A Comparison of 3 Top Digital Marketing Advertising Tools

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When we talk about the three top digital marketing advertising tools, it’s like asking what are the three best birds in South America or the three most helpful tools in a mechanic’s shop? These questions are too general, and there are hundreds of options.

So, how do you narrow them down?

For our purposes, we’re talking specifically about the tools to create and optimize paid ads. Marketers spent $92.4 billion globally for paid ads with search engine marketing agencies. But how much of that expenditure could have yielded increased ROI through better optimization and planning?

Three tools have proven themselves in the marketing world to increase conversions and revenue...

3 Tools for Better ROI For Your Digital Ad Campaigns

If you aren’t already using these, read on to find out how they can help your campaigns.

Google’s AdWords, the Largest PPC Platform

Image of Google's Adwords Overview Chart
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Released on October 23, 2000, AdWords is the grand-daddy of all PPC platforms and Google’s Golden Goose, producing $95.4 billion in 2017. AdWords is where every internet marketer and entrepreneur learns how to run a PPC campaign, and where most of them stay.

And, it’s understandable.

64.6% of clicks for high commercial intent keyword searches come from Google AdWords. Search marketing software users say that statistics show that search engines return SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) are favoring the ad content and keywords above the fold. Understanding how to leverage the power of AdWords is crucial to any marketing campaign.

AdWords has become more segmented in the kinds of ads they offer from the one-size-fits-all approach of just a few years ago. Today they include:

  1. Search Ads – The ads you see on the side of your screen after searching for something using Google’s search box. These are highly appropriate and relevant ads based on the search term.

  2. Display Ads – These are the three-line text and banner ads you see in Gmail and almost every website.

  3. Video Ads – Custom video ads that businesses link to on YouTube.

  4. App Ads – Use app ads to promote new apps anywhere the Google network.

One study shows that the CPC (Cost Per Click) of keywords costing between $1 and $25 had an average of 27.7 times ROI. Google AdWords is too big and lucrative to ignore as a digital marketer. However, don’t go into PPC advertising without someone experienced in playing the game. PPC is not for beginners as it can quickly devour an advertising budget if mismanaged.

AdRoll Re-Targets Visitors for Higher Conversions

Samples of AdRoll's Digital Marketing Ads and Sizes

Whenever someone visits your website, store, or Facebook, you know there is something that interested them. If they leave without taking any action, retargeting can recapture their interest and bring them back. For example, if someone visits your store, leaves, and later opens Facebook, your ads will appear next to their news feed. Retargeting ads keep your store and products top of mind.

AdRoll combines your customer data and uses it to leverage retargeted display ads, social ads, and triggered emails. As part of the overall media buying strategy, utilizing AdRoll is a great way to extend reach. It syncs with existing email, CRM, and marketing platforms to learn the history and habits of your shoppers. Then it uses display, social, and email ads to connect with new shoppers, convert abandoned carts and recommend new products. The result is increased sales for a fraction of the cost of new PPC ads.

AdEspresso Manages Your Facebook Ads

AdEspresso Overview Chart of Their Digital Advertising Tool

Facebook is the most social of the social media platforms. Over 60 million businesses have pages, and there are over 2 billion active users. Facebook is a marketer’s paradise. However, without knowing how to use the system, like AdWords, you can drop a lot of cash in a hurry without an ROI.

Fortunately, there is AdEspresso, a company that specializes in optimizing Facebook ads. Some of the features include:

  • Targeted Ad Campaigns – Create hundreds of highly targeted ads in minutes. One click A/B testing. Full control over placement, timing and demographic targeting.

  • A Suite of Analytic Tools – The dashboard is color-coded and easy to read. Quickly tag, organize and compare campaigns right down to the hour.

  • Optimize Campaigns – Test various elements such as images then measure metrics like Cost per Conversion, Cost per Click, Cost per Like, Cost per Engagement, and more.

  • Print PDF Reports – Create customized PDF reports in minutes.

  • Data Synchronization Tool – AdEspresso synchronizes with all CRM, social media and email apps using the Facebook Lead Ads tool. Import all your new leads into the CRM of your choice.

  • AdEspresso Automatic Post Promotion – You can boost specific posts or all organic posts on a specified Facebook page. You define the parameters of what gets promoted and for how long.

If you are a marketing agency, creating campaigns for clients and need fast approval, AdRoll provides the option to request approval with just a few clicks. Share the link to the campaign via email or directly with your client. No need for sending screenshots back and forth.

Getting Your Money’s Worth with PPC and Digital Advertising Tools

These tools have evolved to integrate with the latest CRM and other marketing tools, and you’ll end up spending less and gaining higher conversions. They are designed to make ad campaigns easier to create, manage and test.

As your bidding strategies and campaign executions become more complicated, leverage these tools to help you organize and automate for best results. It’s also an excellent idea to work with a qualified partner or digital marketing agency to maximize ROI and minimize your ad spend.

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