Vapor Marketing Companies Meet In Chicago SFATA

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A Man Smoking A Vape At A VapIng Product Marketing Companies Event

The warm May weather brings everyone across the USA together. Friends and family gather to exchange positivity and hope for the future. Some of these families are related by lineage, while others are related by an important cause that has affected over 100 million lives over the past 100 years. This great family consists of all the members of SFATA. The SFATA members’ community is a group of responsible business owners who appreciate the value of good corporate citizenship for the vaping industry. Researchers worldwide have agreed that vaping and other smoke free alternatives could eliminate the public health hazards caused by use of combustible tobacco cigarettes, which is why SFATA plays an important role for the benefit of society as a whole.

Vapor Marketing Companies Come Together

Different members of the SFATA organization came to the conference in Chicago to educate and learn from one another in order to build a stronger effort for communication, organization, and collaboration. Among the topics discussed, we saw guidelines on proper labeling and product packaging for vapor items, postponing and navigating the FDA deeming regulations, testing products for safety, state and federal advocacy, and the changing environment in the vapor industry space. Among the presentations, Eventige provided the SFATA family with insights into the way that marketing is changing as fast as the vapor industry and product evolution.

Marketing Vape Products

Eventige presented a keynote that can help business owners stay up to date on the ways to grow their business in a changing landscape. The vapor industry is facing a critical year; vapor products are facing significant challenges from approaching federal regulations, state taxation and legislation, as well as prohibitions and bans. Eventige presented ways that the right people in the vapor industry can scale their business and grow faster in light of pending regulation threats, risks, and other factors.

Vape Marketing Technology

In addition to the various digital marketing models presented, Eventige demonstrated retailing strategies that move product direct to distribution centers, allowing clients to grow exponentially as they open the sales in new markets through national c-store representatives. In addition to this direct-to distributor retail model, clients can take the opportunity to develop a trade show presence in order to maximize the impact of increased brand awareness. This is done with the intent to increase the demand for the product that has been delivered to the distributors. In addition to increased brand awareness, the future of marketing in the vapor industry entails the use of automated software tools that help wholesale sellers to increase their retail presence with the use of a nationwide sales force that has the experience, and the ability to open new accounts in every city across the United States.

Who Else Can Benefit?

Retailers are not the only ones who can benefit because e-tail has a strong presence for the time, but this may change in the future. Tobacco products will not be allowed to be sold online, however manufacturers of vaporizers will still be able to procure their product online if there are no nicotine associations. For those brands a strong data aggregation and conversion engine that produces consumer generated content for prospective customers is the way of the future for ecommerce clients.

What The Future Holds

Technology can be used to open new accounts, build a fan base of evangelists, and educate consumers about the world around them. Brands need to educate consumers to reduce confusion in the marketplace, and education is the main factor that brings SFATA to the forefront of the vape marketing companies' beloved industry. Marketing is the epitome of education as it reduces confusion in the marketplace, allowing consumers to made educated decisions and find the products that will help them meet their personal needs.

The future of the vapor industry is in the hands of those who are best educated and prepared, so Eventige joined forces with SFATA to help bring the Vapor industry to a place where it can benefit the most people around the world in the shortest period of time; and in the process we met a lot of incredible people that we are sure to become friends for life… and that’s what this is always about. People connecting with people and making a difference in the lives of others.

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