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Expedia is a travel company with offices in 72 countries. Their employees are as diverse as the countries in which they live. With diversity comes a different way of working, so a one-size-fits-all technology solution was not an option. They were using email as their primary communication and collaboration tool. As you know, email bogs down, messages get lost, and there are size limitations to the files you can share.

When Expedia searched for a collaboration solution, they needed one that worked on any mobile device and platform, anywhere their employee's work. They chose Dropbox and haven’t looked back. More than a file sharing tool it has evolved into a full collaboration platform for business.

We reduced the size of their hard drives, saving the company money.” Employees took to the new technology so well that “file shares went up six times and the number of connected mobile devices went up by two times.

Charles Ludwick, IT Manager at Expedia

Dropbox is a tool that employees want to use because they can store files on the cloud, access them remotely and share as appropriate.

Store, Share and Collaborate

Business owners need to save time anywhere they can. Dropbox Business does that by connecting files, devices, and teams anytime, from anywhere. Each team member can add text or graphics and share with others to review and complete the work. Once completed, they connect directly through email, instant message and any social network.

Users can collaborate with anybody regardless of whether they have a Dropbox account or not.

Besides ample storage starting and 2 TB, advantages include:

  • Automatic Syncing – When you update a file from your desktop, it automatically updates the files on your other devices when linked to your account.
  • Connected Accounts – If users have a personal and a business account in Dropbox, they can use a single login, but the account files will always remain separate.
  • 120 Day File Recovery – It archives each file update for up to 120 days, so you can review past versions of a file.
Store, Share and Collaborate

Assign Admins Access for Better Security and More

Admins to the Dropbox account have total control over file access. Dropbox has taken steps to prevent accidental file access and hacking. Here are some of the ways Admins have control:

  • Controlled Sharing – Limit access to members, clients, and groups based on priority.
  • Create Team Folders - This limits access to only people working on the project.
  • Smart Sync – By storing everything in the cloud, it dramatically reduces hard drive space requirements company-wide. Users can preview file contents without having to download the entire file.
  • Admin Forensics - See what is happening in your account in real-time. Track over 200 types of activities to understand how the data is used and who uses it. Administrators can perform investigations if necessary.
  • Invite Enforcement - Users must join your specified team (e.g., be employed) to gain access, reducing the possibility of unwanted file access.

To get complete details about these features, watch the Admin Demo Video.
Assign Admins

Security Features of Dropbox

Data security is a concern these days. With data breaches in the news more often, a leak of sensitive information can damage your company.

“According to Risk Based Security’s “Q1 2018 Data Breach QuickView Report,” fraud remains the top breach type compromising the most records (1.27 billion) while unauthorized access held its spot as the most common breach cause.”

Security Intelligence

When sharing information or files, adding another level of security is a necessity. Dropbox makes it easy for Admins to add extra security such as expiration dates and password protection to limit access. Other security features include:

  • The ability to migrate or delete files as needed.
  • Control whether non-employees can have access to files outside the company.
  • Lost Device Protection – Admins can remotely “wipe” files from any device should it be lost or stolen.
  • Account management – Transfer, delete or deny access to files from any user’s account such as an ex-client or employee.
  • Flexible User Authentication – Initiate a two-step verification process or use a single sign-on tool using an existing identity provider such as Active Directory.

Their security practices comply with standards and regulations like ISO 27001 and SOC 1, 2, and 3. To see the details of their security architecture, visit the Security page.
Security Features

Three Business Plans

There are three business plans you can choose from, Standard, Advanced, and Enterprise. The standard provides 2 TB of storage, and the other plans offer as much as you need.

While all plans share numerous features, here are three of the most critical integrations common to all plans:

  1. Dropbox Paper – A complete collaboration tool that lets you drag and drop text, audio, and visual files on the fly. It works on any mobile device.
  2. MS Office 365 integration – Edit any MS Office document or spreadsheet right in Dropbox.
  3. Dropbox badge – You’ll see the little box logo or badge on any saved MS Word, PowerPoint, or Excel file. Click it to open sharing, editing, and other features.

You can compare the feature sets of each plan using their pricing chart.

Leading the Way from Storage to Collaboration

When co-founders Drew Houston and Arash Ferdowsi came up with the idea for Dropbox in 2007, they never dreamed that it would turn into a full-featured collaboration platform. Drew came up with the idea the day he forgot his thumb drive at home. There was no way to retrieve his vital files except to go home and get them.

In a Business Insider interview, he said, “I was so frustrated because this kept happening, and I never wanted to go through this again. I started writing some code, but I had no idea what it would become.”

Today, the company has thousands of employees and is listed on the NASDAQ under DBX.

Dropbox is Still the Easiest File Sharing for Everyone to Use

Their legacy of storing and sharing files in the cloud continues. The ability to allow key stakeholders and outside contractors to view and contribute to company files makes collaboration more efficient and effective. It lets ad agencies, photography studios, and other creatives work together with their clients who don’t have to incorporate another unfamiliar software or platform.

And, companies who have remote workers who need to collaborate in their time zone find the platform intuitive, convenient, and easy to use.

Take a tour with this Overview Video. To see how it will work with your company Dropbox offers a 30-day free trial

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