Event Marketing Staffing Solutions For Enterprise Brands

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Have you ever walked into a branded, experiential marketing event and wondered if anyone really pays attention? It’s a good question, and the answer will astonish you.

In a recent survey and report by the Event Marketing Institute, they surveyed consumers who attended events. The survey asked if they had ever created digital or social content at a branded event? The response was overwhelming. Nearly all (98%) consumers created or captured some type of content at the events. Additionally, the study revealed that all (100%) of the consumers created content and then shared it.

To pull off a productive tradeshow, conference or convention requires amazing event marketing staffing solutions.

Experiential Marketing Staffing Solutions and Storytellers

The purpose of corporate events and experiential marketing is to tell your company’s story and showcase new products. Finding the right event staff is our job and critical to a successful event. Eventige has been running event marketing campaigns and working with professional experiential staffing for almost 20 years.

Hiring the right people creates a cheerful bridge from the customer to the products and your brand image. And, it works! The Event Marketing Institute reports that customers who participated in a live branded event are 96% more likely to purchase the product(s).  74% of participants of live events have a more favorable impression of the brand.

With consumers so closely tied to branded events, you need event staff who are well groomed, educated and professional. Our event staff are the cream of the crop and will educate your customers the way you want. You can rest assured that your prospects and guests will have a positive impression of all your event staff.

Choosing the right people to execute your live brand experience can make a big difference in your marketing effort. Ultimately, the event staff personifies your brand. They embody your company’s style, values and become the voice of your brand.

Our skilled professionals share your key messages with the prospects, encouraging them to share their experience with their social circles. They will also capture contact information, preferences or other feedback you require. The ROI you achieve at an event depends mainly on the quality of the event staff.

Better Events and Staffing Increase Sales

Eventige Media Group will successfully plan, staff and manage any live event.  Our professional event marketing staffing solutions include:

  • Brand Ambassadors

  • Promotional Models

  • Tour Managers

  • Street Teams

  • Convention Staff

  • PR Stunts

  • Flash Mobs

  • Product Specialists

  • In-Store Demonstrators

  • And more

Live events, such as conventions, spread your brand’s message to new and broader audiences.

World-Wide Event Staffing Solutions and Production

One advantage of working with Eventige is our Event Marketing Worldwide Group on LinkedIn. We are the only event marketing company with a global event marketing audience of over 20,000-members. The organization facilitates brand activation around the globe.

If you need to plan an event, a trade show booth or professional event staffing anywhere in the world, we can do it.

Maximize your ROI and ad spend by contacting Eventige Media Group.  Tell us all the details of your next experiential marketing activation.

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