Energize Your Campaigns with Klaviyo Influencer Marketing

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Are you finding that your email and SMS marketing campaigns aren't generating the return on investment you need? If so, it's possible that you need to put some work into creating a great omnichannel customer experience. Furthermore, Klaviyo influencer marketing could be the ideal complement to drive new leads and incremental sales. 

Integrating influencer marketing into your email & SMS campaigns offers an opportunity for your brand to gain visibility with an engaged target market. This can all be achieved without needing to build a following of your own.


What Is Influencer Marketing?

Influencer marketing represents a way to promote your products, services and brand to the large social following bases of popular figures on social media. As opinion leaders, these influencers have their followers hanging on their every word - meaning that the endorsements they make carry some clout. 

It's an increasingly used method, too. According to benchmarking reports, 67% of marketers intend to increase their influencer marketing in the next 12 months. A further 23% of businesses surveyed stated an intention to spend over 40% of their marketing budget on the channel. There are a number of levels:

  • Nano-influencers - 100 to 10,000 followers
  • Micro-influencers - 100,000-500,000 followers
  • Macro-influencers - 500,00-1 million followers
  • Mega-influencers - 1 million+ followers 

The cost of running your Klaviyo influencer marketing campaign will depend on the status of the personality you're collaborating with. Of course, the big brands will often pair with mega-influencers, but there's still a great deal of value to be had at each of the other levels.


The Benefits of Influencer Marketing

The advantages associated with adopting this kind of marketing are numerous, and Klaviyo can help your brand identify and connect with influencers within your existing customer base. For example, by simply using Klaviyo's Instagram Follower Count feature, it's possible to easily identify and automate communications with different influencers. 

In addition to ease of implementation, the benefits include:

  • Great ROI - influencer marketing offers the 2nd highest return of any marketing type based on recent data surveys.

  • Trust - influencer recommendations carry weight, meaning the trust aspect is taken care of as customers trust the celebs and brands they follow.

  • Increased Brand Awareness - all those extra eyes get focused on your brand & products as well as increased sharing and WOM (Word of Mouth).

  • Influencers Encourage Buying - when an influencer raves about your product, their followers often feel compelled to make an instant purchase

Not only does Klaviyo influencer marketing put you front and center in front of a large audience, but it also does so in an authentic way that's a world away from traditional marketing. Having already gained trust by virtue of influencer recommendations, you're much better positioned to gain traffic and sales.


Klaviyo + Influencer Marketing - A Powerful Combination

Klaviyo SMS marketing management allows you to leverage the modern paradigm that is the power of social media. Influencers can be identified, as well as developing others from your customer base who may turn into future influencers. It goes something like this:

The Table with Klaviyo SMS Marketing Management Structure & Explanation

At the same time as leveraging the existing, ready-made influencers within your subscriber base, you can be actively promoting the next wave. By using incentives such as discounts and other special perks, new brand ambassadors can be created who market to their followers.

Even when talking about nano-influencers, there are 10,000 potential viewers for the content they create. As such, once you’ve decided to adopt a Klaviyo influencer marketing strategy, it’s about finding the right integrations - of which there are many.


The Best Klaviyo Influencer Marketing Integrations

One of the reasons why Klaviyo is such a widely-used platform is the array of integrations that are available for marketers. At present, there are more than 300 available, with a number of influencer marketing options to help you in your cause. 

Let's take a look at some of the best options.

  • Refersion - as a Klaviyo Elite Partner, Refersion is an integration that lets you grow your affiliate and influencer networks with ease. It also makes light work of communication with customers, brand ambassadors, bloggers and influencers.

  • Gatsby - an integration that helps you to discover micro-influencers from both your customer base and from those who visit your website. Allowing you to increase brand awareness, Gatsby is a low-cost option that ensures you start connecting right away. 

  • Upfluence - allowing for the easy synchronization of influencer lists directly into your Klaviyo lists, Upfluence help you to find your most influential customers. By sending highly-targeted email campaigns, these customers can be converted into brand ambassadors.

Through these integrations, Klaviyo allows you to turn your data into dollars, and this is just a mere selection of those available. Customer retention is just as important as customer acquisition, and by engaging in Klaviyo influencer marketing, you not only keep hold of your customers but take them to the next level.


Helping You Leverage the Power of Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is fast-expanding, with the industry generating $15bn in 2022 alone. Of course, there are many ways in which you can achieve the marketing objectives, as we've laid them out above. So, it's if it's not a channel you've considered leveraging before, now may be the time. 

While helping you to establish social proof and inspire purchases, influencers possess a powerful voice online that people listen to. Collaborating with influencers can even help to boost your company's own social following. With these benefits, it's certainly a path worth considering.

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