Extreme Experiential Marketing Company Vehicles

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Huge Experiential Truck With Sprint Vision Logo On It At A Brand Marketing Event

In today’s world, experiential marketing has become a very popular and wide-reaching marketing media. When you talk about experiential marketing vehicle tours, many of us think of an ice cream truck promotion, wrapped fleet of SUVs, or mobile billboards; but some brands are taking things to the absolute extreme in order to generate some serious attention.

NASCAR Sprint Vision

Gerling Associates is a good friend and marketing partner of Eventige Media Group and these guys have created some pretty wild rides for brands like Sprint, Verizon, and many others. One of these monsters was created for the NASCAR Race Series and features one of the largest vehicle and display screens we have ever seen.

Troy Plumer, of Gerling Associates, writes: “We custom manufacture promotional marketing trucks, trailers, and just about anything with wheels. Our project with NASCAR definitely took things to the next level, with the screen compartment alone weighing in at an astonishing 10,000 Lbs. This is how we do it for our clients… we do it BIG.”

Extreme Experiential Marketing Vehicles Blog Sprint Trailer Image

Specialized Innovations

Troy continues by pointing out some of the specialized innovations employed by Gerling: “we provide a truly smooth and rivet-less look for our trailers; making it perfect for our clients to wrap the vehicles and generate incredible pictures on social media as well as valuable on-site brand attention. We look at every aspect of our experiential marketing companies' vehicles and really make sure that not only do we put thought into how we build, but also provide a lot of on-site testing to make sure that every component will work in the field exactly as it is designed to. We work through every detail meticulously before ever releasing projects to clients and part of that process involves playing with some really big and fun toys!”

Thinking Ahead

Gerling Associates designed this trailer to travel around the NASCAR circuit displaying the race for patrons when the cars were out of sight. This allowed fans to keep up with the live race action, and the sheer size of the vehicle generated a lot of attention for the Sprint Brand.

If the massive size of the trailer and monster screen wasn’t enough, Gerling Associates took into the consideration even the creature comforts of their client Sprint while activating and traveling; building out the sides of the trailer to expand an additional 80” wide and provide space for an opulent lounge within the body of the trailer.

Mobile Dental

With the amazing NASCAR build-out, it is obvious to see why many brands are going directly to Gerling Associates for their Experiential Marketing Vehicles. Troy and the gang work on a lot of custom projects throughout the year; and there was one other vehicle that we thought was just scary enough to be called a monster. Knowing ourselves and most people, we all fear that infamous drill of a dentist, but Gerling took our fears and made them a reality with this beastly build-out of a mobile dentist office that would instill fear even into the most refined Manhattan Dental offices, both inside and out.

Evolving Experiential Marketing

All this amazing media just goes to show how dynamic and different the industry can be when evolving ‘experiential’ to new heights and really focusing on what it takes to make a big impact.

The hard work of many amazing fabricators, designers, electricians, and engineers create these experiential marketing monster machines when brands need to make a statement, and these definitely achieve that goal. Well done team.

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