Event Marketing Staffing Solutions For Enterprise Brands

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The world of work is changing. Innovations in technology over the last decade have fundamentally transformed how businesses and workers interact. Experiential and event marketing agencies are increasingly leveraging technology to access on-demand talent and become more financially flexible.

Brand ambassadors, in turn are pursuing the flexibility of independent careers and utilizing specialized skill sets to perform freelance work. According to Accenture, 20-33% of today’s U.S. workforce now comprises independent workers (freelancers, contractors and temps). Agencies need a technology solution with the right tools and capabilities that allow them to efficiently manage their extended workforce.

That’s where Work Market comes in. The future of work revolves around tech-enabled workforce solutions and Work Market provides a comprehensive solution that empowers companies to manage the entire freelance workstream - from finding and managing your workers all the way to paying and rating them for the work they provide.

Work Market empowers companies to find and manage freelancers

A leading event marketing firm was recently engaged by a national beverage brand who was planning a massive launch campaign for their new energy drink. As part of the engagement, the firm was tasked with deploying hundreds of brand ambassadors to various launch parties around the country.

Needing to recruit several hundred ambassadors from over 20 different cities on short notice, the firm turned to Work Market. Within just a couple of days, the firm was able to curate a qualified and experienced team of more than 350 ambassadors to the various launch festivities.

Using Work Market, the event marketing firm was able to communicate with their talent during the launch parties and collect valuable feedback including pictures, videos and customer interviews on how the new energy drink was being received by those in attendance.

By using Work Market, the firm was able to pay and rate their independent talent pool within the Work Market platform without having to deal with spreadsheets or other inefficient, manual processes. They successfully off-boarded their talent while at the same time gained valuable ratings and reviews on the work they completed.

The launch campaign was hailed by all involved as a resounding success and the firm continues to partner with Work Market on brand activation companies on campaigns across the county.

How Can Work Market Help Event Marketing Companies?

  • Move fixed labor costs to variable costs as you scale your workforce

  • Manage sponsorship activations at professional sporting events

  • Improve your margins when you source and manage labor directly

  • Organize a team of greeters for corporate and social events

  • Reduce travel requirements for your W2 workforce: no hotels, rented cars, gas, etc.

The Future of Work Is Now

As the nature of work continues to evolve, businesses will need powerful technology like Work Market to address the complexities associated with managing nontraditional workforces. Businesses of all sizes in all industries have started turning to Work Market to find and manage their growing freelance workforces. Will your business be next?

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