Driving Sales & Building Emotional Loyalty With Klaviyo

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By Maria Timokhina
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Regardless of the type of eCommerce business you run, you're likely going to be up against competitors offering similar products and services. One of the main ways you can differentiate your business from the rest in your Klaviyo email marketing campaigns is to build emotional loyalty. 

What is emotional loyalty? Well, it’s the strong attachment that occurs between a customer and a brand, to the extent that you become their trusted go-to provider that they tell all their friends and family about when they get the chance.

Strong Emotional Brand Connections Result in 306% Higher LTV


Emotions play a central role in a person's buying motivations, as it results in an increased perception of value in the products they purchase. In this article, we look at the importance of building emotional loyalty and the ways in which it can be generated. Klaviyo email marketing remains one of the best ways to build customer relationships and emotional connections, so let’s see how it can be done.


Getting to Know Your Customers

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The first step towards generating emotional loyalty is to really get to know your customers, with the main aim being to find out what they actually want. Understanding what current and potential customers are feeling at any given moment in time is what’s key to getting noticed amongst the myriad of other emails your subscribers receive in their inbox every day. 

You could come up with lots of innovative ways to gain that insight in your Klaviyo email marketing campaigns, but often, the simplest thing is to ask. Just asking for feedback from subscribers can be sufficient. However, you may need to incentivize them with a product discount or other exclusive reward.


Avoiding Inbox Fatigue

Due to the popularity of email marketing, merchants have been using it on a widespread basis for a long time, and it can lead to what's known as inbox fatigue. That means customers getting tired of endless promotions and exclusive offers because while you might see your messaging as impactful and appealing, no one wants to be sold to constantly.

36.5% of shoppers said they will spend more on products if they're loyal to a brand


It’s important to mix up your Klaviyo email marketing strategy to include content that's both interesting, engaging, and not necessarily related to your products and services. Value is the keyword here, and when you provide it regularly, your subscribers will be paying attention when you do actually want to introduce your wares. 

That means including a blend of:

  • Curated user-generated content, such as photos, videos and stories
  • Well-chosen and appropriate memes to inject some humor into proceedings
  • Educational blogs that answer commonly asked questions


Segmenting Your Klaviyo Email Marketing Lists

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Setting up batch and blast email campaigns is not likely to get you the emotional loyalty you're looking for from your subscribers. This approach is the antithesis of personalized marketing - a key element of creating that emotional bond you need with your customers.

As such, segmenting your email list is essential, and while it might involve sending fewer emails, they're going to be going to the correct people, i.e. those who will interact and respond. 

When you're able to send consistently-relevant and interesting messages, your subscribers will naturally start to trust you and your brand more - something you can then build upon.


Showing Your Readers, Rather Than Telling

Klaviyo experts will know that your content needs to show and not tell customers what you want them to learn. In a world where people spend much of their time on digital devices, you typically have about 8 seconds to make a lasting impression. 

While you have more freedom to create long-form messaging with email, Including more high-quality photos and other assets will help to ‘show’ your customers rather than telling them.

Organizations are wasting billions on customer loyalty programs that don't work. It's time to pay attention to the new factors driving loyalty


When you educate your customers using imagery rather than text, it allows you to let the product speak for itself. Readers are not always interested in being told that a product is the best, most popular, or hottest on the market. They usually want to decide that for themselves.


Designing Emails That Convert

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Of course, your email design is also key to the experience people have with your messages. The marketing emails that deliver the most revenue will invariably feature the following three things displayed above the fold (the area that the customer sees immediately upon opening):

  • The email headline
  • Your call to action (CTA)
  • A high-quality image

For instance, the headline of your email might read “30% off For June” and feature a good-quality image and a ‘Buy Now’ button underneath. This simple design ensures the reader can see everything without scrolling - a key factor, as 8 out of 10 times, people don’t scroll down past the fold.


It's Not the Size of Your List, It's What You Do With It

Often, people are away from cleaning their Klaviyo email marketing lists, as it means making it smaller by cutting out unresponsive entries. Unengaged addresses need to be removed, as what really matters is who's reading. Quality absolutely beats quantity in this regard.

So, the best thing to do is set up your sunset email flows for dormant email addresses, which thanks them for being a subscriber and informs them they’re being removed from your list. 

When you’re solely sending out emails to those engaged with your brand, not only does deliverability increase, but you also get the benefit of improving revenue per message and healthy engagement. Don’t be afraid to cut away the fat every few months to refine your approach.


Using Klaviyo Email Marketing to Drive Loyalty & Sales

Emotional loyalty takes time to build, for sure, but with the tips we’ve shared with you today, it is possible to create long-lasting bonds with your customers. It involves creating interesting, eye-catching value-laden emails that make the buying journey clear and easy to follow. 

Do it right, and you’ll create an army of brand ambassadors that spread the word of everything that’s good about you and what you offer. With loyal customers spending, on average, 67% more than new ones, the benefits on offer are hard to ignore.

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