The Importance of Effective Logo Design For Your Business

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While it might appear to be a peripheral element to anyone’s marketing strategy, a well-designed company logo can have a significant and positive impact on the success of your business.

The right logo can express everything that’s good about your business without ever uttering a word. A logo is able to convey feelings of integrity, pride and trust, extolling a set of values and virtues without the need for a copywriter to list them in long form.

Making Connections with Customers

Logos can also create strong connections between a brand and its customers, both existing and potential. It does so by creating bonds between companies, their champions, fans and even its critics!

They embody your commitment to the customer while acting as a symbol of your success, and it’s the result of a partnership between the graphic designer and you, the company owner. In terms of connecting with your public, a good logo that reflects who you are is vital.

Brand Recognition & Brand Loyalty

Logos also help a company to build visibility in the marketplace and loyalty from its customers. When a customer finds products and services they like, they tend to remain loyal to them, and a great logo will help customers to find you on a consistent basis amongst a sea of competition. To learn more about developing brand guidelines, you can check out our blog or search online for examples of how best to create a plan for your brand guidelines to be successful and long-standing.

You’ve only got to look at your average smartphone - something that’s typically littered with well-designed logos. From WhatsApp to YouTube, each app features a logo that has been professionally designed at great expense to be instantly recognizable.

As a WhatsApp user, would you consider another communication app? Most probably not, as most find the platform intuitive, reliable and simple to operate. That’s what people think of every time they see the logo and tap on it to speak to their nearest and dearest - and why they keep on tapping over days, weeks, months and even years.

Presenting the Values & Services of the Business

Another virtuous influence a good company logo can have on a business is to present its services and values to the general public. Once created, a great design subtly informs customers on what to expect from you when choosing to buy your products or use your services.

In addition, a good logo will also help to:

  • Create an Identity - your brand identity is something that’s unique to you, and it’s one that can be conveyed by a well-designed company logo. Companies who put the time and effort into refining theirs will naturally appear more trustworthy and professional than those who don’t. First impressions count, and you only get one chance to create a good one.

  • Attract Attention - in the modern world, people are often looking for instant gratification, meaning they’re looking for the path of least resistance. So, when someone is looking for a quick solution to their problem, a good logo will get you noticed, as it’s able to get the message across about why they should choose you in a single image.

  • Increase Brand Awareness - when marketing your company, you’re looking to stand out from the competition in your space, and your logo can help you do just that. Ok, so there may be numerous other operators in your area offering something similar, but your logo signifies your professionalism and the quality of what you offer.

As well as being able to tell potential customers about your customer journey and identity at first glance, your logo needs to be memorable and easily distinguishable from others. Your logo will be seen by many potential customers, be it on your business cards, website or social media, so it matters…a lot!

Your Logo Should be Versatile

Your logo also needs to be versatile, and by that, we mean that it should look equally impressive, no matter how large or small the image is.

While it needs to look good on billboards, it should also contain the right fonts, colors and shape to also look great on small areas like websites, web banners and on company merchandise like pens, business cards and rubber stamps.

What the Shape of Your Logo Says About You

When designing your logo, it pays to understand the psychology of shapes and what they say about your company. There’s a subconscious interpretation that’s made by the human mind, which is why the shape of your logo is something you need to pay particular attention to. As a branding and design agency, our teams are always looking at these details to make the best end-product for our clients.

Let’s take a look at what basic shapes convey to the viewer:

  • Circles transmit femininity, stability, friendship, community & unity
  • Triangles convey power, masculinity, science and power
  • Squares demonstrate practicality, professionalism, efficiency & strength
  • Vertical lines express strength, masculinity and aggression
  • Horizontal lines convey speed, tranquility and calmness

Colors too, can have a big influence on how your logo is perceived by the outside world, so it’s important also to take that into consideration. So, rather than being something that only offers aesthetic appeal, a logo goes much further than that, transmitting a range of subliminal cues.

You see, it’s all about communicating to your audience by leveraging the perceptions people have about certain shape and color combinations. Adding a specific shape to your logo will not just alter how it looks but also transform how your audience perceives it.

Finding the Right Logo Matters to Your Business

Your takeaway from reading this article should be that your logo is far from being an afterthought or even a peripheral element of your marketing strategy.

In reality, it’s a central part of your attempts to raise awareness of your brand and create a perception in the marketplace of who you are as a company. As we’ve seen, the shapes, colors and overall theme of your logo all serve to convey many messages, and a well-designed logo typically offers a great first impression.

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