The Advantages of Upgrading Your eCommerce To Shopify Plus

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Shopify Plus store owners have something of an advantage over those eCommerce operators that don't use the platform. Launched back in 2014, the services offer a customizable enterprise solution without the usual high cost of development in funds and time. 

It's a platform that's used by many big brands, from Fortune 500 companies like Nestle and Unilever to high-growth startups like Hawkers & Gymshark. But what about Shopify Plus that makes it so appealing? 

In order to provide a clearer picture of why moving to a Shopify Plus store is such a wise move, we now look at some of the major advantages Shopify Plus experts can utilize for eCommerce success.


Benefit #1 - Workflow Customization

When dealing with inventory and management, it can be tricky to achieve a good balance, however, Shopify Plus Flow allows users to manage your store's back end. This is possible without having to go to the time and expense of developing a system from the ground up.

As well as giving you the ability to create integration and automation with a number of other tools, a Shopify Plus agency can experiment with customizations with a view to boosting productivity.


Benefit #2 - Exclusive Access to Mobile App Builder

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Another huge advantage on offer is the exclusive access SP provides to a mobile app builder. It's something that Shopify experts can help you with, but it's also something someone with zero coding experience or aptitude for technical matters can handle. The builder lets you seamlessly build Android & iOS apps - eliminating the need for large capital investment. Other benefits the app builder offers include:

  • Your app can recreate your existing site for a seamless mobile experience
  • Increased conversion rates due to the smooth journey provided
  • Increased average order value (AOV)
  • There's minimal maintenance required


Benefit #3 - 99.9% Uptime Guaranteed

The nightmarish scenario of your online retail store being out of action is not something you have to be too concerned about as a Shopify Plus customer. That's thanks to unlimited bandwidth and scalable SaaS hosting that offers 99.9% uptime - meaning an SP store can cope with up to 8,000 orders per minute!

You'll never have to worry about your servers going down mid-transaction, so you can remain confident that your Shopify Plus agency won’t constantly be dealing with technical issues that are going to impact your business.


Benefit #4 - Highly Customizable, Great-Looking Stores

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There's one thing that comes across when comparing Shopify Plus stores to those built on other platforms, and it's that they look sharper! Responsive, non-formulaic and unique, they reflect your brand without restriction thanks to their highly-customizable features. 

Meeting the precise needs of your brand through full JavaScript control and CSS, your Shopify Plus agency can create any type of website. You can adjust the:

  • Typography
  • Homepage content
  • Layout
  • Menus
  • Colors

Any brand wanting to present an exclusive and competitive storefront gets everything they need from Shopify Plus, allowing them to customize their theme to any degree they desire.


Benefit #5 - High Traffic Launchpad

Another of Shopify Plus's great features is Launchpad, which is perfectly designed to cope with the kind of high traffic you experience when releasing a new product or service, running a flash sale or implementing changes in bulk to your online store. 

Features your Shopify agency can use include:

  • Presenting special pricing for specific inventory
  • Using captchas in your checkout to avoid bots intruding into your event
  • Implementing specific theme changes for new events
  • Scheduling multiple events

All this can be tracked precisely thanks to your analytics dashboard that gives you real-time data relating to how your events are performing.


Benefit #6 - A Success Manager In Your Corner

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When you sign up for Shopify Plus, you get your own dedicated success manager who's there to help you enjoy the profitability you need. Offering updates twice a month relating to new SP features via phone calls and direct emails, you get to know about everything important ahead of time.

Having a success manager in your corner is a valuable resource, as their goal is to assist high-volume, high-growth merchants in achieving commercial success. You and your Shopify Plus agency will develop a close relationship with this person as you bounce your ideas and plans off them. 

Allowing you to find the best long-term solutions to your business needs and overcome roadblocks that would otherwise impact your sales, your success manager is there to be used.


Benefit #7 - Huge Scope For App Integration

As your Shopify Plus store grows, there's a high likelihood that you'll want to add some extra functionality. That's far from being a problem, as the platform currently partners with more than 1,100 developers, meaning that app integration couldn't be simpler. 

All the options found in Shopify's app store are verified and securely checked, with a rating system displaying what previous users think of them.

If you want Shopify experts to add a function to your Shopify Plus store, you can bet that there's a suitable app for it, and the options are almost limitless. As such, you can choose to integrate apps that help with wholesale customers, discounts, special offers, marketing, accounting and inventory management. 

Furthermore, you get elevated API limits with SP - something that lets you do more with app integration and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).


Benefit #8 - Shopify Pay Integration

Last but by no means least on our list of Shopify Plus benefits is Shopify Pay integration, which is a fantastic tool for the customer experience. The feature allows customers to save shipping and billing info, meaning that when they come back to buy from you again, the checkout process is faster.

As many as 70% of online customers abandon their carts at the checkout stage, so everything your Shopify agency can do to make things simpler is going to help. This particular tool reduces the required customer input from 16 fields down to two, which naturally boosts conversion rates.


Shopify Plus - Everything Top eCommerce Brands Need For Success

Shopify Plus is not just a reliable platform, it's one that's purpose-built to cope with the demands of modern eCommerce. It's scalable to meet any size of operation - hence the fact that so many big brands are already using the platform to great effect.

Whether or not to use Shopify or not is not up for debate, as the benefits are clear, but the choice to use Shopify Plus is another matter. However, with all the described advantages for Shopify experts to leverage, it's easy to why any company with serious ambitions of taking their enterprise to the next level should consider it.

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