3 Ways to Create Buzz for Your New eCommerce Product

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As an eCommerce marketer, your success rests upon your ability to attract customers for the products that you sell - be they existing ones or new ones you have in the pipeline. The question is, when it comes time for your next eCommerce product launch, how do you create the buzz you need?

That’s what we briefly look at here, as we do offer a little product launch advice. We’ll start by showing you how to create a feeling of exclusivity.

1. 'First Look' Promotions

Let’s be honest, who doesn’t like feeling like they’ve been given something exclusive that not many others have? Well, this kind of feeling can be encouraged through Pre-Purchase offers for what you call VIP customers.

Also, ‘First Look’ content for existing customers is a great way to get people talking about your soon-to-be-released product or product range.

Of course, a large part of what’s needed involves attracting new customers to your eCommerce product launch, rather than servicing your existing ones. This can be done through content promotions publicized across your chosen social media channels with blogs, tweets and high-res pictures.

You can also create extra buzz by offering incentives for anyone signing up as an email subscriber. In return for adding their email to your list, they get the same ‘First look’ at all your new products. Not only does this create interest, but swells your subscriber list at the same time.

2. Influencer Marketing

Influencer Couple Showing New Product In Video From Kitchen

Our next piece of product launch advice relates to the modern paradigm that is influencer marketing, with the likes of Huda Kattan operating at the very top end of the spectrum. These people have followers in the millions and can be tapped into simply by getting them to review your products.

Of course, not all influencers have millions following them, but even lower-level Key Opinion Leaders (KOL) have hundreds of thousands of loyal followers. By incentivizing these social media personalities with affiliate marketing opportunities, everyone wins. Their success is very much your success.

To learn more about influencer marketing, check out this resource on influencer fraud prevention. 

3. Virtual & In-Person Events

Now that Covid-19 is thankfully looking like it’s something that we can consign to history, getting out and attending in-person events for your eCommerce product launch is once again possible. By visiting conferences, trade shows and other public events, you can get among people and interact with people.

That’s not to say that events have to be in-person these days. If the pandemic taught us anything, it’s that much is possible on a remote basis. Product launches are no different.

By holding an e-event and promoting it, you can offer the same incentives to anyone attending - like giveaways and exclusive content about what you offer.

To learn more about event marketing for eCommerce brands, check out this resource on activation marketing.

Get your eCommerce Product Launch Offer To A Soaring Start!

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So, as you can see, the product launch advice we’ve given you is quite simple and broad, meaning that it’s something that anyone can achieve. Follow these tips and there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t create an amazing buzz around your new service or product.

If, however, you’re idea-rich but time-poor, the Eventige team can help to create that buzz on your behalf. With decades of combined experience in digital marketing and a range of other disciplines, our team has both the expertise and experience to get you the results you need.

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