Eventige Adds Merchant Value By Partnering With Clyde

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By Alexei Alankin
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Today, at Eventige Media Group, we are proud to announce our new partnership with Clyde - the New York-based extended warranty provider - and it’s a move that’s now allowing us to grow our eCommerce channels and as a result, provide even more value to our eCommerce clients.

Our partnership with Clyde now means we can add comprehensive warranties to our client eCommerce stores - adding value, driving sales, and encouraging customer loyalty.

So, What Is A Clyde Warranty?

Clyde is a platform that offers product protection warranties for products costing more than $75. These extended warranties offer extra peace of mind to customers when buying anything from a major appliance to a pair of sunglasses.

The system is plug-and-play and can be seamlessly integrated into eCommerce stores, offering full visibility of a range of metrics, from customer data to program performance. It also offers a transparent claims process - helping to create a better, smoother customer experience.

The highly customizable modal sits on top of the cart at checkout and gives merchants the ability to drive additional revenue for every warranty contract sold.

Clyde is a big name in the industry with major clients like VAIO, Hydrow, Tempo, and RadioShack, giving you some idea of the scale of their operation. Essentially, if you are selling products eligible for warranty protection, we can help! Clyde covers products in a number of categories like electronics, appliances, furniture, mattresses, jewelry, watches, optics, and sporting goods, just to name a few!

Why Warranties Are Important

When you’re looking to build a reputation as an online retailer that looks after its customers, the experience they get when buying will influence things greatly. No matter what’s being sold online, there’s a chance that it might malfunction, and what the online merchant does from this point is what will influence their reputation - be it good or bad.

Remember the last time you bought something that went wrong? You expected it to be fixed, right? With an extended warranty coverage plan in place, customers get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that they have some recourse if this happens. And when buyers are looked after in this way, customer satisfaction ratings and reviews are enhanced significantly and so, in turn, is revenue.

Warranties not only increase customer satisfaction but they increase the trust worthiness of your site. Customers will feel safe purchasing from your brand knowing they have an extra safety net. To learn more, check out this resource on the importance of trust in eCommerce

Not only will merchants earn revenue by improving the customer lifetime value, but Clyde provides an additional revenue source for their merchants, who make a profit off of every extended warranty contract sold. You can expect to earn more money simply by adding Clyde’s offering. Because Clyde is free to install and use, we highly recommend any merchant who sells eligible products take advantage of their free offering.

Clyde Integration Advantages

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Source: Clyde

The advantages of Clyde’s protection plans extend beyond increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, however, as having an extended warranty option on an eCommerce store can boost Average Order Value (AOV) by an impressive 14% - adding lots of extra revenue to the merchant’s bottom line.

There are also instances where the revenue increase is far higher, as can be seen by the way Clyde warranties allowed:

  • Senville Air Conditioning to achieve a 12% appliance attachment rate (3x the industry average)

  • Evo Gimbals to enjoy 6x the average attachment rate in their sector

  • Autobrush to hit a stunning 26% rate of attachment

Impressive numbers, we think you’ll agree.

What’s more, with Clyde’s free-to-use (yes, free) software integrated into eCommerce stores, it creates a new warranty account when a customer makes their first purchase. What this does is keep customers engaging with the brand through the lifetime of the product, also making it easier and smoother to generate more sales upon the expiration of the policy.

It’s a real win-win for both customers and merchants alike.

Interested In eCommerce Store Warranties?

If you’re interested in knowing more about Clyde, visit joinclyde.com and fill out the form for a quick demo and evaluation of your current and future needs. You can also give us a call direct and we'll connect you with a Clyde rep to discuss the next steps for your eCommerce store.

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