lot of general material but continues to need more specific content. Thinking this way should help you find a keyword.

Also, long-tail keywords have proven to be a great option. Long-tail keywords are phrases or a group of words that people will search, instead of one word. This increases your chances to rank on Google for that phrase (ideally less competitive). It also forces you to study search intent. What are people typing in the search bar vs. what do they actually need.

The Benefits

Since the Internet and news trends are constantly changing, it’s unlikely that this technique will bring you long-term, sustainable traffic from your content.

However, it can still be beneficial in a few ways. First, you will often see an immediate spike in traffic that can bring some serious exposure to your website. This means that you will have the chance to connect with many people from your target audience. Consequently, this can lead to an increase in short-term sales, especially if you place links to your products or services within the body of content.

Second, this can lead to visitors returning to your site. Assuming that your content is high quality, this should impress many visitors and can serve as a building block for the future. Even if the volume of traffic for that particular article dramatically declines after a few days, many people will know about your site and what your business offers. As a result, you can expect a decent number of people to explore your site further and potentially share it with others. Use an expert PPC to help you determine this path.

Finally, this can help your business build brand equity conveniently and cost-effectively. By continually implementing this strategy, you can be found organically and eventually become a cornerstone in your industry.

Have you ever utilized Google Trends in your marketing campaign? If so, what were the results?

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