Shopify to Google - 3 Steps to Selling On the #1 Search Engine

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Shopify store owners across the US and beyond are doing everything they can to get the sales they need to succeed. As such, the key to success is marketing which gets your products and services in front of as many people as possible. That task just got a whole lot easier now that Buy on Google - a way for shoppers to conveniently purchase products discovered on the search engine - is available. 

The great news is that accessing this profitable channel is easy, involving just three simple steps. In this article, we'll be looking at the details of the service, its benefits and the simple process of signing up.


So, What is Buy on Google?

Modern-day customers expect the buying experience to be a seamless and effortless one, no matter what device they're using. That means that if Shopify store owners want to make the most of every selling opportunity, they need to advertise where their customers are - and at the most opportune time. 

Buy on Google (BoG) is the new channel that allows online retailers of all shapes and sizes to sell their products directly on the search engine. Involving absolutely no Google commission fees, the system offers the kind of buying convenience that leads to more conversions.


Complete Control Over Products Sold

With BoG, merchants are able to select the products they want to sell, and they're introduced as customers are asking questions, shopping, or just browsing. This allows for conversion barriers to be greatly reduced, as well as minimizing friction. 

In practice, a customer will find a product they like on Google listings and checkout conveniently via the search engine's shopping cart. Then with just a couple of clicks, the payment details the customer has stored are used for purchase. 

All this happens without the customer leaving the platform.


Gain Valuable Insights

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One of the most valuable commodities for eCommerce store owners of any kind is customer insight, and BoG offers it in spades. The channel allows you to gain a wealth of information about the customers you're looking to connect with. The advantages of using it include:

  • Better Understand the Customer Journey - BoG delivers highly relevant insight to improve ROI using Google's artificial intelligence which can predict the future behavior of customers. 

  • Reach Quickly to Real-Time Trends - Google also allows you to receive AI-powered alerts that help you to better understand real-time trends and take swift action to make the most of new opportunities as they arise. 

  • Safeguard Customer Data - data privacy is an important part of the buying experience, and BoG delivers via comprehensive controls for data usage and collection.


Other Major Benefits of Buy On Google

BoG offers an incredible opportunity to drive the additional revenue that all Shopify store owners desire, and it provides a wide array of benefits to retailers.

  • Reach whole new audiences on Google - listing on Google in this way opens you up to new audiences and potential sales. Showcasing your services and products at the point when buyers are showing purchasing intent is the perfect moment. 

  • Pay with one tap - a one-tap checkout helps to boost conversion rates using Shop Pay, which converts at higher rates than standard checkout methods.

  • Synced Discounts - another great aspect of BoG is that Shopify store discounts can be automatically synced, allowing all buyers to benefit from the promotional prices you offer. 

  • Sync Your Products to YouTube - it's possible to extend your reach even further by syncing your products, pricing, and imagery to YouTube. You can also sync products to other Google platforms like Google Lens, Google Images and Google Shopping. 

  • All Managed from Shopify - the setup process is super easy, and once it's complete, everything can be managed from within Shopify. This lets you manage both payments and orders directly from Shopify or Shopify Payments.

Buy On Google harnesses the fact that almost half of customers say they use Google as their primary way of discovering new products. Displaying buyable products at source is an efficient and effective way to boost your bottom line. Plus, as we've said, signing up is a cinch.


A Simple Three-Step Sign-Up Process

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Getting started with Buy On Google is an easy process which involves just three simple steps. Sure, there's a little more to it than that, but here's how it breaks down.


Step #1 - Enable Shopify Payments

The first thing to do is ensure that you've got Shopify Payments enabled on your store. If you're not sure about it, then go to your Shopify admin and click 'Settings'. From there, select 'apps & sales channels’ before choosing ‘Google', which opens the sales channel.

If it's not yet activated, then you'll see 'Activate Shopify Payments'. If you can't see it displayed, it means that it's already done, and you can move to the next step.

For expert assistance with Shopify Payments, consider reaching out to Shopify Experts who can provide specialized guidance and support for your store.


Step #2 - Install the Google & YouTube App

Next, you'll need to install the Google & YouTube app from your Shopify Admin and connect it up to your Google Merchant Center account. This is done simply by selecting the account you want to hook up and selecting 'Connect'. 

Then select the US as your target market and language (if that's where you're located, of course). Then hit 'Save' before setting either automatic or manual delivery settings.


Step #3 - Sync Your Products & Begin Selling!

All that's left to do now is sync your products from Shopify to Google, complete the app setup, and you can now start selling your products across Google. Easy!


Expand Your Audience & Drive Revenue Today

With zero commission fees, simple setup and a wealth of selling opportunities on offer, it's easy to see why Buy On Google is so popular with Shopify store owners. Opening your business up to these new channels is a savvy move, especially in such a crowded marketplace. 

Whether you set things up yourself or instruct your agency to do it for you, widening your audience has never been easier. It just takes the flip of a switch.

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